Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA?

Is IKEA Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

For those wondering: “are dogs allowed in IKEA?”, the answer is a complicated one: it varies by country.

The official statements, country by country are as follows:

IKEA US Stores

According to the National Canine Research Association of America, US IKEA stores only allow service dogs inside.

This policy means that not even emotional support animals are permitted.

It may be tempting to try to pass a pup off as a service animal or assistance dog, but keep in mind that it is perfectly legal for the store to refuse service as they only officially allow service animals into their IKEA store.

Swiss IKEA Stores

Switzerland IKEA’s official website says of their dog policy:

“In Vernier, Aubonne, and Grancia, you may bring your dog with you – on a lead – into the IKEA store. In Spreitenbach, Dietlikon, St. Gallen, Pratteln, Rothenburg, and Lyssach, kennels are available in front of the IKEA store, where your dog can wait for you while you shop.”

Note that these options vary by location. Dog parking, we like that!

Australian IKEA Stores

Unfortunately, only service dogs are allowed in Australian IKEA stores.

This policy means that, as in American stores, not even emotional support pet service animals are welcome.

The official website says:

“We love pets! Unfortunately, we are unable to allow them in our stores, unless they are genuine assistance dogs.”

German IKEA Stores

In Germany, their IKEAs have covered outdoor areas where a pup can lounge and play while their owner shops.

So, a dog parking playground so to speak.

Canadian IKEA Stores

In Canada, only service dogs are welcome in IKEA stores. This policy means that, once again, emotional support animals are not welcome.

The official site says:

“We love pets but for health reasons, we are unable to accept them in our stores unless they are service dogs.”

UK IKEA Stores

IKEA’s in the UK only allow service dogs, as well.

However, the National Canine Research Association of America notes that they have heard of patrons bringing small dogs inside in bags.

In this case, it is best to call a location ahead of time and ask about their specific policy.

Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA? Are Dogs Allowed In IKEA stores?

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With IKEA’s Dog Policy

One blogger praises IKEA’s “only service dogs allowed” policy, saying that it can be dangerous to customers with allergies to allow dogs inside.

They say that IKEA “is a company recognizing that they have a responsibility to all of its customers and taking steps to avoid problems.

Service dogs are one thing, a pet is another entirely.”

Another blogger notes that:

“[dogs] are not as capable as humans at the cognitive level.”

They say that dogs can be unruly and disruptive in public, and sometimes they can even be dangerous.

They say that, for this reason, IKEA’s policy is how they look out for their customers’ safety.

Customers Who Were Unhappy With IKEA’s Dog Policy

For some, the pet owner did not have a positive experience while their furry friend was wandering on leash around examining pet furniture to pick out the ultimate dog bed!

One Yelp user named Angie recounts a time when she went to an IKEA with a sign outside that said “no dogs,” but upon walking inside, she saw two pups that were not guide dogs.

She felt disappointed that the store was not enforcing the rule because,

“I am a dog owner and I leave my dogs at home, I only wish others did the same.”

On the other hand, a Yelp user in the same thread complains that the American concept of not allowing dogs in public spaces makes the animals less well-behaved in public.

He says that having lived in Europe for years, he finds that in countries that allow dogs in stores, the animals learn to behave better.

Yet another user from a separate thread answers the question, “Does IKEA allow dogs inside?”

She says she saw a French bulldog in IKEA that “was not a service dog.”

Upon calling the location to see if she could bring her own dog, IKEA’s employees said no.

She feels that because of these discrepancies, the policy is unfair and that IKEA isn’t a pet-friendly store even for an emotional support animal.

Tips for Going to IKEA with a Dog

When shoppers are planning to go to IKEA with a dog, although they do allow a certified service dog, be sure to pay attention to the policies in each country and individual store.

Follow those policies and respect the company’s rules regarding dogs indoors.

When going to an IKEA in a country that allows pets and not just service animals, be respectful of the space, other customers, and employees.

Pet lovers should keep dogs on a tight leash or in a carrier or cart, and do not let the leashed dog touch anything that does not belong to them.

Final Thoughts

So now you know you’re highly unlikely to witness stray dogs or another animal like a cat wandering around a busy retail environment examining Swedish flat-pack furniture!

When wondering, “are dogs allowed in IKEA?” remember that IKEA’s dog policies vary widely by country and individual IKEA location.

Before going to IKEA with a dog on an Uber trip, check online for the country’s policy or call the individual store ahead of time and ask if they are dog-friendly stores.

Always follow the store’s rules to not ruin the privilege for anyone else and to avoid endangering someone inadvertently.