Best Dog Food For Belgian Malinois In 2023

If you own a Belgian Malinois, then you know that they are very active and intelligent dogs. They need to be kept busy and stimulated, which is why it’s essential to make sure they get the best dog food for their breed. In addition, Belgian Malinois need dog foods with high-quality protein because this helps them maintain muscle mass and body weight. 

It is also essential to ensure your pet eats healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, which will keep his coat shiny and healthy-looking while promoting brain function and vision health. When choosing your pet’s food, keeping these things in mind will help ensure he has an optimal diet that provides all of his nutritional needs!

The Belgian Malinois is one of the most highly active dogs on earth, and police forces have used it all over to help them accomplish their mission. With its exceptional skill set at almost everything they try (and love doing so), this pup needs food that will keep up with these insatiable appetites for action! There are plenty out there now though, here are our top picks for Belgian Malinois!

15 Best Dog Foods For Belgian Malinois 

ZiwiPeak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food

ZiwiPeak Lamb Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food packs the farm-to-bowl nutrition your Belgian Malinois deserves in a simple, pure formula. Made with meat, organs, bones, and green mussels for chondroitin and glucosamine intake, this recipe also contains high taurine levels to promote heart health. 

With its delicate twin-stage air-drying process that preserves natural ingredients while eliminating pathogenic bacteria, there is no question about what you’re feeding your furry friend!

Your family is furrever grateful that your Belgian Malinois has this single-source recipe of farm-fresh lamb, tripe, liver, and kidney dish. ZiwiPeak always satisfies the most demanding dog owners with their high-calorie, high-protein dishes of pure and fresh ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. 

This Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food dries our meat to allow for maximum flavor retention without it being too hard on your puppy’s teeth since they are kibble-free! Plus, you get all the nutrients any active breed could ever need when they are in full force knocking around outdoors. Lucky for us, ZiwiPeak makes convenient pouches for us.

ZiwiPeak lamb and other carefully and responsibly sourced animal products. Organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. No grain or cereal fillers. Plus no preservatives, sugars, or glycerides to give this premium dog food a clean label with lovable ingredients for a smooth digestion.

Key Features:

  • Grain-free and nutrient-dense
  • Boosts mobility, vitality, and overall well-being
  • Made without added carbs or fillers

Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Ultra Holistic Superfood Blend is perfect for your Belgian Malinois. Nutro’s culinary team focused on creating balanced, natural foods with the best ingredients without compromising taste because your dog deserves only the very best food. This high quality dog food contains premium lean proteins, antioxidants from fresh fruit and vegetables, or omega-3 fatty acids from whole grains or healthy fats for a healthy life.

The careful nutritional balance obtained right at the start will help you enjoy boundless energy throughout your life – one full-of exciting lifestyle day after another! The Nutro Ultra Holistic Superfood Blend box includes every flavor option imaginable, so your pal can try everything until he discovers his favorite type of meal.

 This recipe is everything you want for your Belgian Malinois in a single bowl:

  • Farm-raised chicken meat provides lean protein along with essential amino acids for muscle growth.
  • Lamb and salmon add heartiness and essential fatty acids for skin flare-ups.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin help build healthy joints, while antioxidants promote a robust immune system.
  • Taurine delivers focus for behavior issues or hearing problems.
  • Sunflower oil gives nutrients to the coat and keeps it soft so walking in the sunshine feels like walking on silk every day.

Key Features:

  • Supports a healthy and robust immune system 
  • Provides essential nutrients for the skin, joints, and heart 
  • Protects against oxidative stress with antioxidants
  • Whole grains and natural oils
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints

Wellness CORE RawRev Grain-Free

Wellness CORE RawRev Grain-Free

Introduce your pup to the power of raw food with Wellness CORE RawRev Original Turkey & Chicken. This grain-free, raw dry dog food is thoughtfully prepared with pure protein and natural enzymes to support whole-body health, including lean body mass and muscle tone, a healthy coat, and skin. 

In addition, it’s crafted using advanced natural nutrition that includes omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine for an irresistible flavor you’ll love too!

Wellness CORE RawRev Original Turkey & Chicken is made for your Belgian Malinois to vitalize bone health and remain in top shape. Finding a diet of high-quality protein sources, minerals, and moderate fats can be difficult without the necessary knowledge of what your dog needs. 

