American Journey Dog Food Reviews

Many dog owners are interested in the fact that their pet needs to eat a balanced diet. We can all strive for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s no different with our furry friends.  

That’s why we want to share our thoughts on what we think is one of the best American Journey Dog Food reviews out there! The post discusses how this particular food has been rated as good by others who have tried it and even offers some helpful tips if your pup doesn’t like it right away.

If you don’t like to switch things up, this brand is a perfect option. They offer grain-free AND grain inclusive diets – and they do it well!

They have been making quality dog food for over 25 years now, so you know that their products will be delicious and healthy too! Here is a list of the most demanded American Journey Dog Foods!

American Journey Grain Free Dog Food

American Journey Limited Ingredient Dog Food

American Journey Large Breed And Healthy Weight Dog Food


American Journey Ingredient Recipe With Salmon & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

American Journey Ingredient Recipe With Salmon & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

When you’re exploring with your dog, the last thing you want to worry about is his nutrition. To be at his best, he needs high-quality protein and carb-packed ingredients that are picked fresh from American Journey’s fields. 

The new salmon recipe features deboned fillets of wild Alaskan Salmon, which give your pup a great source of quality lean muscle-building protein and energy. Plus, it packs in antioxidants like Vitamin E, just waiting to keep your pup healthy while they’re scampering around this great country!

Look, we know your dog doesn’t care about the brand—they just want to get fed and go outside.

American Journey understands that no one has time for a complicated shopping experience, which is why their pet food is simple and clean with recognizable ingredients: salmon, cornmeal, sweet potatoes, shelled eggs from cage-free chickens. 

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe is an innovative grain-free food. It contains a high percentage of protein, making it the perfect meal when you need your dog back on track for diet restrictions or weight management goals. 

This recipe has no fillers, so there’s nothing to worry about if you notice any adverse reactions to outside foods – it’s 100% safe! American Journey cuisine uses fresh regional ingredients sourced from local markets and independent grocery chains while guaranteeing that all seafood is responsibly managed. 

Packed with flavor plus 32% protein, 5% fiber, and zero grains means more energy throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Nutritious, tasty food for your pet
  • Your dog will be able to sustain a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Proteins from real salmon are great for dogs’ skin and coat 
  • Tasty high-protein dog food is good for your pup

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food

Sometimes your furry friend has a nose that knows best. That’s why American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food was made with real, deboned chicken full of protein and amino acids for leaner muscles. 

Plus, you can trust that this delicious taste is downright irresistible. Simply add water to this formula which also contains sweet potatoes and chickpeas, so your pup gets the energy they need to stay up all night dancing or chasing critters in the yard without the guilt trip from you when she doesn’t want to go outside next time. 

So what are you waiting for—live life inspired by the American Journey! Your favorite family pet deserves nothing less than the best in life – and that includes everything from their diet to their toys to their time outside. 

That’s why American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food was created. With this nutritious pack of dog food, your furry friend is getting beneficial fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. 

Omega fatty acids are plentiful, including DHA (an omega 3), an essential nutrient for smart little guys with big personalities that supports the healthy development of their brain and eyes.

Designed specifically for those pets that are particular about what they eat, this journey contains ingredients your four-legged friend will love. Grain-free and natural protein sources like chicken for a strong flavor should be easy to entice your pup to eat healthily.

Key Features:

  • Provides improved digestive health
  • Bone-rich protein helps maintains lean muscle mass
  • Fibrous vegetables provide energy that lasts all-day

American Journey Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

American Journey Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

American Journey is an excellent choice for pet parents who want their pets to get the best. They use real beef that features 9 of the ten essential amino acids, giving your pup a fantastic nutritional head start. 

The cow in their recipe also gives lean muscle-building protein and zinc, which has been shown to strengthen a dog’s immune system against worms and other parasites. 

American Journey’s Dog Food Recipe with real sweet potatoes will provide lasting energy for your active companion – so they have plenty of life left at bedtime as well!

These kibbles are grain-free and made with beef, a protein that makes dogs go crazy. Dogs prefer to chow down on meat because it tastes so darn good that just the taste of meat will keep them begging until they’ve eaten every last morsel. 

Even without added flavors or artificial preservatives, this protein keeps dogs coming back for more–no matter how prostrated from hunger they were before starting their meal!

Get your dog in shape on the go with American Journey Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. Made from real beef and deboned chicken, this deliciously crunchy dish is 100% Crude Protein Guaranteed Plus 10% More Moisture than most other brands! 

