Beagles are known for their loud howls and sweet personalities! This small scent hound was bred to sniff out rabbits and hares. A fully-grown adult beagle typically weighs between 20-25 pounds and stands at 13” to 15” tall. But you will hear them before seeing them, as they are pretty loud and vocal!

Beagles are one of the sweetest dog breeds and make perfect family pets. They are well-behaved, full of life, and spunky and have so much to offer their families.

Beagles are well-known for their impeccable hunting skills and incredible sense of smell, but they’ve also gained popularity for other reasons; their outgoing personalities, high energy levels, and affectionate nature. Beagles enjoy being around people and aren’t aggressive in the least.

If you are considering getting a Beagle, continue reading this article. We want to help you decide whether or not a Beagle is a dog for you. Let’s discuss the Beagle dog breed in detail below.

Breed Origin & History

Crossbreeding between the Harrier and other hounds gave birth to the Beagle in England. They were first bred to hunt hare, pheasant, and quail during the time of King Henry VIII. They were available in various sizes by the 1800s, though most people preferred small dogs.

This breed was first documented in America in 1642. The American Kennel Club (AKC) did not recognize the breed until 1885, more than 200 years later. Now they’re one of the most popular family dog breeds.

Temperament & Personality

Beagles are well-known for their friendliness and gentleness, and they have a balanced temperament. In terms of energy, they’re medium-sized and have a more compact frame. “Happiness” and “loyalty” are other characteristics of Beagles. They’re also well-known for their expressive faces, which convey a lot of emotion.

Beagles are great family pets, and because they were bred to hunt in packs, they thrive in a home with other dogs. While Beagles are terrific pets for families, it is important to understand that, due to Beagles’ passion for using their noses, regular time spent outdoors is essential.

Therefore, before deciding to get a beagle for the family, you should assess whether you will have enough time for their daily walks and other outdoor or indoor activities. Despite their pleasant demeanors, Beagles make lousy security dogs due to their vulnerability to human manipulation. On the other hand, their roaring and booming voices make them excellent watchdogs.

Unfortunately, because of their long-distance hunting heritage, beagles are inclined to ignore your demands while busy with something as they suffer from “selective hearing.” The best cure for this “condition” is starting their socialization and obedience training early.

As their owners, we are responsible for doing everything we can to bring out the best in your Beagle’s personality and demeanor. This entails ensuring your dog eats nutritious food and gets regular exercise and socialization. A dog’s ability to learn and develop is greatly aided by early socialization.

Beagles are more difficult to adapt to new situations if they aren’t introduced to particular stimuli as a puppy. Taking your puppy to the park and enrolling him in puppy training is a terrific method to socialize him. 

Another important thing to know about a beagle is that even though they were originally intended to be outdoors, working in the field, they are not suited to outdoor life. They’re happy when they are warm, cozy, and safe indoors with their families.

The Physical Appearance Of A Beagle

Beagles are beautiful dogs with adorable long floppy ears. Below are their average size, weight, height, coat type, and color combinations.


Average Weight (Adult) – 15 to 30 Lbs.

Average Height (Standing) – 18” to 22”

Average Height (Withers) – 13” to 16”


Short, smooth, and silky to the touch.


Beagles have various colors and color combinations. These include;

Tan & whiteBlue, tan, & whiteBlack, Tan, & White
Lemon & whiteBlack, red, & whiteBrown, white, & tan
Brown & WhiteBlack, tan, & bluetickBlack & tan

Maintenance & Grooming Needs Of A Beagle

The Beagle’s double coat is dense, silky, and smooth, thickens throughout the winter, and sheds in spring. Beagles have short hair, so they don’t shed that much. To maintain and groom their coats, use a medium bristle brush, a hound grooming glove, or other tools to brush them once a week.

This helps remove loose hair and stimulates their hair follicles to grow healthy new hair. Unless they get into anything especially messy, like rolling around in the mud, Beagles don’t need to be bathed too often; however, you must cut their nails regularly.


Because it allows your dog to learn and grow, socialization is essential. Your Beagle will struggle to adapt later in life if he is not socialized from a young age. Bringing your puppy to a dog park and training programs are excellent ways to socialize him.

Your Beagle can socialize with other dogs and people in a more relaxed and dog-friendly setting. Beagles get along with other pets, dogs, and people very well, but they are quite personable and enjoy being pampered and having fun. Because of extra playtime and attention, many Beagles thrive around children and in families with children.

Exercise Requirements

Beagles require frequent exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Daily walks, on the other hand, are just as crucial for your dog’s overall health. Please ensure you’re aware of your pet’s stamina and that your dog gets the appropriate amount of exercise.

His age typically determines this. The ‘zoomies’ are a sudden increase in energy that causes beagle puppies to gallop about the home for a time before stopping to rest on the couch or your lap. They might start again a few seconds later.