This particular blend is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals that ensure your dog is well-fed—made with four kinds of protein so more nutrients are readily available to stay healthy day after day. In addition, by using mixed tocopherols – an antioxidant that protects against eye disease – your pet will have more wholesome days ahead, all thanks to one bowl served twice a day.

Key Features:

  • For dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Fortified with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine for a healthier pup
  • Crafted using advanced natural nutrition to help support lean body mass, muscle tone, and healthy skin.
  • A holistic diet that will promote the overall health of your dog

American Journey Active Life Formula

American Journey Active Life Formula

This food is designed for canine explorers like Belgian Malinois on a mission to find their perfect weight. American Journey Active Life Formula Healthy Weight is low calorie. It contains natural sources of fiber to make your pup feel fuller after every meal, as well as L-carnitine to promote fat metabolism and lean muscle mass. 

These critical nutrients also will help your pal with joint health and mobility to help him follow you up those stairs at full speed!

We all know how tough it can be to get your baby or toddler interested in their food. Whether they are picky eaters or you’re just looking for a change from the traditional, our Active Life 

Formula is here for you! Its wholesome ingredients will have your kid eating heartily without complaints, and there is even enough DHA to keep them sharp as a tack well into their later years. Whether you want something healthy and easy-to-digest, an exciting new flavor, or just need a little help getting those veggies down, it’s the perfect meal choice.

Key Features:

  • Helps your dog maintain a healthy weight
  • Assists in maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Supports the well-being of joints
  • Provides higher quality protein for a more satisfying meal

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

The Belgian Malinois is known for its enthusiasm and high level of activity. They’re not satisfied with a walk around the block: these puppies like to exercise and go on long walks! That’s why we created Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, formulated especially for that dynamic animal companion in your life. 

This tasty recipe will give them all the essential vitamins they need to keep things running smoothly. Antioxidants get rid of free radicals, so there’s no risk of illness or inflammation, while glucosamine and calcium build strong muscles and healthy bones. 

Your friend will be sure to take one look at the kibble shape and fall in love with this incredible cuisine choice — quite literally — just check out how much he loves it!

It’s never too late to start a healthy diet. This Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is designed for adult dogs’ holistic health and well-being. So you can be confident your furry friend is eating right, even when they’re not dining with you at home. 

Dogs who eat foods that include wholesome ingredients reap many rewards: excellent stamina, stronger hair coat, fuller muscles, and more lean muscle mass. So while your dog stays active and energetic all day long, ensuring they eat this nutritious deboned chicken meal will help maintain steady blood sugar levels and the perfect weight every guy loves to boast about.

Key Features:

  • Keeps your pup’s muscles strong and healthy
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for a more robust immune system
  • Glucosamine helps to promote healthy joints and mobility
  • High protein content gives them the energy they need to keep up with an active lifestyle

Zignature Lamb Limited Ingredient Formula 

Zignature Lamb Limited Ingredient Formula 

Healthy and hearty, Zignature’s Lamb Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is crafted with wholesome ingredients like farm-raised lamb from New Zealand, as well as peas, chickpeas, and flaxseed. 

With no corn or wheat to give your pup unwanted carbohydrates, this easy-to-digest formula is guaranteed to be minimal in both calories and glycemic response. In addition, they provide a limited ingredient diet for specific gastrointestinal reasons like allergies and intolerances (among others). 

The meat first recipe offers pups the protein they need to thrive while cutting out troublesome ingredients like chicken, soy, and potatoes.

When the diets of America’s favorite breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers became famous for their rich taste and satisfying texture, it opened up a space for other popular and classically mannered species to get the same privilege. Healthy, active Malinois deserve nothing less! 

This Zignature Lamb Limited Ingredient Formula is hypoallergenic, low glycemic, and free of any kind of artificial additives.

Zignature Lamb Limited Ingredient Formula is an elegant meal with nothing but the best ingredients. You will find farm-raised lamb in every healthy serving, delivering a boost of minerals and amino acids to your dog’s diet. 

The single protein source helps stop allergy and sensitivity problems before they start and deprives your pup of that pesky belly bloat. In addition, this product includes no artificial additives or fillers like grain that can cause allergies; we know you want only the best for your pup!

