The 10 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls In 2023

Even though hundreds of brands out there claim to produce the best food for Pitbulls, you need to ensure you are feeding your pooch dog food that is the best in quality. 

To make sure your Pitbull has a healthy diet, I have researched multiple dog food brands to filter the ones that have earned every Pitbull’s owners’ trust. This exploration has given me much information to safely give out a verdict on what brand I found best for a Pitbull’s physical fitness. 

Without any second thoughts, I can firmly say that Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Chicken And Rice Formula is the most OK dog food out there for Pitbulls. 

Without further ado, let’s find out more about what to feed your Pitbull!

What Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls?

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Chicken And Rice Formula 

diamond natural dog fod

What kind of food is best for pitbulls? There is nothing better than a dog food brand that keeps enhancing its product. Diamond Naturals dog food aims to lock the best of all ingredients for your four-legged pal. It is packed with probiotics and ensures to improve the gut health of your Pitbull. It is suitable for all life stage dogs.

This formula is designed for Pitbulls of all ages. Every ingredient in this bag works on your pup’s health and revitalizes their health to keep them active and playful for long. I bet you can’t find a better dog food brand at a similar price. Diamond knows how to make customers happy and Pitbulls healthy. 

The ingredients in this food will also increase your dog’s activity level. 

And don’t worry about your dog becoming allergic. Diamond all only natural ingredients to their dog food recipe that does not include starch, by-products, or other fillers that can upset the digestion of your Pitbull. You will see your dog devouring the entire bowl in minutes. Chicken is of the most favorite flavors among many dogs. 

Apart from your dog’s usual preferences, there is no reason for your dog not to like it. Plus, with the brand’s holistic approach, you should consider getting it for your pup’s next meal. 

Wellness Natural Complete Health Adult Deboned Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe 

wellness dog food for pit bull

Most dog owners give up searching for the right food for their Pitbulls and revert to the regular brand they usually buy. However, with Wellness Natural, one can guarantee their dogs would always love it from the first time they are introduced to it. Thanks to the flavorful chicken and oatmeal flavors, most Pitbulls happily finish their meal, and hopefully, your friend would too.

You will notice how quickly your Pitbull gains weight and remains joyful and active as ever. The ingredients in dog food contribute to a healthier digestive system with probiotics and antioxidants. Moreover, omega fatty acids and proteins are combined for a holistic diet that boosts your dog’s immune system. 

Even though the brand is more expensive than most you would find online, most dog owners are willing to invest their money in this product, given how well it understands the diet that a Pitbull should eat. Therefore, all owners are happy with what Wellness Natural has to offer despite being costly. 

On the other hand, some buyers said that the food changed their dog’s stool consistency, and it may also upset the stomach of their dogs. Nonetheless, one can never guarantee a Pitbull may never become allergic to an ingredient in any given dog food. 

Taste Of The Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food 

taste of the wild best dog food for pitbulls

A 28 pounds of grain-free dry food by Taste of the Wild is the right pick for you if you have a tiny puppy. So, if you recently got a new pet, you know you need to feed them adequate nutrients that can ensure a holistic diet that promises rapid and proper growth of your puppy. 

It contains more amounts of amino acid profile and proteins that will help build your Pitbull’s muscles. As babies, your dog needs to eat a lot of proteins. At this age, you mustn’t limit the nutrients your dog eats and research well about a brand before making a purchase, proteins are crucial for your dog’s healthy growth, and Taste of the Wild promises you that. 

Even if your puppy is a fussy eater, you will find your friend quickly finishing the contents of their bowls because not only this recipe tastes great, it also smells incredible. It can make your puppy run to you once the aroma diffuses everywhere. Your pal will grow well with a superb, shiny coat and loads of energy. You can even wean your dog on this pet food without a problem. Glucosamine and chondroitin in this recipe will keep your dog healthy and energetic.

And this dry dog food recipe is much better than its predecessor wild high prairie.