A Beagle’s Diet

Besides having clean, fresh water available for your dog at all times, high-quality dog food is equally important. With your veterinarian’s supervision and consent, whether the food is professionally prepared or made at home should be fine for your Beagle. You should adjust any diet according to your dog’s age.

If Beagles do not receive the appropriate nutrition, they could become sick or overweight. While treats are beneficial in training, too many could contribute to weight gain. Discover which foods are suitable for Beagles and which foods to avoid. Whenever you feel uncertain about your Beagle’s nutritional needs, it is always best to get expert advice from a veterinarian. 

5 of the best nutritionally balanced food options for Beagles include;

The Health Of A Beagle

Unfortunately, our pets get sick from time to time. Below are the common diseases and health issues seen in Beagles;

Ear Infection

Because a Beagle’s long, drooping ears make appropriate ear ventilation difficult, they are more likely to develop ear infections. If your dog keeps scratching his ears, tilts his head continuously, and his ears are hot, it would be best to have the vet perform an ear inspection.


An epileptic fit is a brain attack caused by increased neuronal discharge, which can cause convulsions, hypersensitivity, excessive salivation, repetitive blinking, and facial spasms, among other symptoms. Medication like phenobarbital or potassium bromide can effectively control this problem.

Eye Diseases

Beagles can be affected by the following eye conditions;

Corneal Dystrophy – This typically appears as white transparency in the cornea or only a small portion of it. It can be very unpleasant and painful, and monitoring and treatment are required to prevent ulcers from developing. If at any moment you are unsure if your Beagle has the condition, never hesitate to contact a veterinarian.

Cherry Eye occurs when a beagle’s third eyelid becomes weak, causing the tear gland to rupture and stick out of the eye. Surgery is the most common treatment and needs to be done as soon as the gland ruptures; otherwise, it can lead to serious infection.

Distichiasis manifests itself when the dog develops two eyelash rows, one of which grows towards the eye or in an unruly manner, causing discomfort and infection.


Hypothyroidism is a very common endocrine illness in dogs, and it affects beagles as well. A correct diagnosis is critical due to the disease’s propensity to gain weight. Hypothermia and a variety of skin disorders are also symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Alopecia, hair loss, color changes, susceptibility to skin infections, and, on rare occasions, disorders of the neurological and reproductive systems are the most prevalent. The lack of activity of thyroid hormones is the cause of this condition, which decreases the dog’s metabolism.

How Long Do Beagles Live?

Beagles are loving, playful, and intelligent if you are searching for a dog for the family. They are one of the best smaller dog breeds to have as pets. However, when considering getting a Beagle for your family, one of the major factors is how long the dog will live.

While we don’t know the exact life expectancy of a beagle, research and history have taught us that, on average, beagles live from about 12 to 15 years. The average Beagle lives for roughly 13 years, but there are things you can do to extend their lives.

Ways To Help Your Beagle Live Longer?

You can increase the lifespan of your Beagle in a variety of ways, including:

  • Make sure they receive all their vaccinations.
  • Have them spayed or neutered.
  • If you are a smoker, please try not to smoke around your dogs.
  • Never feed table scraps to your Beagle. There may be ingredients that they are allergic to present in your food.
  • Ensure that they eat a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Allow them to exercise enough to keep their joints from getting stiff at a younger age.

You can increase the lifespan of a beagle if you can commit to doing these things for your dog. A Beagle can live past 15 if you follow the guidelines outlined above. You can also improve your pet’s life by taking a holistic approach to controlling any suspicious symptoms, aches, and pains, and of course, ensure that you take your Beagle to the vet for regular checkups.

Ideal Living Environment For A Beagle

A house with a spacious backyard where the dog can run and play is the ideal environment for a beagle. They can, however, adapt easily to an apartment living environment. They make really good apartment dogs because they have easygoing, highly adaptive personalities and are small enough.

But before you decide to get a Beagle as an apartment pet, there are a few rather important factors to consider. They are, nonetheless, active pets who require regular exercise. It would help if you let them burn their energies daily, or they will engage in disruptive activities in and around the house.

You’ll have to be willing and available to take them for a walk no less than twice a day because an apartment does not have enough space for them to burn all their energy. If you choose to get a Beagle as an apartment pet, you must take them outside a minimum of 4-5 times a day to relieve yourself.

A home that allows them to burn their energy and roam around outside as much as they want remains the best living environment option for a Beagle.

Do Beagles Bark A Lot?

Yes! Beagles are excessive barkers and howlers. They have a much higher level of vocal expression than other dogs. They like to bark and howl to express their emotions and have various voices. A beagle may bark in response to the following; 

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in Beagles. When left alone for an extended period, a Beagle will bark excessively and become very anxious.