Key Features:

  • The delicious Lamb recipe is developed by veterinarians – made with high-quality ingredients.
  • A grain-free formula for dogs with sensitivities to the most common potential allergens unlike most dog foods.
  • Quality protein source containing all essential amino acids
  • A premium food that has only one type of protein, primarily limited ingredient formulation eliminates chances for allergies or sensitivities

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Weight Control Grain-Free

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Weight Control Grain-Free

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Chicken, Sweet Potato & Green Bean Weight Control Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food features a healthy balance between all-natural chicken, green beans, and sweet potatoes. 

It also includes an immune-boosting blend of functional superfoods for total health. Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous is a low-calorie, high protein dog food designed for those Malinois’ that aren’t as active as is typical for the breed. Made without ingredients that lead to weight gain, this recipe provides an option for those with a slightly greater appetite.

When it comes to feeding your dog quality food with good taste without the hassle of zipping back and forth to pick up kibble bags, nothing beats Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous! Dogs are full of life, and they know how to have fun. But with all the puppy adventures, there’s one thing your pup wants less of itchy, uncomfortable skin. 

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Weight Control sprinkled in their food every day is the perfect itch-free solution for dogs who need a little more help staying fit and fabulous!

Key Features:

  • Healthy and nutritious protein source for your furr-child
  • Proprietary probiotic blend to support gut health and immune function
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free formula
  • Naturally tasty that won’t trigger allergies or sensitivities

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free

Beauty in the wild starts from within. Packed with complete and balanced high-quality ingredients, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free is a delicious recipe for ancestral health. Digestible protein sources mean your Malinois will be sated long after a meal, while peas and sweet potatoes make it simple to keep their energy up throughout the day. 

Made with antioxidants from natural fruit and vegetables, this formula keeps physical health in mind by including fibers that support healthy digestion through chicory root prebiotics. Finally, your pet can thrive on what they’re supposed to eat: an authentic cuisine that nourishes furry bodies everywhere!

Prepare yourself to go on a breath-taking adventure while your puppy stays active and happy. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food is perfect for Belgian Malinois because it has unique protein sources like buffalo and bison. 

This dog food has animal proteins and amino acids, so they get all the necessary nutrients in one meal! Experts carefully choose every ingredient in this dog food so you can be confident that the nutrition you serve your pet is top-notch.

Key Features:

  • High in high-quality protein (32%)
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • It helps build strong bones, joints, and muscles 
  • No artificial colors or preservatives 
  • It contains prebiotics and probiotics

American Natural Premium Original Recipe 

American Natural Premium Original Recipe 

Every ingredient in American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food delivers quality nutrition and maximum digestibility for your pet’s whole-body wellness. A delicious blend of chicken meal, pork meal, fish meal, and whole eggs means more energy-delivery with essential amino acids to build—plus nourish—your malinois hardworking muscles. 

The American Natural Premium For Adult Original Recipe is now offered with fresh, powdered eggs to give your Belgian Malinois the ultimate in quality and flavor. This food contains a flavorful blend of whole chicken and fish that includes high-quality protein for helping build muscle mass. 

With Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids coming from salmon oil, this food will help give your dog healthier skin and coat even as it keeps their joints moving effortlessly without pain.

Key Features:

  • Easily digestible protein source needed for muscle growth
  • Hypoallergenic grain-free food with probiotics added to support gut health
  • Allows your pup to make healthier choices based on ingredients in the diet versus treats alone
  • Cooked in small batches at low temperatures, with no wheat, corn, or soy 
  • Probiotics support the G.I. tract and immune system, improve stool texture, and reduce odor for less mess

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Recipe

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Recipe

There’s nothing worse than having to force your hungry and thin Belgian Malinois to go on a car ride just to lose weight. But, with the Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Recipe, that problem is solved. It’s made with healthy, all-natural ingredients that leave your dog feeling full and happy while still losing weight without feeling too tired at the end of an afternoon!

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Beef Recipe offers uncompromising quality control standards with natural, recognizable ingredients that maintain nutrients and taste. Plus, this dog food is made in a human food facility! 

The care that goes into the dishes is what sets them apart from their competitors. The recipes are constructed using whole foods to provide your pet with the nourishment they deserve. This product doesn’t contain any byproducts, fillers, or artificial flavors. Instead, it gives 100% natural nutrition for pets of all ages, including senior dogs who want the same high-quality diet as humans have come to enjoy themselves.

