Acana vs Orijen Dog Food: Which One To Choose?

Dog owners have a tough time deciding on what food to feed their pet and oftentimes end up spending hours researching the best dog food. There are many different brands that offer a variety of foods, but it can be hard to find out which one is actually the best for your pup. We’re here to help you make that decision by reviewing Acana vs Orijen. 

We’ll compare both dog foods in terms of quality, ingredients, price, taste and more so you can decide which one is right for your furry friend! The idea of being “biologically appropriate” is a central theme when deciding what to feed your pup. There are two brands that fit this criteria, with one modeled after the canine ancestor and both filled with beneficial ingredients.

Acana History

Champion Pet Foods Acana and Orijen brands pride themselves on providing dogs with biologically appropriate food, meaning that it mimics what they would eat in the wild. This includes lots of meat– upwards of 30 to 40% protein–in their dry dog foods. Both companies work closely with regional farmers as well as local fishermen from all over North America who provide them with fresh ingredients for each batch made. Acana’s brand name is a mix of the words ‘Alberta’ and ‘Canada’. Their first branded product turned 25 years old in 2016, but it has always been known as an excellent dog food due to its high-quality.

The Acana company started out with Champion Pet Foods; one of their original products became well-known when they were named best dry cat food by WDJ magazine for three consecutive years starting from 2000 to 2003. We here love Acana for our boxer dogs. We think it’s a perfect choice because of how nutritious and wholesome the ingredients are, plus there are no fillers like wheat or corn that can cause allergies in some breeds. What we really appreciate about this food is its variety; with six different formulas to choose from you’re sure to find one your dog likes!

Orijen History

Champion’s Orijen is a grain-free dog food that represents the company’s philosophy of feeding dogs as nature intended. With protein from wild, fresh water fish and beef cattle in their meat sources, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids derived naturally from poultry oils like coconut oil, whole eggs for natural prebiotics to stimulate healthy digestion with live probiotic cultures such as Lactobacillus acidophilus or Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis plus green peas which are rich in folate; this recipe has all your pup needs! Champion has been around for decades. While they may not be as big in the industry, Champion still produces quality food that many people enjoy and have confidence in to feed their pets with. Their signature line is Orijen which features a variety of tasty flavors including chicken tikka masala or lamb shank. They also offer exotic dishes like rabbit sautéed with juniper berries!

Champion offers so much more than just dry kibble or cans–they are proud of what they do because it’s never too late to give your dog something healthy outside any traditional pet store brands you see on TV commercials every day.A thriving pet food industry, recognized for its commitment to high-quality ingredients and ethical manufacturing practices. This standard is so strict that they are often compared favorably to other companies with similar values like Taste of the Wild, or even Fromm!

What is Biologically Appropriate?

You know when you’re trying to figure out what a friend is good at and all of their interests? Well, it turns out there are some dog breeds that have been bred according to the idea that they should be eating more or less like wolves. The theory behind food being biologically appropriate emphasizes the evolutionary history between dogs (and other animals) by claiming both Acana and Orijen claim this title since evolution has not changed them much in recent years. According to the Acana website, “The biologically appropriate concept is simple: mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that nature evolved dogs and cats to eat.”

Some scientists argue this disregards tens of thousands years of evolution.  For now though, it’s a good way for pet owners who want to feed their pets according to what they should be eating as wild animals.

Nutritional Values

Good nutrition is essential to a happy and healthy life. In order for your dog’s body to thrive, it must receive the right nutrients in appropriate amounts; without these basic necessities they will not be able to enjoy their time with you as much. For this reason, understanding what kind of food best suits them will ensure that your pet can live an enjoyable life while still looking forward to it every day! Dogs need a particular balance of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins in order to stay healthy. Dogs are carnivorous animals who require much higher levels of proteins than humans do so be sure that you feed him high-quality food made for his size or age requirements.Dog foods should have a balance of protein and fat. If possible, they would want slightly more calories from the fats than proteins as well. A small proportion of carbohydrates that are high-quality is also acceptable to make sure your dog’s nutritional needs are met!

