Is Lowe’s Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In Lowe’s?

If you’re wondering if you can bring your dog into your favorite Lowe’s Home Improvement store, you’re not alone. Many people rely on their dogs for care when in public, or just long for their companionship.

I was wondering, are dogs allowed in Lowe’s stores?

Are Dogs Allowed In Lowe’s?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Lowe’s as long as the dog is well-behaved. However, with the exception of service animals, the final decision of whether dogs are allowed inside rests with individual store managers.

It’s a good idea to call your local Lowe’s home improvement store in advance. You won’t want to arrive at the store and then be forced to leave your pet in the car. This can be extremely dangerous, especially when it is hot. In some places, it is illegal to leave your dog in the car outside a store.

So how does a dog owner know where you can bring your dog? This dog-friendly store guide is here to help.

Official Dog Policy for Lowe’s

In 2016, an Abilene, Texas Lowe’s attracted national attention when customers noticed that a disabled Air Force veteran was bringing his service animal to work.

Not only did Lowe’s allow the veteran to have Charlotte the Golden Retriever with him at work, but the store even gave her her own official red-and-blue employee vest.

In response to press inquiries, an official Lowe’s spokesperson said:

“We welcome well-behaved pets and, obviously, service animals.”

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Lowe’s Dog Policy

Many dog-loving customers have expressed their satisfaction with Lowe’s dog policy. For example:

“Dogs are allowed at Lowe’s Home Improvement! We love that they are pet friendly because there’s always a reason to buy supplies and why leave your well-behaved dog at home?”

“I love your company’s dog policy. On hot summer days, it means I don’t need to drive home first to drop her off, I can just bring her in with me, saving me an extra trip!”

“Lowes has always been a great place to pick up stuff to improve your home, or fix things, or buy a bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you needed till you got there, but I admire them for being so dog friendly.

I’ve seen many dogs in there over the years and enjoy bringing mine there, he loves cruising the aisles and it is a great way to expose your pups to a lot of sights and sounds and smells.”

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Lowe’s Dog Policy

On the other hand, not everyone is completely happy with how Lowe’s treats visitors with dogs or a pup. For example:

“Why are people allowed to bring pets in the Lowes Store on Sumter sc. I don’t want to get bit, accidentally [sic] step in dog *** or fleas and ticks from someone’s dog. I guess you forgot about the people that are allergic to pet hair. Who was the bright person who made this a rule?”

“My little girl is scared of dogs so has to stay in the car with my wife whenever I come to your store. I think that the fact that dogs are allowed in Lowes in [sic] scandalous and show how little respect you have for customers who find it problematic.”

Does Lowe’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Managers are allowed to exercise their discretion when it comes to applying the policy at their own stores. Some managers are worried about sanitation issues, or about potential lawsuits if someone is bitten or trips over a dog.

Some Lowe’s locations may have policies to allow only service animals, but no pets (even an emotional support animal). As of January 1, 2021, we have heard a report that some Hawaii locations are not allowing pets.

The manager has to make the best decision for their store, and the other Lowe’s employees are just doing their jobs.

This chap has been wondering are dogs allowed in Lowes?

Tips For When Going to Lowe’s With A Dog

As with so many things in life, communication is key! Call your local Lowe’s before you go. Ask the manager if theirs is a pet friendly store. Get the manager’s name, so that you can quote him or her if you’re stopped by an employee.

Keep your dog on a leash, and make sure that they’re properly leash-trained. Make sure that your leashed dog is prepared for the crowds and loud noises at the store.

Bring dog treats to distract the animal if necessary. Sometimes bribery works on not just our kids!

Each dog lover should keep an eye on their pooch throughout their visit. You want to make sure that even your small dog isn’t causing problems at the store.

If anyone does ask you about the situation, always be polite and respectful! A well behaved dog is unlikely to cause any concern.

Final Thoughts on Lowe’s – The Dog Friendly Place

Lowe’s is generally dog-friendly and a good place to bring your pet, so long as they’re well behaved within the home improvement store.

However, the store manager has the right to make that decision. It’s a smart move to check with the manager within the mall before you visit. Respect their pet policy.

Just like everywhere, you take your dog, it’s your responsibility to be respectful of others and control your dogs when you take them to Lowe’s.

Have a great time shopping for home improvement supplies with your furry friend!

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