Key Features:

  • Grain-free, gluten-free and preservative-free
  • 40 lbs of food for a 10lb box 
  • Dehydrated to preserve nutrients and flavor
  • It comes in a resealable bag

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe

Unleash your dog’s potential to thrive with Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Beef & Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food. This high animal protein boosted nutrition kibble is made with USA-raised beef as the first ingredient for strong, lean muscles. 

Featuring bites of freeze-dried raw meat throughout, this recipe unlocks the benefits of raw nutrition in every bowl. The Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken & Freeze-Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food is an excellent source of animal protein due to the combination of chicken and freeze-dried raw pieces. 

Busy Belgian Malinois dogs will love the taste of this food, and you’ll love that it’s GMO-free and made in the USA and Europe.

Manufactured in Gluten-free Canada by SportPet Naturals, you know you are getting the best of the best when it comes to this ingenious blend. 

The only thing that separates Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe from other brands is their instinctual sense of what your pup needs. Specifically designed for all life phases via AAFCO Nutrient Guidelines, this quality product comes without any corn or soy products that can be highly dangerous to your furry friend’s health.

Key Features:

  • Boosted nutrition with high-protein kibble
  • Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world  
  • Contains a probiotic boost for digestive health, higher levels of omegas for healthy skin and coat, and more antioxidants for immune health 
  • Never contains any grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, or byproduct meal

ORIJEN Puppy Large Grain-Free 

ORIJEN Puppy Large Grain-Free 

Feed your growing Malinois the best food possible with ORIJEN Puppy Large Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food. Our large breed puppies grow up big and strong on a biologically appropriate diet packed with protein and fats from high-quality animal ingredients, including fresh or raw free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, cage-free eggs. 

They also use locally sourced plant ingredients for added health benefits so you can feel good about all of the goodness this ORIJEN formula has to offer nutritionally.

With uncompromising nutrition levels and its unique freeze-dried coating, your pup is sure to find that smell irresistible. And with ORIJEN’s exclusive WholePrey animal ingredients, heavy metal exposures are all things of the past! 

No wonder this puppy food has an unmatched authenticity and flavor like no other: it’s made with 85% quality animal ingredients, including organs and bone.

Orijen provides pet dogs with the first food they have ever eaten. The smallest bag of initial Dog Food from Orijen has 12 ounces worth of animal ingredients, all entirely familiar for your dog’s dinner table at home. 

In addition, this grain-free product promotes a “biologically appropriate” formulation intended for Belgian Malinois’ high protein requirements. So feed your pup well today!

Key Features:

  • Loaded with high-quality animal protein for essential nutrition
  • It’s a convenient and hassle-free source of pet food
  • Contains whole prey nutritional content, which includes nutrient-rich organs
  • Made in the USA from the world’s finest ingredients

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free

If your Malinois has sensitivities or a sensitive stomach, it can be difficult keeping them happy and healthy – but Merrick has your fur baby covered. Their limited ingredient diet recipes are made to give the cleaner, more satisfying meal they deserve. 

Made to lower the risk of allergic reactions or gastrointestinal problems, these limited ingredient dinner mixes come complete with real deboned meat first on their list of ingredients. So your pup can get all their essential vitamins and minerals in one delicious dish. 

At only 45 calories per cup, every bowl is loaded with flavor without packing on extra pounds so our pal can both eat deliciously and stay fit!

A fresh and exciting limited ingredient recipe that contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This wholesome food is crafted in the USA using quality ingredients from around the world. 

This limited ingredient philosophy lets you experience what real nutrition tastes like without having to worry about taking out too many elements and putting your pup at an increased risk of developing allergies or sensitivities.

Key Features:

  • Provides essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Grain-free recipe with no gluten
  • Increases fiber intake for healthy digestion
  • 12 essential vitamins and minerals to get your dog started in life

NomNom Fresh Dog Food

NomNom Fresh Dog Food

Looking for a fresh, homemade dog food meal that’s healthy and delicious? Try NomNomNow! The Tasty Turkey Fare has only six ingredients and contains complete proteins plus a healthy source of fat for an excellent, balanced meal. The turkey is lean but still supports excellent muscle tone, while the oil helps protect the skin and coat.

Give your pup the nutrition they need with NomNom Fresh Dog Food. Their recipes are created by veterinarians and contain limited ingredients to alleviate allergies and provide dense nutrition. You can control your pup’s meals from your account, and most delivery options are very convenient. Meals come in pre-portioned sizes and contain all human-grade ingredients.