As for Orijen dog food, it is formulated with higher protein content and contains the building blocks that your pet needs for growth, repair, and maintenance.

Acana is a high-quality dog food, but it pales in comparison to Orijen. Acana’s protein proportions are less than half of the quality found within Orijen and provide far fewer essential nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids that dogs need for healthy skin and coat. Despite this, both brands offer comparable amounts of fat which should be used as energy while exercising or playing with your pup!

There are many factors that you must take into consideration when trying to determine the best food for your dog. One factor is protein intake, but this isn’t the only thing on which you should base your decision. Less active dogs may need a smaller proportion of protein than those who lead more energetic lives, so Acana might be better suited for these types of animals with less demanding lifestyles.


Differences between Acana and Orijen

Protein Content

Protein is calorie rich without being fatty and detrimental, which benefits your pup by boosting energy levels. It will keep your doggo fueled for hours, and then when he finishes exercising it will also provide him with the amino acids needed to repair and rebuild his muscles in order that they become healthier and stronger! High-quality proteins can even encourage healthy skin too because of their high quality protein content.Both of these brands have a high-protein content, but the clear winner is Orijen. With protein percentages up to 40%, this brand provides an abundance for all three foods and will surely help you reach your fitness goals!

The two competing food companies offer exceptional amounts of protein in their products when compared with other brands; however, one stands out from the rest: Orijen offers more than just great tasting proteins – its ingredients are packed full on it!

Carbohydrate Content

The difference in the proportions of carbohydrates between two dog food brands is largely due to one providing a higher proportion of meat and fish. These ingredients provide additional protein, fat, and even less need for portions containing fruits or vegetables.The carbohydrate providing ingredients of Acana and Orijen are very similar. They both use legumes almost exclusively which includes ingredients like Lentils, Peas, and Chickpeas. Legumes such as these have a low-glycemic index with dietary fiber that make them one of the better sources for carbohydrates in your dog’s diet. Whole legumes are better for your dog because they have less ingredients and cheaper by-products like pea protein. Orijen is one of the few companies that does not use these products which can be harmful to dogs, but still keeps prices low on their food.

Orijen has been around longer than any other company in this industry, so it’s clear why they’re considered a leader when it comes to quality pet nutrition with minimal processing methods as well as avoiding negative additives such as Pea Protein or Pea Flour – both common components of many lesser brands’ formulas despite its association with allergies in some breeds due to soy content.

Fiber Content

Fiber is a nutrient that you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s not essential for your pup to eat, but it provides some very important health benefits such as improved colon function and weight management which can help prevent or remedy tummy troubles like diarrhea, constipation, and diabetes mellitus! Even if fiber doesn’t provide any energy or vitamins it does wonders in improving the quality of life for our furry friends with its ability to strengthen their digestive system.If your dog has digestive difficulties, the first thing you need to do is find out if they are not getting enough fiber in their diet. If so, speak to a veterinarian about changing or supplementing his food with more fibers and see how it goes! It could help ease both young and old dogs’ gastrointestinal issues like constipation. Some dog owners wonder which of the two top brands, Acana or Orijen is better. Well they are both great choices! Both provide a similar and high proportion of fiber for digestive systems to digest proteins with ease. Some other common ingredients include meats like chicken, lamb, fish meal and eggs; vegetables such as carrots + sweet potatoes; many fruits including apples & blueberries plus additional healthy sources in their formulas that promote wellness like oatmeal & salmon oil supplements.

Fat Content

You may not want to hear this: your dog’s diet is mainly made up of rendered animal fats, seed oils from various plants, and any added sugars. Fats are the most calorific ingredients in food and as such provide the most concentrated source of energy for a pooch’s metabolism – making fat-soluble vitamins crucial! Studies have shown that certain fatty acids are necessary for a dog’s skin and coat to remain healthy. For example, some research has indicated their importance in preventing dryness of the eyes or impaired cognitive ability such as poor vision.

The fat content between the two brands is similar, with Acana having a slightly lower amount to help balance it against its low protein content. Both are within the recommended amount for a balanced diet.