Ensure you know about your dog’s allergies before feeding them this dog food, especially looking out for chicken. Otherwise, your dog may end up with serious gas issues and other digestive problems. 

Avoderm Grain-free Lamb & Chicken Meal Formula  

avoderm dog food for senior pitbulls dogs

This brand is a complete package. I could not find one ingredient that was not on their recipe. It has every minor to a primary component such as lamb meal, you just name it. Now that your dog has finally grown to its full length, you got to make sure they are eating well to maintain their health and immune system. 

Moreover, your dog will eat it ravenously, which means you don’t have to worry much about the product not being your dog’s favorite. For senior dogs like yours, 28% protein to 10% is a good call. Given that your pooch needs quite a lot of protein at this age, this ratio makes a lot of sense for a brand trying to sell food for senior dogs. 

The formulas work for dry or itchy skin. Plus, most Pitbulls did not become allergic to the recipe. Overall, Avoderm deems a good choice on this list. Your companion will be happier and healthier before. 

Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food At Chewy 

blue buffalo freedom dog food

You must have been tired of trying to find a new pet food brand for your dog who has a wheat allergy. Don’t worry; having a wheat allergy is not uncommon in most dogs, and there are multiple brands out there that offer dog food without wheat or any other filler. 

The same is the case with Blue Buffalo Freedom Natural Grain. They have zero amount of wheat, soy, or gluten added in their cans. Their formula contains every vital nutrient your dog needs to stay healthy, like proteins and omega-3 fats that will ensure excellent bone and joint health along with a fabulous coat; all of this without giving allergic reactions to your little guy. 

However, some buyers found the consistency a tad too greasy compared to most wet dog food. Nonetheless, most dog owners do not see this troublesome and encourage wet dog food as it keeps your dog’s teeth clean and their bodies hydrated. 

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food ( Best Dry Dog Food For Pit Bull With Animal Protein )

orijen original dog food for pitbull pups

One of the best choices of every dog owner out there. You know you need to fetch the pack quickly when it’s Orijen. They have been in the industry for so long that they know what dog breeds would go for what flavor or ingredients. 

This bag is unique because it says it is biologically appropriate. That means it will nourish your Pitbull according to his needs, and what this bag contains should suffice as their healthy diet. It has 85% of quality ingredients that include fish, chicken fat, and eggs, a few of every Pitbull’s favorite flavors. Your dog will relish each bite, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your friend being fussy about it. 

What’s surprising here that every nutrient is packed with its original goodness, almost as if your dog is feeding off prey in the wilderness. The balanced ratio of meat, bones, cartilage, and organs makes it an excellent diet for your pooch. 

The only downside is that the bag contains a high amount of proteins. Your dog may not be compatible with that much amount. So, it is safer to speak with your vet before feeding your dog this recipe. Ask them if your dog can eat the amounts of proteins this bag contains. 

Purina One Smartblend True Instinct Natural Dry Dog Food (High Quality Dog Food)

purina one smart blen dog food

Talk about quality and quantity when it comes to dog food, and Purina will click in your head. That is because, for years, Purina has maintained their quality, as well as quality, that too in minimal budget. It is a win-win situation. 

Your Pitbull loves it, and they are happy; you are so glad because they offer a generous amount of dog food in a bag at a reasonable price. It’s a happy family. Also, the recipe and the contents are optimizing, too. They have no fillers and no by-products, either. They are determined to provide a holistic diet for your pet. 

If you notice, they have 30% protein, which is a good ratio for Pitbulls to aid in their muscle growth and overall excellent health, provided they are not allergic to proteins. Apart from the allergies, your Pitbull may have no problem eating it for a long time.


Dogswell Happy Hips Grain-free Lamb And Sweet Potato Recipe 

dogs well happy hip dog food

If you own a Pitbull, you already know how easy it is for Pitbulls to develop joint and hip problems. It is easy for this large breed to commonly dislocate their hip joints if they are not healthy enough. Therefore, to make sure your dog has healthier joints and bones, Dogswell introduced a designed recipe, particularly for Pitbulls, keeping in mind their health conditions. 

