Male English Springer Spaniels Names

If you have recently welcomed an English springer spaniel boy into your life, we are sure you are enjoying him and hope you will have many years together. However, you may not yet have decided what to call your bundle of joy. Here is an assortment of excellent names for your male English springer spaniel puppy.

Keep the name you choose for your male English springer spaniel puppy short, easy for you to say, and memorable for your pup. Ensure that it doesn’t sound like a command. Many popular dog names will work for this breed, but classic English soubriquets suit these elegant pups best.

Select a name with hard consonants and long vowels to make it easier for your dog to hear his name, and keep it to one or two syllables to hold his attention. Although some of the terms on this list may seem stodgy, classic names are trendy for these stylish and sleek dogs.

Names For Your Male English Springer Spaniel

We have selected 110 names that would suit your male English springer spaniel puppy. Some refer to your puppy’s coloring; some to your puppy’s personality, while others reference these dogs’ traditional role as gundogs.

Names A – C

AceUnity, perfection (Latin)
ArchieVery bold, brave (Germanic)
ArloBattle hill (English). A form of Harlow.
AtlasSupporter of the world (Greek)
AxelAx (Latin), Source of all life (German), father of peace (Norse)
BaileyOne who keeps guard (Old French)
BanditOutlaw, robber (Italian)
BatSon of the plowman (English, from Hebrew Bartholomew). Or a nocturnal flying mammal.
BaxterBaker (English). Originally a surname.
BearThis name would suit the springer, bold as a bear (English).
BeauHandsome (French). For your good-looking boy.
BenjiSon of the right hand (Hebrew, short for Benjamin).
BennyShort for Benjamin, or Benedict (blessed in Latin).
BentleyMoor, grass meadow (English)
BlazeFlame (English). Perfect for a springer who is swift as fire.
BowieFair-haired (Irish). But you’d probably be naming your boy for the Bowie knife.
BruceDense shrubs, forest (French). Or you could name your springer for Batman.
BrunoBrown-haired (Italian). This name would suit a liver-and-white springer.
BubbaLittle brother (American)
BuckMale deer. Take inspiration from the world of hunting to name your springer.
BuddyFriend (English). Because your springer is your buddy.
BusterA man or boy (American)
CashVain (Latin)
CharlieStrong, courageous, manly (English). The most popular name for male English springers.
ChaseHunter (French). Ideal for your little springer gundog.
ChesterFortified camp (English, for Latin).
ChipFor a springer who is a chip off the old block.
CobyReplacer, supplanter (English, from Hebrew Jacob)
CodyCushion, pillow (English)
ColtA young male horse (English), or a famous gun make. This name would suit a hunting springer.
CooperA barrel-maker (English). Originally a surname. This name is also trendy for male English springer spaniels.
CopperA red metal (English, from Latin). This name would fit a red-and-white springer pup.

Names D – K

DannyGod is my judge (Hebrew). A pet form of Daniel.
DashThis name would suit a springer who dashes everywhere.
DexterDyer of cloth (English), right-handed, skillful (Latin)
DukeLeader (French)
EchoReturning sound (Greek)
EzraHelper (Hebrew)
FinnFair-haired (Celtic)
FletcherArrow maker (English)
GeorgeFarmer (Greek)
GunnerOne who shoots a gun (English)
GusThis name is a Scandinavian form of Angus (a Scottish word that means exceptional qualities) or Augustus (a Latin name meaning the exalted one).
HankRuler of the estate (a form of Henry).
HarleyFrom the hare’s meadow (English)
HarryGreat leader of the army, a form of Harold.
HenryRuler of the estate (German)
JackReplacer, supplanter (English, from Hebrew Jacob)
JacksonSon of Jack (English)
JakeReplacer, supplanter (English, from Hebrew Jacob)
JasperThis term refers to a red, brown, or yellow semi-precious stone (Persian). This name would be perfect for describing a springer’s coloration.
JaxSon of Jack (English)
JoeyGod will increase (Hebrew). A pet form of Joseph.
KingRuler of a kingdom (English). A perfect name for your little prince to grow into.
KyloFrom the cow’s meadow (English)

Names L – P

LeoLion (Latin)
LeviJoined in harmony (Hebrew). This name describes the ideal bond between an owner and their springer pup.
LincolnSettlement by the pool (English). You could honor one of the greatest presidents with this name.
LouieFamous warrior (German)
LuckyFortunate, lucky (English).
LukeBringer of light (Latin).
MacSon (Scottish).
MarleyFrom the high tower (Hebrew)
MarlinA large deep-sea fish (English)
MaverickUnorthodox, independent-minded (American)
MaxLatin Maximilian means greatest, or English Maxwell means great spring.
MerlinAn English wizard from Arthurian legend. The name of William Wallace’s spaniel who rode into the Battle of Stirling Bridge with him in 1297
MilesSoldier (Latin), merciful (German)
MiloA form of Miles
MooseThe largest deer species in North America (Algonquian)
MurphyFrom the sea (Irish)
OakleyFrom the oak meadow (English)
OdieOde, melody, song (Greek)
OliverThe olive tree (Latin), kind (Scandinavian)
OllieA pet form of Oliver
OreoThis name would fit a liver-and-white springer perfectly.
OscarDivine spear man (Scandinavian)
OtisOne who hears well (Greek), son of the prosperous one (German)
OzzyStrength (Hebrew)
PepperA hot spice (English). This name describes your spunky springer perfectly.
PorterGatekeeper, carrier (Latin)
PrinceChief (Latin).

Names R – W

RangerProtector, keeper of the forest (French)
ReeceArdent, enthusiastic (Welsh)
RemiA form of Remington. This name can also be spelled Remy.
RemingtonFrom the raven’s town (English), a famous make of firearms.
RileyValiant (Irish)
RoccoRock, stone (Italian)
RocketThis name would be perfect for the springer who is fast as a rocket.
RudyFamous wolf, a form of Rudolph
RugerThis name comes from a renowned make of firearms.
RustyReddish in color. This name would fit a red-and-white springer.
RyderThis name comes from a famous make of firearms.
SamGod has heard; a form of Samuel (Hebrew)
SamsonLike the sun (Hebrew)
SargeMilitary man (French)
ScoutOne who searches things out (Old French)
ShadowThis name would be perfect for the springer pup who follows you like a shadow (English).
SherlockFair-haired (English). This name would be ideal for the pup who searches things out.
SpotGeorge W Bush’s English springer spaniel (Spot Fetcher, a twist on Scott Fletcher, who played for the Texas Rangers baseball team)
TeddyA pet form of Edward (an English name meaning treasure guardian) and Theodore (a Greek name meaning gift from God)
TheoShort for Theodore. This name was borne by a brave springer who sniffed out bombs in Afghanistan for the British Army and was awarded a Dickin Medal after his death.
TobyGod is good (Hebrew)
TuckerTucker of cloth (English)
WallyStranger, a form of Wallace (English)
WalterArmy ruler (German)
WatsonSon of Walter. This name could be an homage to Sherlock Holmes’s trusty sidekick.
WhiskeyThe water of life (Scottish Gaelic). We’re sure that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this name.
WinchesterThis name comes from a famous make of firearms.
WinstonFriendly town (English). This name could be a tribute to famous wartime British prime minister Winston Churchill.


We hope you’ve found a name that will suit your little English springer spaniel girl for the rest of his life. You will use his name a lot during training and other situations, so search until you’ve found the perfect fit!

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