Key Features:

  •  Receive this product at your doorstep
  •  Easy to serve and store
  •  It arrives as one solid block, with no need for processing.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed

Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breed

A Belgian Malinois diet deserves the best with this 100% natural recipe. You’ll love how long it lasts when you feed your pup Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed Lamb Meal & Brown Rice dog food, guaranteed to keep their mouth waters with its savory lamb meal and brown rice. 

With extra nutrients for joints and cartilage, this wholesome recipe will give your pup more of what they need without animal byproducts or fillers of any kind. 

With its high protein levels, this formula never fails to keep hunger away and fend off body fat demons. With this food, all you have to do is take out 2 cups for every six pounds!

Made in America with strict requirements for purity and nutrient content exceeding industry standards, every ingredient is guaranteed safe for your furry friend’s health. So please give them the quality helpings that come inside of each bag today!

Key Features:

  • Supports joint and cartilage health and maintains a healthy immune system 
  • Nourishes your dog’s skin to maintain a healthy, shiny coat 
  • Made from natural, high-quality ingredients without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Buying Guide

Calories Intake And Meal Requirement

Dogs are generally active, but it can depend on the type of dog. As for Belgian Malinois dogs like yours (or any other breed), you should feed them based on how much activity they do and make sure their caloric intake doesn’t drop below 1800 calories per day! 

For pups who need more food than this amount due to growth spurts or molting processes, offer smaller portions 3-4 times per day instead of 4-6 meals throughout the day.

Your overweight cat may not need food every day. Reducing their intake can cause nutritional deficiency and make weight loss more difficult for them in the long run since some proteins are necessary for maintaining a healthy body mass index regularly. Reducing just one meal per day is enough time to help with any excessive fat accumulation that has been seen lately!

Important Ingredients For Belgian Malinois

1. Many people think that fat is unappetizing for dogs, but dogs need it to survive. Without the suitable types and amount of fats in your dog’s diet, they will not be able to move as efficiently or have healthy skin as ours do! 

Fats serve many purposes, such as helping them process food easier, so you don’t feel any stomach pain after eating out at a restaurant; converting energy from carbs into fuel which helps with active breeds’ lifestyle requirements (more than 10% recommended); providing insulation against cold weather conditions while also regulating body temperature.

2. Animal-based proteins provide an astounding amount at 35%. However, byproducts and meals won’t cut with these standards, so avoid them if possible! 

Another good alternative is novel sources like bison or rabbit meat which can also bring down cost due to their lower calorie count per serving size compared to other types such as beef.

3. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is prone to allergies, I recommend that you provide probiotics in their diet. To kill off any bad bacteria and keep tummy troubles away! A good option would be giving them some high-quality dry food with added vitamins like omega 3s fatty acids, which can help heal inflammation of the intestines

Common Diseases In Belgian Malinois


Afraid your dog might be losing their sight? Then, it’s time for a check-up. Your Belgian Malinois may have cataracts! Common causes include old age, trauma to the eye, and inherited conditions like diabetes which could happen early in life. 

But there are ways you can help prevent this condition, too – give them antioxidant-rich food with vitamin C & E selenium bioflavonoids, so they don’t get any worse than necessary. 

If left untreated nutritional antioxidants will regenerate glutathione making it more effective at scavenging free radicals rather than being depleted. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Our canine companions face many challenges, and one of the most painful is Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This condition can lead to blindness if left untreated.

To help prevent your dog from losing sight, we recommend he get treatment for this eye disease with a balanced diet rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins (a type of flavonoids), omega-3 fatty acids found naturally occurring in plant oils or animal fats. 

These are found in foods such as butter; carotene produces color pigments inside cells by converting light into chemical energy stored within its molecules.


Scientists have determined that joint health is dependent upon the development and maintenance of strong muscles. The stronger your dog’s body, the less likely they will develop arthritis or other conditions caused by over-stretching their joints with a weak skeleton. To help prevent this in future generations, you can feed them protein-rich foods for healthy muscle development!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has given you enough information and recommendations to help you decide. Your dog’s diet should contain all the required nutrients for it to stay healthy, so make sure your pick fits that criteria. 

You should now be able to make an informed decision on which dry dog food is perfect for your furry friend’s dietary needs and budget!

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