The brand promises extra nutrients to give your dogs the strength they need to build healthier joints. The pack is rich in chondroitin and glucosamine that aids with joint health. So if you think your pooch is weakling and does not run fast enough, it is time you switch to a brand that will look after this problem. 

By the way, the flavor of these wet dog food formulas isn’t necessarily popular amongst dogs. Just make sure your dogs like these kinds of flavors before you buy them. 

Wellness — Core Grain-free Reduced-Fat Turkey & Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food ( Best Food For Pit Bulls)

wellness core dog food

Is your poor little one allergic to several food contents? It must have made things harder for you, trying to find the right food for your Pitbull that wouldn’t give them allergies. It’s pretty hard, I tell you. But if you find the right kind of food for them, you know it’s a relief of a lifetime. 

This is the best dog food for pitbulls with allergies. The first ingredient is deboned turkey meal in the formula.

Wellness is one of those dog foods for pitbulls you can try for an allergic dog. It does not add those meager fillers or other common allergens. They are pretty careful with the handling of their product. They also make it under strict safety policies, from what I found out. It has turkey meal fiber, and it contains NO by product meal. It contains good fiber.

This factor is significant for allergic Pitbulls because as an owner of a severely allergic dog, you have the right to ask how your dog’s food was made. Whether proper safety measures were taken or the kind of protein that goes into it. This grain free dry dog food and natural dry dog food would suit your pup’s needs. 

Do observe your dog after feeding them Wellness, every dog has a different immune system. Even though most allergic Pitbulls are okay with the recipe, you never know. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-free Dry Dog Food 

blue wilderness dog food for pit bull

Obesity can cause a lot of troubles in a Pitbull. The only way out is that you regulate the number of times they eat during a day and monitor what they eat. Wellness CORE Natural Reduced Fat Dog Food is designed to keep your dog fit and active. 

Even though it seems cute when a Pitbull is chubby, it is not doing your dog any good. A balanced diet with low fats minimizes the calories, and high protein improves their muscle health, which is why Wellness CORE Natural is not a bad catch. 

Most buyers have noticed their Pitbulls shedding some weight and becoming more active. On the other hand, Wellness CORE helps enhance your dog’s heart health, digestive tract, joint health, skin, and coat. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is grain free adult dry dog food that will fit best with your puppy’s requirements. 

Plus, once your pup loves it, then why hold it back? But be careful when opening the bag. It does not have a zip-lock or a re-sealing. Once you open this huge bag, it may become an inconvenience to preserve and store it for a long time. 


Buying Guide To Buying Dog Food For Pitbulls

The Pitbull breed has accumulated a not-so-good reputation overall. However, one would be delighted to explore their goofiness, loving nature, and immense affection. To lead a good healthy life, the Pitbull breed requires a well-trained and stable environment, while you need to make sure that they thrive on a balanced food intake along with plenty of love. 

Today, we are going to investigate a set of Pitbull nutritional diet requirements (including the best dog foods for them) to keep your pet friends healthy and energized. 

What’s The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls?

If you are wondering about the best kind of dog food for your Pitbull, you need to consider the following factors mentioned below. This might be a great challenge for you to get your hand on the best food intake. However, once you go through our article below, you shall be.

 Canine Nutrition Basics

According to the (AAFCO) Association of American Feed Control Officials, 22 percent of protein intake is required to promote canine reproduction and growth, especially for lactating mothers and puppies. On the contrary, a minimum of 18 percent of protein diet is recommended for adult Pitbulls. Similarly, 8% of fat is required for females or puppies, while 5% of fat is needed for adult males. 

A standard quality dog food is required to meet these essentials. Food sources like poultry and meat as a whole protein source should be included, while a limited carbohydrate and fat content are recommended. 