There are various ways to help ease your dog’s separation anxiety. One way that has proven to be very effective is leaving your dog inside and closing the door. You will hear your Beagle starting to bark and howl, and after about a minute outside, go back inside and greet them.

Do this exercise for about 30 minutes daily, and you will see a big drop in their separation anxiety levels. You should try this method because you assure your dog that you will return each time you leave. They will develop a sense of calmness knowing that the front door will eventually open and you will be reunited after a long day.

A great tip is to give them a treat each time you enter the house (healthy treats!) so that they are so excited about the treat coming their way that they forget about their anxiety. Every time you do this exercise with your dog, extend the separation time until they are comfortable and calm while you are at work.

If a beagle with separation anxiety is left alone for long, he will bark to exhaustion. If you suspect your Beagle is suffering from this, see a veterinarian for advice because this is much more serious than you would imagine.

Fear Or Stress

When a beagle is afraid or stressed, he will bark in a very high-pitched voice. It will be distinct from his typical barks, and you can tell the difference. Things such as loud noises, strangers, and strange objects are a few common causes of stress and fear in Beagles.

A few signs will be apparent if your Beagle feels stressed and afraid; excessive and incontrollable barking, refusal to eat, whining, cowering, and whale eyes. If they experience any of these signs, the best thing to do is speak to a vet and get advice on how to help your poor distressed Beagle pooch.


Beagles will make it very clear that they are hungry. They will begin barking to alert their owners that mealtime has arrived. And boy, if you do not respond immediately, your Beagle will continue to bark and howl until you feed them.

If you work long hours, it would be best to provide enough food and water for your Beagle to get him through the day until you arrive home.

Attention & Affection

A Beagle can be a real diva! Beagles bark as loud as they can to attract attention until they get the attention and affection they desperately want.

Your Beagle may be bored when you are playing a game or watching a movie, and he’ll keep barking until you stop what you’re doing and start playing with him. This behavior can become disruptive and out of hand, but it can be reduced and controlled with proper obedience training.


If your Beagle sees you home from work, he will start barking and jumping about with excitement. This is rather common among beagles and their way of greeting you.

Beagles may begin barking on other occasions that excite them, such as when you give them treats or food or get the walking leash to take them for a walk. Thankfully a Beagle’s ‘excitement barking’ is too loud.

Do Beagles Make Good Pets?

Beagles are recognized for their loving nature. They have limitless stamina and make wonderful family pets! Beagles are also calm, playful, protective, and loyal to their families. They will protect you and your family if trained to do so, and they will always bark to let you know if they sense something suspicious or that there is someone at the door.

Intelligence & Trainability Of A Beagle

Studies have shown that beagles have the intelligence of a two-year-old child. Beagles can learn over 150 words, use simple equipment and devices, and recognize gestures.

In his book “The Intelligence of Dogs,” Dr. Stanley Coren, a neuropsychological researcher and psychology professor, ranked more than a hundred different dog breeds based on their intelligence. Beagles were among the bottom ten dogs on the list.

According to the study, beagles learn commands after 80 to 100 repetitions, but on average, they only obey 25% of total commands. However, this doesn’t imply that they are not intelligent; Beagles are highly intelligent dogs. It’s only that their IQ doesn’t match Dr. Coren’s extensive research standards for compiling the list.

Even so, the Beagles have a special skill, an incredible skill. We have 5 million scent receptors compared to a Beagle’s 220 million. They are among the top three dog breeds with the best sense of smell in the world. People mistake their easily distracted characteristic for being unintelligent, but if you think about it, wouldn’t you be distracted too if you had such an impeccable sense of smell?

Things To Consider Before Getting A Beagle

As with everything else in, there are a few essential

They Do Not Make Good Guard Dogs

It’s important to remember that beagles are watchdogs, not guard dogs. Even though they will keep an eye on your home and alert you if they notice anything suspicious, they can’t protect you from harm.

Beagles aren’t particularly aggressive either, so they cannot attack others to protect you. Consider alternative breeds like Mastiff or Doberman Pinscher if you want a dog that will attack an intruder or physically protect you from danger.

They Can Be Very Stubborn

As hound dogs, Beagles can be quite stubborn. This isn’t to say they aren’t intelligent; believe me when I say they are. Beagles were bred and trained to hunt, which increased their sense of independence. They can, however, be obedient and well-behaved dogs with proper training, patience, and perseverance, so don’t give up on your pooch!

They Require A Lot Of Exercises

If indeed you decide to get a Beagle dog, you need to be sure that you will be able to tend to your dog’s exercise needs. This is the perfect opportunity to exercise and get fit with your dog!


Aside from all of their benefits and quirks, beagles make excellent companions. A beagle is an excellent choice to have a loving relationship with your dog. We hope you’re inspired to get a Beagle and choose another breed if the Beagle dog doesn’t quite fit into your lifestyle.


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