Are Dogs Allowed in Marshalls?

Is Marshalls Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

Pet lovers often ask, “Are dogs allowed in Marshalls?”

There are a few online sites that state emphatically that Marshalls is pet-friendly and allows not only service dogs, but also pet dogs.

The truth is a little less clear.

Whether or not they are allowed depends on the laws of your individual county or state, and Marshall’s management defers to those authorities.

Official Dog Policy for Marshalls

Marshalls stores, with corporate offices in Framingham, Mass., have no official written policy regarding whether or not dogs are allowed in their national retail stores.

When asked are dogs allowed in Marshalls, a friendly associate at Corporate said the store defers to State or county laws.

If your local jurisdiction allows pets in stores, then your local Marshalls store should allow them also.

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So, it’s not exactly clear-cut whether Marshalls is an exclusively dog-friendly store.

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Marshall’s Dog Policy

Chances are you’ve seen the pair of happy pooches in a Marshall’s shopping cart that has made the rounds online.

Their smiling faces say it all!

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Marshall’s Dog Policy

A disabled shopper from Las Vegas, Nevada was none-too-pleased that the Marshalls on S. Maryland in Las Vegas allowed shoppers to bring in their dogs off-leash and without proof that they were legal service animals.

It sounds like she wasn’t a fan of Marshall’s Pet-Friendly Policies.

It was not clear from her post if she was aware that Marshalls is supposed to be pet-friendly, nor if the store manager was aware either.

She said the store manager told her that people with dogs cannot be questioned as to whether or not their dogs are legal service animals.

She also expressed concern that these loose dogs might not be vaccinated and that her service dog might be attacked.

Whether or not the jurisdiction of Las Vegas allows non-service dogs in stores is uncertain, but her complaint makes a good argument for keeping dog visitors on a leash, especially a pup or a small dog.

Does Marshall’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

The short answer is yes, Marshall’s Pet Policy does vary by location.

However, getting the skinny on your local Marshalls outlet might not be that simple for a pet parent.

Case in point: A call to the Manchester, CT store with the question, “Does Marshalls allow dogs inside” (at your location) netted a reply from a store associate who said that non-service dogs were definitely allowed in the store.

However, when referred to her manager, the manager said she could not say and referred this dog owner to their corporate offices.

Bottom line: If you want to find out about Marshall’s pet policy for your local store, it’s best to check with your state or local authorities.

This pup is probably far too young to worry are dogs allowed in Marshalls?

Tips For When Going to Marshalls With A Dog

1. If you’ve ever traveled with kids, it’s always good to ask if they’ve visited the bathroom before they pile into the car for a drive.

The same goes for your pet dog or pup pooches.

Taking them for a short walk to relieve themselves before a visit to Marshalls will help ensure they don’t start whining or have an accident once they get inside.

2. We’re always told we should never do food shopping on an empty stomach.

Hunger often pushes us to make purchases we don’t really want or need. It’s a similar situation for your dog.

If he’s hungry, he may be inclined to want to chew on things he shouldn’t.

Treat your dog to a small meal or snack before your excursion to Marshalls and he’s more apt to be better behaved. Oh, and bring dog treats too!

3. Keep your dogs on a leash. And preferably a short one.

Not everyone feels comfortable around dogs, and a well-controlled dog on a leash sends a comforting message.

4. Don’t take your dog to Marshalls, or any other store for that matter, if he isn’t ready.

Make sure your pet has mastered the appropriate obedience skills and understands not to bark in stores.

5. Give other shoppers a wide berth.

Remember that not everyone loves dogs (even a pup) as much as you do.

6. Take your pet dog to the store during the store’s less busy hours of operation.

Do you get stressed shopping during the holiday season?

Your leashed dog might not like it either. Shopping is a great way to help socialize your dog, but too much stimulation can have negative side effects.

Take it slow, especially if it is a large dog.

Final Thoughts on Marshalls and If It’s a Pet-Friendly Store

Hopefully, yours is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog and your shopping experience at Marshalls will be a good one for both of you.

Just don’t forget your four-legged friend has a tail. And when he’s happy, he wags it!

Keep that in mind especially if you decide to peruse the dishware section of the department store.

Even though Marshalls is a dog-friendly place, pet owners would be expected to pay for any damage within the retail stores caused by their furry friend.

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