Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?

Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

For those wondering, “are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?” look no further for an answer.

Fortunately for many dog owners, Hobby Lobby is a dog-friendly store!

They not only allow service dogs, but they also allow emotional support animals and pets.

While the Hobby Lobby store has no written policy on its website, the National Canine Research Association of America notes that employees frequently rate the store’s friendliness towards pets as a huge perk of working there.

One Wisconsin employee said that “Customers are allowed to bring in dogs and service dogs are allowed under ADA.”

However, it is important to note that each store reserves the right to refuse service to someone for having an unruly and disruptive, or even dangerous, pet.

They are also able to request that a pet leaves if another customer complains.

For this reason, it is a good idea to be open-minded and respectful of others while with a pet dog in Hobby Lobby (and any other store, for that matter.)

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Hobby Lobby’s Dog Policy

When wondering, “are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?” look to fellow customers for answers.

One BringFido user commented about the pet-friendly store, “I have brought my dog into Hobby Lobby to pick things up several times, and everyone that is there is always very sweet and ask[s] about him.”

Another customer, this time from Facebook, commented that “Hobby Lobby will forever have my business for the sole reason that they are dog friendly.”

The reviewer also noted that, for her sixteen-year-old chihuahua, the pet store is overwhelming, but Hobby Lobby is not.

She says her chihuahua loves “trott[ing] around like she own[s] the place.”

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Hobby Lobby’s Dog Policy

On the other hand, some customers note that because Hobby Lobby does not have a nationwide pet policy on their site, certain stores may not allow pets inside.

One blogger noted that, “This doesn’t mean that all stores are completely dog-friendly, but many of them are.”

Check if an individual store is pet-friendly by calling ahead and asking.

Another customer recounts a conversation she had with someone who was less than enthusiastic about Hobby Lobby allowing pets in their stores.

According to the reviewer, the person said that “she would not want her ‘kids or products in a cart after my dirty dog had been in it.'”

While the statement is a bit aggressive, other Hobby Lobby customers likely share the sentiment.

Dog-friendly businesses probably encounter this kind of opinion every once and a while. Not everyone is a dog lover I guess.

Here, a corgi is clearly wondering "Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby?"

Does Hobby Lobby’s Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Because Hobby Lobby has no official statement about their pet policy on their site, this leaves room for individual stores to refuse service to those with dogs if they so choose.

That said, I have yet to see a review about Hobby Lobby refusing someone’s service dog entry into the store.

However, it is important to remember that Hobby Lobby reserves the right to refuse service if a dog or pup is rowdy, destructive, or dangerous.

They can also ask that a dog leaves in the event of a customer complaint.

When wondering, “are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?” it is best to call the store ahead of time and ask about their specific pet policy.

Tips for Going to Hobby Lobby with a Dog

When going to Hobby Lobby with a dog, keep them on a tight leash, in a carrier, or in the cart.

Try to prevent the service animal from touching things that do not belong to them, and clean up any messes they make.

In the event the store manager asks pet owners for the removal of the dog, it is best to comply.

Doing so will ensure other customers are safe and will hopefully allow for their dog acceptance policy to continue.

Final Thoughts

Since Hobby Lobby has no official nationwide or local store policy on dogs in stores, it is ultimately up to each individual store as to whether or not they allow dogs inside.

Overall, Hobby Lobby is regarded as a dog-friendly place and a good chain store to take your leashed dog shopping.

Though instances in which Hobby Lobby has rejected dogs are few and far between, it is within their rights as a company to ask any pet parent to leave the department store if necessary.

To continue ensuring their dog-friendly policy remains the same, dogs should be carefully watched over by each dog owner when in the store, and one should use common courtesy.

Other Places Where Dogs May Or May Not Be Allowed?

As a dog owner, I wanted to get the official word on whether dogs are allowed in certain places.

So, I’ve researched and written some reports based on what I have discovered.