Dog Food For Pitbulls: What Are The Specific Nutritional Needs?

Pitbulls lead a healthy, active lifestyle for which they require essential nutritional calorie needs. If you have a puppy pitbull, they shall require a higher calorie count since they are more active than the adult ones. On an average day, around 1100 calories are necessary for an active and healthy Pitbull, while approximately only 875 calories per day are required for Pitbulls who are less active. A recipe dry dog food shall be an excellent addition to your pup’s needs. 

Which Dog Food For Pitbulls Is Preferable: Wet Vs. Dry?

As per the Clinical Nutrition Service, a high water level is included in canned food, which is a beneficial health source for Pitbulls. For picky pitbull eaters, wet food is a good option since it is more feasible to swallow or chew it thoroughly. 

If you wish to include a high protein content in your pitbull’s diet, then opt for wet food since it has a higher range. Although, it may not be a good option if their body fat intake is more elevated. The shelf life of wet food is less than dry food. However, we would always recommend checking for date labels before making a purchase. As per PetMD recommendations, maintain your dog’s dental health like dental chew cases or teeth cleansing, then opt for dry food content. 

Dog Food For Pitbulls: To Grain Or Not To Grain

Grain-free is yet another factor that needs significant consideration. Traditionally, grain-free dog food was preferred since it is considered a complete Canis carnivorous diet. Additionally, it is also known to keep your dog’s digestive system healthy if they are susceptible to sensitivities or any allergies. 

Although, you may observe that grain-free diets are prone to heart problems, as reported by FDA. Hence, before making a purchase, make sure to get your dog checked by a vet and ask for his recommendation. 

You can also opt for dog food with a single whole grain as a potential diet alternative, mainly because it comprises a blend of various grains. 

Talk To Your Vet Before Choosing Any New Food For Your Dog

Before purchasing any dog food, it is essential to take your pitbull to the vet so that they can thoroughly examine your pet. This is essential as each breed may contain different kinds of deficiencies or may incur various health concerns that you may not be aware of. Hence a vet would recommend you the appropriate diet requirement needed for your pitbull. 

Pit Bulls Are Stocky, But Not Necessarily Heavy

Pitbulls are descendants of terriers and Bulldogs and are known to have saddled vicious vibes. They may come off as stacky; however, they lack bulkiness. Their muscle structure is less while they have short stature. 

 Avoid Overfeeding, As Pitties Are Susceptible To Joint Issues

Pitbulls are known for enjoying their food since they are of a larger breed, so it would not be a problem if you overfeed your pet. However, you should pay attention to the frequency and portions of the meals you give them to prevent them from attaining obesity. Obesity is a significant issue with Pitbull dogs, although their general health issues are also a major concern. To prevent them from leading a low standard of life, you need to take extra measures to maintain their overall lifestyle quality.

Although, overfeeding can decrease your dog’s digestive system’s efficiency and lead to problems like irregular bowel movements or even joint issues. 

 Common Pitbull Health Problems

Here are some of the health problems associated with pitbulls. Read below.

  Common Allergies

Pitbulls’ can catch common types of allergies from allergens like a rabbit, fish, pork meal, egg, lamb, chicken, dairy, or even beef. This can lead to problems like skin issues, for instance, zinc deficiency and skin allergies. Additionally, it can also cause parasites in you pit bulls. 

   Joint Problems

Unfortunately, this breed can incur joint problems like joint issues, for instance, health problems in their hind leg or hip joint pain. This can cause them discomfort and slow down their daily activities. Pitbulls are also susceptible to knee problems like ACLS and dysplasia.


Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) is a common cause of bloating and can lead to a life-threatening problem for your Pitbulls. Increased retching, salvation, and abdominal distention can be significant causes. Notice signs like weakness, anorexia, depression, and restlessness in your pit bull friend and consult your vet. Dog food should be given accordingly. 

