Our Mission

PupHelp is an educational website designed to educate readers on how to properly take care of their dogs, written by owners who have first hand experience of what they are writing about.

PupHelp initially started as Theodore’s side hobby, sharing helpful posts on how to care for Great Danes. Having a Great Dane himself, Theodore realized that Great Danes required many specialties including protein-rich food, stomach-tacking surgery, and regular exercise. A big problem is that owners don’t receive this information when they adopt, so Theodore went out to learn everything about taking care of a healthy and strong Great Dane. Quickly, he realized there are so many questions that new dog owners have, and even questions that people have before adopting.

As time went on, and some of these questions were answered, PupHelp started growing. Theodore hired a few friends, who had other breeds of dogs, to write about their experience of owning and caring for their pups. PupHelp is continually growing, and always adding new content written by people who actually own the dogs they are teaching about.

This is what separates us from other dog website: our writers actually own (and care for) the dog they write about.

If you wish to become a writer for this site, feel free to email contact@PupHelp.com. Also, if you see any mistakes, or missing information relevant to a page you found on PupHelp, don’t hesitate to reach out.