Key Features:

  • Made with high-quality and delicious ingredients
  • Provides omega-3 fatty acids for your pup’s skin, coat, brain, and eyes 
  • It contains fiber-rich chickpeas to keep them satisfied longer
  • Ingredients promote lean muscle mass

Limited Ingredients

American Journey Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato 

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, improving flexibility and promoting healthier skin. The recipes also contain Omega 6’s for a healthy coat that will shine! Plus, peas and sweet potatoes are high in protein and fiber, so both you and your pup can enjoy a hearty meal anytime. 

Your dog deserves only reliable nutrition from American Journey Limited Ingredient Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Recipe!

This hearty meal is made with limited ingredients and essential nutrients that nourish your dog, without the expensive additives and flavors they don’t need. 

Feed them a healthy diet of values they’ll love: salmon for protein upsides, sweet potatoes for added vitamin A benefits, flaxseed to condition skin and soothe dry hair, sunflower oil for omega-6s fatty acids — all in a meal perfect for any size or breed dog.h

American Journey is a premier quality dog food that’s perfect for your premium pup. These ingredients promote a healthy and strong immune system essential to the health of every canine companion. 

Whether they are zooming down the beach chasing seagulls or on their way to an agility competition, American Journey will be by their side with all of the energy they need!

Key Features:

  • A complete meal that provides the best nutrients
  • Made with 25% protein and deboned salmon for an extra lean muscle booster
  • All-natural ingredients to provide healthier skin and joints
  • Single animal protein source means no more bloat, diarrhea, or itchy skin

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Duck & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Duck & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Duck & Sweet Potato is made with a deboned duck that makes it a single source of animal protein for your pup to enjoy. 

Its wholesome carbohydrates make it easily digestible, and you won’t find any grains in there. American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Duck & Sweet Potato has the rich flavor your dog craves.

Ensuring that your best friend is getting a healthy, hearty meal means you don’t have to worry about the ingredients they’re eating. American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Duck & Sweet Potato contains only limited, valuable ingredients tailored to their specific needs and health concerns. 

With nourishing omega-3 fatty acids from these high-quality proteins and omega-6 from sunflower oil (as well as flaxseed), this tasty dish can support your pup’s skin and coat. From nose to tail, good food has never tasted so good!

Packed with vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, American Journey Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe is our favorite recipe of the bunch! You can’t say that about an animal product. 

Thoughtfully formulated to deliver more protein than any other dog food on the market today, it doesn’t contain grains or fillers, so there’s no need for your precious pup to eat those nasty diets anymore.

Key Features:

  • Give your pup a wholesome meal
  • Easy to digest carbs that are easily absorbed by the body
  • It contains ingredients like omega 3’s, which will nourish your dog’s skin and coat

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Lamb & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Lamb & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Lamb & Sweet Potato is made with wholesome ingredients your pup will love. With delicious deboned lamb as the first ingredient, this protein-rich diet will keep him energized all day long. 

Added sweet potatoes and peas provide natural carbohydrates to promote healthy digestion and a sleek coat while helping keep his overactive pet happy all day.

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Lamb & Sweet Potato is the perfect meal for your four-legged friend. 

The nutrition in this hearty dinner will keep him feeling his best, and with no corn, wheat, soy, or artificial ingredients, it’s just what he needs to perform at his best! 

It is made from only limited ingredients high in essential nutrients such as beta carotene (a pro-vitamin A), calcium, iron, and vitamins E and B6. 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Lamb & Sweet Potato is a fantastic way to get some of that tasty meat lovin’ onto your pup’s plate! 

This limited ingredient food packs in the protein and flavor with just five quality ingredients–without any artificial colors or preservatives. What else could you ask for?

Key Features:

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for your pet
  • No artificial ingredients 
  • Nutrients that keep dogs happy and healthy
  • Satisfies their hunger

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Turkey & Sweet Potato is made with wholesome ingredients like deboned turkey and sweet potatoes for a taste your pup is sure to love. 

It’s also grain-free, so it’s 100% digestible no matter what they may have had for lunch earlier in the day! With an outstanding balance of proteins and carbs, this food will give them everything they need to start their day off right.

Sometimes your pup can be a picky eater. If that’s the case, we have just the food for you: American Journey Limited Ingredient Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe. 

This recipe uses real turkey and sweet potatoes plus plenty of other nutritious ingredients to make up a wholesome meal for your furry best friend. 

There are no artificial flavors or colors in this dish which means there’ll be nothing but natural goodness from these bite-sized kibbles! 