Ingredients To Promote Muscle Growth In Pitbulls

Vitamins and minerals tend to enhance the Pitbull’s immune system allowing them to prevent skin problems and promote healthy skin. Vegetables and fruits can also be incorporated into their meal as a source of minerals and vitamins. In fact, all dog food brands make sure to incorporate them into their diet. If you want, you can also check out the ingredient list before purchasing to ensure these ingredients and choose the one with the highest percentage.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E serves as your dog’s defense mechanism that can be a result of oxidative impairment. To promote fat metabolism and cell function, a fat-soluble vitamin should be included. Reproductive problems, muscle degeneration, and eye problems can be a cause of vitamin E deficiencies. 

Vitamin B Complex

B12 is the primary source of vitamin B, which provides ample nutrients for your dogs. Dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, meat can be a source of Vitamin B complex to keep organ functions intact, for instance, a healthy kidney, liver, intestines, and pancreas.


Calcium is another critical nutrient for your dog as it promotes healthy bones and teeth and prevents blood clots. It helps in cell production and aids in muscle contractions. 


Choline is a detoxifying vitamin for your liver and nervous system. Chemicals like dopamine and acetylcholine can help improve your dogs’ cognitive function, especially those who have a history of seizures. 

What Are The Ingredients That Promote Healthy Weight Gain In Pitbulls?


A balanced diet accounts for good mental health along with their physical one. A high protein diet should be incorporated into your dog’s diet because Pitbull bodies mainly comprise muscle mass which needs to be maintained and repaired. Apart from that, their bone and tissue growth should also be promoted. To prevent any injury risks and strengthen their muscles, protein intake is essential for this breed.


Fats, too, are necessary since they play a crucial role in enhancing your Pitbull’s energy. To add more, it stabilizes your dog’s body temperature and keeps their coat shiny. A higher fat level in your dog’s body can cause heart problems. To prevent a higher fat intake, dog food manufacturers keep intact an appropriate fat content. However, you can give them brand foods containing flax, chicken, and fish oil sources.


Carbohydrates are also essential for your dogs. These aid in speeding up their digestion process, which adds to their energy content. Experts suggest that a high carb intake is not a must for pitbull dogs. However, a standard amount is required to strengthen your dog’s muscles. Ensure that these carbs’ source is from a high source, for instance, barley, brown rice, or sweet potato.

Watch Out For Food Gobbling!

It is not healthy for your dogs to gobble upon their food, leading to improper digestion. Make sure you ask your vet for the number of their meals that need to be served and ensure that no over-eating occurs. 

Keep An Eye Out For Food Allergies – A Common Pittie Problem

Pitbulls tend to get skin allergies to meat-based foods like poultry or meat. It can lead to critical problems like skin allergies or atrophy. It affects areas like ears, skin folds, belly, and feet skin. It usually occurs within three years of age. However, if it worsens, it can lead to more significant problems. 

Pitbull Puppies Vs. Adults: How To Feed Them?

Pitbull puppies need a three-meal session per day, although you can feed your adult Pitbulls twice a day – morning and night. Pay extra attention to the dog food you choose for your puppy as they have different dietary needs than young adults. 

Once your puppy reaches his adult size of around 80 to 90 percent, then you can switch to adult food. You can start by mixing both types of food while increasing the quantity of adult food and decreasing dog food. 

Signs Of A Superior Dog Food: Separating The Good From The Bad

It is imperative to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality dog products. While picking out dog food for a pitbull, make sure you consider the below-mentioned factors. 

Always Look For Foods With Whole Protein As The 1st Ingredient.

Meat supplements hold great importance. However, ensure that all protein sources are listed on the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd on the ingredient list. 

Avoid Products That Contain Unidentified Meat-Meals. 

It is acceptable if your dog food includes a chicken meal, second in their list as their main ingredient. However, indications like ‘meat meal’ or ‘animal meal’ ingredients can cause havoc. Unidentified meat is not considered a good meal for your pitbull, so make sure you always identify the by-product source.  

