Female English Springer Spaniels Names

We congratulate you if you have recently gotten a female English springer spaniel! We trust you will have many long and happy years with your pup. But you may not yet have a name for her, so you’re looking around for ideas. Here are names for your female English springer spaniel puppy.

The name you choose for your female English springer spaniel puppy should be short and memorable and not sound too like a command. Although specific names such as Lucy and Molly are trendy for this dog breed, you will probably not find too many other pups with these names at the local park.

Choosing a name with one or two syllables, hard consonants, and long vowels makes it easier to keep your dog’s attention and helps her recognize and remember her name. Although you may think some of the names on this list are old-fashioned, classic appellations are in for this elegant breed with its silky ears and soulful brown eyes.

Names For Your Female English Springer Spaniel

We have selected 110 names that would suit your female English springer spaniel puppy. Some are references to your dog’s color, and some to your dog’s personality. Some words reference springers’ traditional role as a gundog.


Names A – C

AbbyA father’s joy (Hebrew)
AngelA messenger (Greek). This name would be perfect for your precious one.
AnnieFull of grace (Hebrew)
AvaBird (Latin)
BaileyOne who keeps guard (Old French)
BellaBeautiful (Italian). Or you could use the French version, Belle.
BillieStrong-willed (English). For a headstrong springer pup.
BirdieBird (English)
BonniePretty, beautiful (Scottish)
CallieLark (Greek)
CassieHelper of men (Greek)
CharlotteStrong little woman (French). A feminine form of Charles.
ChloeBlooming (Greek)
CleoFather’s glory (Greek)
CocoCoconut (Spanish). It would also suit a liver-and-white dog.
CodyCushion, pillow (English)
CookieBaked good (English). This name would suit your sweet little girl.
CopperRed metal (English). Suitable for a red-and-white springer.
CoraGirl (Greek)


Names D – G

DaisyDaisy flower (English)
DakotaFriend, Sioux tribe name (Sioux)
DaraCompassionate (Hebrew)
DelilahBeautiful temptress (Hebrew)
DianaGoddess of the hunt, the moon, and fertility (Latin)
DollyDoll-like (English). Alternatively, a form of Dolores, a Spanish name that means sorrowful.
EllaBeautiful fairy maiden (Germanic)
EllieHoly to God (Hebrew), a pet form of Elizabeth.
EmmaUniversal (Germanic)
EuniceHappy (Greek)
EvieLife (Hebrew). The name of the first woman.
FinleyWhite-shouldered (Irish)
FionaFair, white (Scottish Gaelic)
GemmaPrecious stone (Latin)
GeorgiaFarm girl (Greek), a US state
GingerRed-haired, ginger spice (Latin). Ideal for a red-and-white springer.
GraceGraceful (Latin)
GypsyWanderer (English)

Names H – L

HarleyFrom the hare’s meadow (English)
HarperA harp player (English)
HazelLight brown, the hazelnut tree (English)
HollyHolly bush that blooms at Christmas (English)
HoneySweet one (English)
JosieGod shall increase (Hebrew). This name is a feminine pet form of Joseph.
JoyJoyful (Latin)
KatiePure (Greek). This name is a pet form of Katherine.
KeiraDark-haired (Irish). Ideal for a liver-and-white or black-and-white springer.
KylieBoomerang (Australia Aborigine). For your girl who comes bounding back to you.
LaceyCheerful one (Greek)
LadyLady (English), famous from1955 movie Lady and the Tramp.
LaylaDark-haired (Arabic). If you don’t like the sound of Keira, try Layla.
LeahWeary (Hebrew) or meadow (English). This name is another with two origins.
LexiHelper of humanity (Greek). This name is a pet form of Alexandra.
LibbyHoly to God (Hebrew). This name is a pet form of Elizabeth.
LilyLily flower (Latin)
LolaSorrowful (Spanish). A nickname of Dolores (sorrows).
LoreleiA siren of the river Rhine (Germanic). This name would be ideal for your charming girl.
LuckyFortunate (English)
LucyBringer of light (Latin). A popular name for English springer spaniels, Lucy, would be ideal for the light of your life.
LuluPearl (Arabic)
LunaMoon (Latin)

Names M – Q

MabelLovable (Latin)
MaddieGood (English). A pet form of Madison that is perfect for a good girl.
MaggiePearl (Greek)
MarleyFrom the high tower (Hebrew)
MayaMother (Greek), or illusion (Sanskrit). This name has two very different meanings depending on its origin.
MiaMine (Latin)
MillieStrong or industrious (Germanic), this is a pet form of Millicent and is the name of George HW Bush’s English springer spaniel.
MinnieLove, loved memory (Germanic)
MissyA young girl (English), or a pet form of Melissa, meaning honey bee (Greek)
MistyFull of cloud or mist (English)
MollyOne wished for, a star of the sea, bitter (Irish form of Hebrew Mary). Mary is a genuinely classic name whose meaning people dispute. But the Irish form Molly would be perfect for your springer pup.
NalaThis name refers to a lioness in the 1994 movie The Lion King.
NovaNew (Latin)
OakleyFrom the oak meadow (English)
OliveThe olive tree (Latin)
OreoThis name would suit a liver-and-white dog
PaisleyPatterned fabric (Scots)
PeachesThis name would fit a dog who is sweet as a peach (English)
PearlGem of the sea (Latin)
PennyWeaver (Greek). This name is a nickname for Penelope.
PepperPepper spice (Latin)
PhoebeShining bright (Greek)
PiperPipe-player (English)
PixieFairy or sprite (English)
PoppyRed flower (Latin). This name would suit a red-and-white springer or an energetic pup who “pops.”
QuinnFifth (Latin), queen (Germanic), counselor (Celtic). This name has three origins and meanings and would be perfect for your little queen.

Names R – Z

RileyValiant (Irish)
RiverStream of water (Latin)
RosieRose flower (Latin)
RoxySunrise (Persian)
RubyPrecious red stone (Latin). This name would be perfect for your gem of a girl, especially if she is red-and-white.
RustyReddish color (English). This name would also suit a red-and-white dog.
SallyPrincess (English, from the Hebrew name Sarah)
SassyFull of attitude (English)
SavannahOpen grassland (Spanish)
ScoutThis name suits a dog who searches out birds (English).
ShadowThis name would suit a dog who is always by your side (English)
ShelbySheltered town (English)
SkyeThis name refers to an island off the coast of Scotland (Scots).
SophieWisdom (Greek)
StarA star (English). This name would work for the dog, who is the apple of your eye.
StellaStar (Latin)
StormStorm, tempest (English)
TillyStrong and resilient warrior (Germanic). This name is a pet form of Matilda.
TrixieBringer of joy (Latin). This name is the nickname of Beatrix.
VioletViolet flower (French)
WillowWillow tree (English)
WinniePeace (English). This name comes from the Old English name Winifred.
ZeldaGray battle/female warrior (Germanic), this name is short for Griselda. It can also mean joyful, from the Yiddish name Zelig.
ZoeLife (Greek)


We’re sure you will find some names for your little English springer spaniel girl that will fit her perfectly. Remember that she will be responding to that name all her life, so keep searching till you’ve found one that’s just right!

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