And at only 330 calories per cup, it contains less than many of its competitors (most meals run nearly 500), so it doesn’t add to their weight. The cuisine also includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help maintain healthy skin!

With only one animal protein and two vegetables, this recipe features an excellent balance of quality carbs and protein so your dog can go on all its adventures feeling full and energized.

Key Features:

  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for dogs
  • Omega fatty acids nourish skin and coat

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Venison & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Venison & Sweet Potato 

American Journey Limited Ingredient Recipe With Venison & Sweet Potato is a must-have if you want to give your dog wholesome, premium nutrition every day. 

Packed with real deboned venison and good carbs like peas and sweet potatoes, this grain-free kibble is easy on his stomach, and the ingredient list has only one protein source. 

It’s made without corn or wheat, so it doesn’t interfere with his digestive system, too. Why is your canine friend always hungry? Guess what you’re about to give them! This innovative and healthy meal consists of nothing but good, wholesome ingredients—not junk. 

Specifically, it has venison that’s lower in cholesterol when compared to other meats while rich in B vitamins and omega fatty acids. 

Plus, this recipe contains more omega-6 fatty acids than any other recipe under the same range, rendering it an excellent choice for pet parents whose fur companions suffer from food sensitivities or allergies. 

It also comes with an earthy taste that dogs love and can be one good idea if you want to feed something alternative meat protein instead of beef or chicken breast. If you look for a protein-packed meal with minimal wheat in it, then the American Journey Limited Ingredient Venison & Sweet Potato Recipe will be perfect.

The limited ingredient formula is designed to suit the needs of any pet that might suffer from food sensitivities. The recipe has lots of flavors and an earthy taste, something dogs love!

Key Features:

  • Natural dog food with a single animal protein source
  • Grain-free, hence suitable for dogs who have an allergy to grains
  • Made with 22% protein and starts with deboned venison as the first ingredient

Large Breed And Healthy Weight

American Journey Active Life Formula Large Breed Salmon, Brown Rice

American Journey Active Life Formula Large Breed Salmon, Brown Rice

With a formula developed specifically for large breeds and an active lifestyle, American Journey Active Life Formula contains protein as its number one ingredient and nutrient-rich vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots. 

Every variety provides well-rounded nutrition in every bite to keep your canine companion healthy while feeding their adventurous spirit.

It is an excellent formula for a giant breed dog. They use high-quality fish protein, as well as other good stuff like pea protein and turkey meal. You’ll also see that every ingredient has been selected to promote healthy joints and bones. 

And it’s all done with love right here in America! Raising a big pup isn’t easy, but the food is. Plus-o’s active life formula is designed to meet every big pup’s needs with just one cup per meal. 

In high protein content and rich in omega-three oils that promote healthy skin and digestion, each bite will fuel them on their journey through life!

Key Features:

  • Balanced, nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Supports healthy skin and lustrous coat with omega fatty acids
  • Natural ingredients: no wheat, soy, or poultry by-products
  • A healthy alternative for dogs
  • A unique blend of antioxidants and nutrient

American Journey Large Breed Adult Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Large Breed Adult Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

Join the adventure by fueling your dog with this healthy, hearty food. With protein and flavorful ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, and peas, it will keep your pup’s muscles lean while they explore. 

And with a kibble size designed specifically for large breeds, this delicious formula is just right for their teeth and gums too. Your pup deserves a hearty meal full of delicious flavors and variety. 

American Journey Large Breed Adult Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe is made with wholesome ingredients like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and fresh carrots. 

Your dog can feast on tasty blueberries, dried kelp, and omega fatty acids for his healthy brain development!

At the very top of the Large Breed Recipes, you’ll find surprisingly deboned chicken with a special blend of chunky vegetables and wholesome grains. 

To make this recipe more nutritionally complete, there is added Omega-6 fatty acids from Sunflower Oil. This tasty natural ingredient will help keep your dog happy and supple while maintaining her sleek coat.

A quality American-made product that’ll stand up to the safety and nutritional requirements of even the most discriminating pet owner! Featured delicate ingredients like Chicken, Sweet Potato, salmon oil, whole egg, and cottage cheese. 

They provide a healthy boost for your canine’s heart health with added Omega 3s. This tasty recipe leads to an improved immune system function since these dietary ingredients are rich in antioxidants. 

Features a higher protein content than other recipes: 30% pea protein helps maintain muscle mass without the need for excessive feeding. 