Foods That Have Added Antioxidants

Ingredients like 6 Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, colored vegetables, fish meal, or fruits have an added amount of antioxidants. These help to maintain your immune system and help in the development of your brain. 

Keep An Eye For The Manufacturer            

Look for foods manufactured in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, or Australia instead of places with a strict food control policy. Natural food ingredients like plutonium, spider venom, and cyanide are not the best option than other ingredients since they can be life-threatening. We recommend that you look for products containing no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives whenever possible.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions 

Some questions about pitbulls. Read below.

How Much Food Do I Feed My American Pit bull Terrier? 

If you have adult dogs like Pitbull, you can give three meals of dry food – full cup –  for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. One-third of a full cup can be delivered in three meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for puppies. 

What Is Kind Of Diet Best For A Pitbull?

You can either opt for homemade food for your Pitbull or even commercial in-store dog food. However, make sure it should include ingredients like fruits, vegetables, pea protein content, organ meat, pork, lamb, chicken, and protein to balance their health. 

Do Pitbulls Have Any Special Dietary Requirements?

Yes, dietary requirements vary according to age. Puppies need a high-quality diet along with three meals a day, while adult Pitbulls can survive on to meals each day. 

What Vegetables Can I Feed My Pitbull?

The following vegetables could be included in your pitbull’s diet:

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Green Bean
  • Carrots
  • Spinach 
  • Kale

Can I Give All Types Of Fruits To My Pitbull?

Yes, fruit intake can be a healthy source for your Pitbull. You can include fruits like:

  • Raspberries
  • Pear
  • Mango
  • Cantaloupe
  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Banana
  • Apple

How Many Calories Shall I Feed My Pitbull?

If you have an active, healthy dog that weighs around 30 to 70 pounds of weight, you can offer a calorie range of 922 calories up to 1740 calories. In the case of adult Pitbulls, a low-calorie count should suffice. Spayed, neutered, or less active puppies should not consume high-calorie counts. On the other hand, puppies require a higher calorie count to keep them healthy and boost their energy. 

What Is The Right Age To Switch My Pitbull Puppy To Adult Food?

If your puppy has reached the age of 6 months and is anywhere between 12 months, then it is high time that you can switch them to adult food. Initially, however, you can give them a mixture of both while gradually increasing the adult dog food quantity. 

How Do I Stop My Pitbull From Gobbling His Food?

To eliminate gulping accidents, you can start by feeding your Pitbulls in small quantity meals throughout the day instead of a wholesome meal. This will allow them to swallow their meal and aid their digestion process thoroughly. 

How Should I Introduce A Different Food To My Dog’s Diet?

If you wish to change your Pitbull’s dog food, then what you can do is opt for a gradual process. You can mix both the current dog food and the new one, and over seven days, you can decrease the old dog food’s quantity. Eventually, your Pitbull will settle for fresh dog food. 

Can I Give Table Scraps To My Dog?

Table scraps may seem like sharing a special bond with your dog friend. However, they may turn out to be a non-ideal situation. This is important because your dog requires a balanced diet with a complete set of nutrients that may not be attainable through table scraps. 

How Can I Tell If I Am Feeding The Right Food To My Pitbull?

You can observe your dog’s overall health to analyze if the right food is being given. For instance, their ribs should be carefully examined. Muscle mass and bones/spines, if visible, then they are also indicative of an inappropriate diet. Check for their fur. If it is not soft, then too, it is indicative of an improper food sign. Their fecal matter with odor or hard texture can also be a considerable sign. 


Your pooch’s health and safety are in your hands. Even though some health conditions may not be in your control, you can always try your best to take care of your furry friend. 

Feed them sufficient nutrients, take them to vets regularly, and try to be extra cautious if your dog is suffering from a disease. The least you can do is you can stop their disease from aggravating if you can’t completely eradicate it. 

Put in all your efforts, and that is mostly what your little fella needs. If you take good care of them, you both can support one another for a long time!

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