Is HomeGoods Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In HomeGoods?

Many people who rely on their dogs for care when in public and even those who simply long for their pet dog’s companionship may be wondering if their pup can accompany them into their favorite store.

I was wondering, are dogs allowed in HomeGoods?

Are Dogs Allowed In HomeGoods?

Yes, HomeGoods does allow dogs in their stores at the discretion of local ordinances. HomeGoods is dog friendly.

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While the retail trio of HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls has no official stance on their sites, a spokesperson told News 6 Orlando that, when allowed by local ordinances, HomeGoods does welcome both service and non-service pets into their dog-friendly store.

The article states that “they ask that the dogs be under control and not pose a direct threat to the safety of others.”

However, the spokesperson also noted that on a case-by-case basis, stores can request that pet dogs should leave the premises.

A post on also notes that HomeGoods corporate was unresponsive when asked about their national pet policy.

After calling multiple random stores, however, the post says they all attested to allowing pets.

Customer Reviews Regarding Dogs in HomeGoods

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With HomeGoods’ Dog Policy

Many dog lovers out there have wondered, “does HomeGoods allow dogs inside?”

Take customer testimonials as an answer that HomeGoods is a dog friendly place for a shopper with a service animal.

There are plenty of photos on social media of pet parents taking their dogs on a trip to HomeGoods.

One Instagram account posted a Reel of a pup riding in a shopping cart and carrying a pet toy down an aisle to the soundtrack of Ariana Grande.

The #HomeGoodsDog hashtag contains over one hundred posts of pet owners taking their dogs’ shopping with them into HomeGoods stores.

These photos and videos range from small dogs to big dogs, to multiple dogs in one cart, to dogs on a leash walking beside the cart next to their owner.

There is also a wide mix of both service and non-service dogs featured.

Another Instagram user utilizing the hashtag posted a photo of a dog in a HomeGoods cart with the caption:

Got lots of scratches and was called the best girl by multiple humans.

It would seem that most HomeGoods employees and customers are also dog friendly and excited to share the space with pets.

Customers Who Were Unhappy With HomeGoods’ Dog Policy

However, some people and their pets have unfortunately been turned away at specific HomeGoods locations.

One dog owner on Facebook wrote on HomeGoods’ Facebook page that she tried to bring her dog to her local HomeGoods and was turned away at the door.

HomeGoods never responded.

A reviewer named Ajay also answered on Quora that he has noticed many complaints from customers being prohibited from entering the store with their dog.

He recommends calling the specific store ahead of time to get their particular policy.

Another reviewer by the name of R. says that, excluding service dogs, they have complained to management about dogs in HomeGoods before.

This incident and others like it could be contributing to the mixed signals HomeGoods stores are sending out about their pet policy.

Is HomeGoods Dog Friendly?

Does HomeGoods’ Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Unfortunately, yes, HomeGoods’ pet policy varies significantly by location.

As mentioned previously, HomeGoods stores are limited by local ordinances on whether or not they can allow pets in their stores.

Each store also has the right to refuse service to someone with a dog on a case-by-case basis.

It seems that it is ultimately up to the management of each specific store as to whether or not they allow pets.

When planning on taking your dog to HomeGoods, the best bet is simply to call the location ahead of time and ask about their pet policy.

If going to a pet store, it’s also a good idea to call ahead to the shop and ask a staff member or store manager about their pet-friendly policies.

Are Dogs Allowed In HomeGoods?

Tips for Going to HomeGoods with a Dog

When taking any type of pet into HomeGoods, it is best to call ahead to the department store and ask if pets are welcome, especially since the dog is not a service pet.

Being proactive in this way will ensure HomeGoods will not deny service for being with an animal.

If the dog is small or a pup, it is a good idea to keep it in a carrier or in a cart.

If the dog is large, it should always be kept on a tight leash.

Try not to let the leashed dog touch anything lest they accidentally break something in Home Goods.

Bring dog treats with you to reward your favorite animal for good behavior. Bribery often works in retail stores, even for a big dog!

Regardless of whether we’re talking about a large well behaved dog or a small dog like a pooch, it is best to use basic pet-owner etiquette when bringing a dog shopping at a local store like HomeGoods.

Do not push the store’s boundaries and odds are there will be no issues in the mall.

Other Places Where Dogs May Or May Not Be Allowed?

As a dog owner, I wanted to get the official word on whether dogs are allowed in certain places.

So, I’ve researched and written some reports based on what I have discovered.

Final Thoughts on HomeGoods, A Dog-Friendly Business

In summary, the answer to the question: “Are dogs allowed in HomeGoods?” is generally yes.

While a pet-friendly store like HomeGoods department store as a whole seems to allow both service and non-service dogs in their stores, one’s ability to bring their furry friend pet in varies largely based on location.

This inconsistency could be because of local ordinances, specific management, a history of aggressive pets, and more.

The best bet is to call a specific store in the mall and ask for their pet policy.