You’ll love them because they’re easy on sensitive stomachs, too- thanks to fewer gluten proteins!

Key Features:

  • Provides your dog with omega-6 fatty acids, which help their skin and coat health
  • Includes glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints
  • Naturally occurring glucosamine for dogs helps support joint health

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Grain-Free Healthy Weight kibble will ensure your fur-buddy stays on track with its diet and leads a long, healthy life. 

Reduced in calories but not low in flavor, this delicious food is made with natural sources of fiber to help increase feelings of fullness. 

Plus, L-carnitine supports normal fat metabolism so that he’ll maintain lean muscle mass and keep the excess pounds at bay!

The Healthy Weight Chicken and Sweet Potatoes Recipe is the solution to the modern-day weight problem. 

They’ve combined high-quality ingredients like organic chicken as the first ingredient, healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice to deliver a wholesome dish that will continue to provide optimal nutrition all year long. 

The American Journey RecipesTM also comes complete with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health. 

Every meal satisfies your cat’s hunger while supporting their diet with vitamins, minerals, omegas 3 & 6 fatty acids—for better immunity, stronger muscles, and a healthier coat!

Rich in vitamins A, B6, C, D3, and E – not forgetting calcium which aids weight loss by helping to maintain lean muscle mass – it is a delicious meal replacement option. Enjoying a cup every day can help you reach your goals!

Key Features:

  • Help keep your canine companion’s weight in a healthy range
  • May provide benefits for dogs with sensitive digestion or sensitivities to grains. 
  • It contains L-Carnitine, which may help support lean muscle mass and energy levels.


Buying Guide

American Journey History

American Journey Dog Food was a company founded in 2012 with an online store for pet products. The group now has over 1,000 different brands to offer their vast customer base, all made from the finest quality ingredients exclusively from North America. 

The American Journey brand is owned by Chewy Inc., founded in 2012 as an internet retailer specializing in pet supplies – specifical food for dogs and cats. 

They sell more than 1000 various types of dog foods today through their website on top-quality ingredients solely sourced within North America.

American Journey Recalls

We did not find any recalls for American Journey foods in the FDA database. 

These products have been around since 1945, and there haven’t been many complaints about them, yet you can read some reviews online from members who say their dogs experienced stomach problems.

American Journey Nutrition

American Journey’s dry dog food products vary in nutritional value. Some of the lower-cost formulas are adequate for less active dogs, but some have excellent nutrition! 

The premium and grain-free brands tend to be high in protein and fat – great for more active pups who need a boost from their meals. This food would be perfect for a dog who spends most of its time lounging around the house. 

American Journey offers this high-quality, low-cost option so even those with limited budgets can give their pup what they need to live an active and healthy life.

Is American Journey Suitable For My Dog?

When thinking about feeding your dog, you should consider several factors. The first and foremost consideration is their nutritional needs; this will be affected by the size, age, health status, and other unique traits that make up their particular life circumstance. 

But before you worry too much about what’s actually in the food or how it tastes to him (perhaps he prefers peanut butter!), ask yourself these questions: Is there enough protein? Does it contain any ingredients I can’t pronounce? 

Are they providing my best friend with quality control measures like human-grade meat sources for their meats/poultry used as an ingredient if they’re not using all fresh vegetables from family farms around here?

The marketing campaigns for dog food are designed to make you believe that the product is better than it is, but there’s only a handful of things worth considering when buying your pup some grub. 

Is my pet going to like this? Will they eat from their bowls willingly and with enthusiasm? And most importantly – will those ingredients do them any good long-term or not at all? After all, dogs can’t talk about what tastes great!

If your dog is the one that matters to you, then it’s worth investing in food for them. 

Your friend might be happy with their dogs eating more expensive pet food, but if they’re not paying attention when giving it out and getting sick of a particular flavor or type, the chances are good that it will happen at home too! 

There will always be some people who have different preferences than yours, which doesn’t make what works for them wrong either. 

But there shouldn’t be any concern about taking care of yourself and somebody else because we know our pets love us unconditionally, so why should we keep feeding an inferior quality product?

Final Thoughts

The American Journey brand is made with high-quality ingredients and is less expensive than other dog food brands. 

Plus, the convenience of home delivery is a tempting offer, but it’s worth sticking to what you know. 

If your dog is currently eating American Journey and has been doing well on the food, then there isn’t any reason for them to switch over just because Chewy carries the brand. 

We hope that our review gave you some insight into this pet food company to make an informed decision whether they are suitable for your pup!

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