Are English Springer Spaniels Good With Kids?

English Springer Spaniels are loved for their feathery, fluffy coat and long ears. They are one of the best hunting dogs and have been used as hunting dogs since the 1500s. They are friendly, loveable, and adore human interaction.

English Springer Spaniels are good with kids. They have a friendly disposition, are affectionate, gentle, and have an easy-going personality. But, they can be very lively and may not be suitable for every family with kids. Especially if the English Springer Spaniel is left alone and not exercised.

Some dog breeds do better around kids than others; however, there are a few things to look out for before choosing a dog for your family. Temperament is one of the most significant determining factors in a good family dog. In addition, a dog with a loving, kind, and calm personality are excellent traits for a family dog.

Is An English Springer Spaniel A Good Dog For Kids?

English Springer Spaniels are active, fun-loving dogs that enjoy the outdoors and love to play. They are good family dogs and are excellent dogs for kids. They have a patient and nurturing nature and are not aggressive dogs.

They are well behaved and enjoy lots of activity. English Springer Spaniels also get along with small children and often try to join them during playtime. Due to their high need for exercise and stimulation, they work well in active families and enjoy activities like hiking, walking, and jogging.

Around kids, English Springer Spaniels remain calm and aren’t known to bite. While caution is always required when dogs are around kids, the English Springer Spaniel is unlikely to attack children and would much prefer to lick them or play catch.

English Springer Spaniels are very friendly and enjoy the company of dogs and other animals. They aren’t a typically jealous breed of dog as long as the affection is shared between them and the other pets in the home.

Are English Springer Spaniels A Good First Pet For Kids?

English Springer Spaniels make perfect first pets for kids because they are gentle and playful. Kids can play and pet the English Springer Spaniel without fearing its size or temperament. In addition, they are a medium size breed, so they won’t take up a lot of space and aren’t too small to be difficult to handle as puppies.

English Springer Spaniels are generally 18-20 inches in size and weigh around 55-55lbs. They are a very clever breed and may also require quite a bit of stimulation. In addition, they are easy to train, making them an even more ideal first pet for kids.

English Springer Spaniels And Their Temperament Around Kids

English Springer Spaniels love people and love being around people. They are lively and energetic and can occasionally chew things, especially when left alone. They can also dig holes when bored. They socialize well with children and other people due to their friendly disposition.

Some English Springer Spaniels are so affectionate they can become clingy, which may not be bad unless they become destructive when left alone. They may tend to hunt small animals like birds, but this depends on their lineage and personality.

They have an easy-going temperament and are affectionate and loyal dogs. While you can’t rely solely on the type of breed regarding disposition, it’s better to train and socialize the English Springer Spaniel from a young age to avoid any recessive genetic behavioral issues.

Most people find that the English Springer Spaniel has a beautiful temperament suitable for kids, and they are not known to be unfriendly to children.

Training English Springer Spaniels To Be Good With Kids

Most dogs require training to teach them how to act around kids. However, English Springer Spaniels are easy to train and intelligent so training them on how to be good with kids is relatively simple.

Here are the best ways to train your English Springer Spaniel To Be Good With Kids:

Start Training Your English Springer Spaniel Early

The best time to train a dog is when they are a puppy. If you can train your English Springer Spaniel at a young age, they will have lots of time to learn what they need. Set aside a place for them to eat, sleep and play. Make sure they know which is their spot.

If you have a younger child, you may want to teach your English Springer Spaniel to not jump on the bed as it may scare young children. Whichever rules you’d like them to follow, make sure you start as soon as possible.

Try Not To Punish Your English Springer Spaniel

Some dogs, when punished, may ultimately rebel or become scared of humans. Therefore, you want to foster a loving and safe environment for your English Springer Spaniel and avoid them withdrawing or lashing out.

Instead, use positive words and treats to encourage good behavior. Most dogs will bond with a specific person in the family home and may get jealous if their time is taken up by kids. It’s essential for kids to get involved in the puppy training process and to bond with their English Springer Spaniel.

Socialize Your English Springer Spaniel Slowly With Kids

Other pets in the home and children should be introduced to the English Springer Spaniel slowly. Their interactions should be monitored so you can get a feel of how they interact. If the English Springer Spaniel interacts well with the kids and pets, you can slowly increase their time together.

This is an excellent way to avoid unwanted nips from English Springer Spaniel puppies.

Encourage Good Habits And Avoid Bad Ones

Encouragement goes a long way when training your English Springer Spaniel. English Springer Spaniels love to be petted and know they’ve done an excellent job. So encourage them by teaching them good habits like going outside for their bathroom habits, catching the ball when playing fetch, and avoiding bad habits like jumping up on children and chewing on furniture.

Deciding On Getting An English Springer Spaniel For Kids

Before you get an English Springer Spaniel for your kids, you may want to consider what goes into keeping this breed of dog.

Before getting an English Springer Spaniel, consider the following:

  • Do you have enough space to keep an English Springer Spaniel?
  • Can your kids help groom, feed, and play with the English Springer Spaniel?
  • English Springer Spaniels molt- do you have time to groom them?
  • Can your kids keep up and play with their English Springer Spaniel?
  • How will you keep your English Springer Spaniel from becoming bored and destructive?


English Springer Spaniels make incredible family dogs, especially when part of an active family. Their gentle disposition and curious nature make them fun and loveable companions. While each English Springer Spaniel has a unique personality, they’re a breed known for being good with kids.

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