Our dog tends to get bored of dry kibble, so we’ve found some tasty recipes that mix in wet ingredients. This adds a bit more flavor and helps his belly digest better too!Dry food can be boring for dogs sometimes; they might turn their noses up at it if there’s nothing else on offer.. But just because he gets fussy doesn’t mean I should always give him something different -it promotes picky eating habits which is bad news for any pet owner like me trying to make time-sensitive decisions about what my pup will eat. Acana and Orijen both produce food for your pup with many flavors to choose from.To keep things interesting, you might want to explore the different flavor options that Acana or Orijen has in their recipes so your dog will enjoy meal time even more than usual!


The price of food can be a big concern for pet owners, and there are many factors that go into this decision. Different breeds have different dietary needs; large mastiffs or rottweilers will require more calories than small dogs (such as yorkies). Consumers should always keep in mind the quality-to-price ratio when buying their next bag of dry kibble, but remember to balance your best judgement with what you know about each specific breed’s requirements before making any decisions.Sometimes, like human products, you can be paying for the name not so much what’s inside. Prices can vary wildly for effectively the same food- stuff that tastes just as good or better if it were from a different company and location – but we get tricked into spending more because of our preference to go with well known brands.

Just like humans, dogs have different dietary needs and should be fed accordingly. For example, if your dog is small with high energy then you will want to feed it a food that has higher calories per cup than an old timer who needs less calories and more in the way of beneficial vitamins or glucosamine. Once you identify what type of diet your pooch needs as well as why they need them (e.g., age), then you can narrow down which foods are best for their specific lifestyle!

On a pound for pound basis, Acana comes out considerably cheaper than Orijen with an average of $1.00 less per meal when considering the cost breakdown by calories alone. The higher protein content in Orijen is reflected in its comparatively more expensive price tag-a difference only seen on this type of pricing model and not one that will affect your pet’s health or happiness as much as it may their wallet!

Recall History Of Acana And Orijen

The production process of both Acana and Orijen is safe for you and your dog. Neither company has had any recalls in the United States or Canada, which proves that they are following high-quality techniques to produce food on a regular basis.

Both companies have shown consistency with their products as well: neither one having been recalled at all! They’re so sure about this safety factor that no matter where you buy it from; if either product was made by these two brands, then there’s nothing to worry about because everything will be just fine.

 However, Orijen was recalled in Australia when they were irradiated by Gamma radiation. This recall affected a number of cats.In March of 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Champion Pet Foods for the harmful levels of heavy metals and toxins in their Acana and Orijen pet products. The plaintiff claims that Champions failed to disclose this information on product labels or through any other mediums. Champion Pet Foods responded to the allegations with a statement that their products are safe and they won’t advise against Champion Pet Foods products until any conclusive judgment or evidence is made public. They also said, “It is essential for you keep up-to-date on future recalls.”


 In conclusion, Orijen is the more nutritious dog food brand of the two. However, this nutrition comes at a price and quite a significant one at that. Although it may be tempting to go with cheaper brands, you should consider what your pet needs most and how much you can afford to spend on them before making any decisions about which dog food brand to buy from. The Whole Dog Journal is an excellent resource for anyone who wants information about different types of dog foods including raw diets as well as articles on nutrition in general!  Acana is a great choice for dog owners who want to feed their pets an all-natural diet, but are not necessarily interested in paying the premium price of Orijen. However, it should be noted that both brands offer different benefits and consumers need to weigh which option best suits their needs before making any decisions on what food they will buy. Acana is a great option for owners who want to feed their dog limited ingredients, and Orijen’s range of formulas may not be appropriate for those with severe allergies or intolerances. With so many options available on the market it can be difficult choosing which foods are best suited for your pup. However, if you have an allergy-prone pet then we recommend considering one of Acana’s dry food recipes because they contain only two main sources of proteins (chicken and turkey). All other ingredients in their recipe use just one source like duck or lamb as opposed to lamb meal that would include wheat as well.

 All you can do is pick what you think will work best for your pet and take it from there. When in doubt, consult a vet or professional to help find the right food that won’t make them sick! Good luck with whatever diet you choose-keep us updated on how they are doing so we know if our advice was helpful!

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