Are Dogs Allowed In Whole Foods Market?

Is Whole Foods Market Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

When it comes to as popular a store like Whole Foods Market, many may wonder, “are dogs allowed in Whole Foods Market?”

According to Whole Foods Market’s official statement on their website, they have a “no pets” policy.

Taken directly from their site, they say,

“In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Whole Foods Market welcomes all Service Animals. Our “No Pets” policy does not apply to Service Animals.”

While establishments are required to allow service dogs to enter stores, Whole Foods Market’s no pets policy is likely because they are a grocery store that sells food.

The Department of Health strictly prohibits animals inside establishments that sell food because it is a health code violation.

Some Whole Foods Markets have outdoor areas that serve food, and dogs are allowed to accompany their owners there.

Consider getting a harness for your service dog if you don’t have one already.

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Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Are Happy With Whole Foods Market’s Dog Policy

When wondering, “are dogs allowed in Whole Foods Market?” take fellow customers’ reviews as answers.

Many online bloggers and reviewers seem pleased with Whole Foods Market’s no-pet policy simply because they understand that it is a health hazard (and illegal) for pets to be in grocery stores or other food-oriented establishments.

One dog lover on Yelp says that they are glad for the non dog-friendly store policy because letting dogs in would be rude “to the rest of the shoppers who aren’t into dogs inside food places.”

Another reviewer says on their blog that they are glad for the no pet policy because “the dangers are especially great at Whole Foods because the business makes much of its money selling cooked food that’s out in the open…”

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Whole Foods Market’s Dog Policy

While many customers seem relieved by Whole Foods Market’s pet policy, others would rather their pets join them in grocery shopping.

One Facebook user complained that she was kicked out for having her dog in a stroller while shopping but saw another customer weeks later carrying their dog around without consequence.

She felt that the treatment was unfair and called for Whole Foods Market to “apply [the rules] to all not just to some.”

Another reviewer was upset for the opposite reason: they saw someone carrying a dog inside a Whole Foods Market and felt that the rules were not strict enough.

The customer asked two employees to remove the dog from the store but was denied by them, saying there was nothing they could do.

Is Whole Foods Market Dog Friendly?

Does Whole Foods Market’s Dog Policy Vary by Location?

Officially, no, Whole Foods Market’s pet policy does not differ by location.

However, from reading online reviews, it seems apparent that not all Whole Foods Market stores adhere to the corporate’s official stance.

Despite this, since the national policy is that no pets are allowed inside Whole Foods Market stores, and since it is illegal to bring pets into public spaces that serve food, dogs who are not service animals should not be taken into Whole Foods Markets.

By adhering to the rules, other customers are protected and respected. Whole Food Market clarified this on their official Twitter account.

Tips for Dog Lovers Going to Whole Foods Market with a Dog

As mentioned previously, one should not let their furry friend into Whole Foods Market as it is illegal and against Whole Foods Market’s national policy.

This also applies to any other pet animal, like a cat for instance.

If one brings a service dog into Whole Foods Market, it is best to follow service dog guidelines and be especially mindful of not letting the dog touch anything.

A dog owner who takes these precautions can help keep people safe.

Final Thoughts

Many people wonder, “does Whole Foods Market allow dogs inside?”, and while it seems that plenty of pet owners ignore both the law and Whole Foods Market’s pet policy alike, this practice should be avoided.

Store policies and the law are not in place to discriminate against pet owners but rather to protect people from diseases and illnesses.

Following the rules, in this case, is imperative.

If one must bring a service dog into Whole Foods Market, it is best to follow strict service dog guidelines so as not to worry or bother other customers and employees.

In summary, follow the rules, and everyone will be kept as safe as possible.

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