How High Can English Springer Spaniels Jump?

English springer spaniels are intelligent, hardy dogs who love to play just as much as they like to hunt – but all that brainpower and energy can be destructive. Unfortunately, these dogs have a reputation for mischief, like digging, tipping over the trash, or jumping the fence. So, then, how high can English springer spaniels jump?

A healthy English springer spaniel can jump about two feet without any leverage. However, a springer can easily climb over a five-foot wall if it has a good run-up or a foothold. Because of that, it is essential to dog-proof your fences, so your springer can’t escape and injure itself.

Now that we know how high these dogs can jump, we can look at why that’s the case – and what we can do about it. Read on to learn why English springer spaniels are so active and how to keep them out of trouble.

Why Can English Springer Spaniels Jump So High?

English springer spaniels are muscular, working dogs. Even though many people keep these dogs as pets now – and, indeed, breeders raise them for that – these dogs are still gun dogs. They’re inherently active and athletic.

Because of that, it should come as no surprise that these dogs like to jump. An adult English springer spaniel can hop over two feet without leverage. So, that’s nearly a yard upwards, just from standing.

It gets more impressive when you allow them a run-up. If your springer can build up speed, they can hurdle over a five-foot fence. The most agile can clear six feet.

Not only that, but these dogs are cunning, too. English springer spaniels will look for a foothold or a ledge that lets them climb over a fence.

So, even if your fence is tall enough, that might not be adequate. Depending on the construction material and the surroundings, a spaniel could still clear it.

How To Prevent English Springer Spaniels From Jumping

It isn’t good when any dog jumps over a fence – not only does that mean that they escape your property, but it also means that they’re out in the world with zero supervision.

English springer spaniels are curious, too. They’ll naturally go off and explore. Unfortunately, that means they could be attacked by another dog, stolen, or even hit by a car. We want none of that to happen, so the dog must stay home.

So, we must ensure that the springer can’t leap over the fence. Depending on your yard, that might be as simple as training your dog correctly. For others, that might require building a taller wall.

Exercise Your Springer Daily

English springer spaniels are working dogs – specifically, they’re gun dogs. Because of that, these animals need regular exercise and activity, or they’ll become bored and naughty.

Without regular exercise, your springer’s energy can get out of hand. If these animals don’t receive enough excitement from you, these brainy dogs will find it themselves. They’ll explore the neighborhood on their terms, jumping your fence and running off.

Your English springer spaniel often jumps the fence because it’s bored or uncomfortable inside your yard.

It’s best to give your pet the necessary attention and avoid that happening. However, don’t expect that playing around in your backyard will always be enough for your spaniel.

Instead, take your English springer spaniel on walks through nearby parks. If you’ve trained them correctly, it’s an excellent opportunity to let them go off the leash and explore the world safely. An hour-long walk can give your springer the excitement it needs not to cause trouble.

Similarly, active play is also vital to prevent your springer spaniel from becoming bored. These dogs need plenty of aerobic activity, so break out the toys and treats.

Remember that these dogs are some of the smartest around, too. So, teaching your English springer spaniel tricks is a fantastic way to keep them busy and bond with them. Not only that, but it can impress your friends.

Obedience Train Your Springer

Obedience training is essential for any dog, but it’s especially vital for an active, intelligent, and risk-taking breed – like an English springer spaniel.

With the correct training, your dog will be far less likely to try and escape. Instead, it’ll understand its boundaries and place in your household better.

Furthermore, obedience training is also affordable compared to other options. Training costs far less than installing a new fence or constructing a dog run.

As well as that, obedience training helps your dog avoid all sorts of trouble. Plus, keeping your spaniel from jumping the fence, obedience training teaches them to follow instructions and stay under your control.

English springer spaniels also learn quickly, so training them is quick and painless. Teaching this breed to heel isn’t tricky, even if you’ve got a busy schedule.

Upgrade Your Fence

Some dogs, of course, can be disobedient even after training. Others are curious. Likewise, if you choose not to spay or neuter your spaniel, they’ll also want to breed. In that case, it isn’t surprising that you’ll need to upgrade your fence.

Building a better fence doesn’t mean you need to install an entirely new one. Instead, consider making your existing wall harder to jump over.

The first way we can do that is to prevent any run-ups. Don’t let your springer gain momentum since that allows them to jump higher. You could plant shrubs and bushes or place wire or a smaller fence in front of the wall. That way, your dog can’t get a good angle to jump.

Similarly, prevent them from getting a foothold on the fence itself. You can put a roller on top of your wall – that can be as simple as one PVC pipe slotted into another, larger one. It’ll roll around and stop your spaniel from getting any purchase.

Likewise, depending on your finances, you can extend your current fence or replace it entirely. A wall over six feet tall should be nearly impossible for an English springer spaniel to jump over.

Install An Electronic Fence

Electronic fences are another way to keep your English springer spaniel safe inside your property. These fences run along your perimeter, underground.

When your dog crosses the line, a unique receiving collar gives them a harmless shock. This zap won’t injure your springer spaniel, but it will scare it enough not to try crossing over again.

Not only are these fences invisible, but they can also have different settings for different dogs. You can set one pet’s collar to only beep if they’re well-behaved. For another pet, a light shock might be necessary. It’s a versatile solution.

Construct A Dog Run

Last, if you’re worried about your dog jumping the fence, consider building a dog run – a fenced-off enclosure large enough for your spaniel to play inside.

People typically build these pens using chain-link fences too high for the dog to jump. Others add a roof, making escape impossible.

Remember to keep your dog run exciting, though. Avoid making it too small and cramping your spaniel inside it. Likewise, ensure that there’s always water and some toys. A good dog run is like what the name suggests: it gives your dog space to run around.

A dog run is beneficial when you can’t modify the fence or wall surrounding your property. Because a dog run stays entirely within your yard, it’s less likely to interfere with any zoning requirements or homeowner restrictions.

As well as that, dog runs are a great choice if your spaniel is particularly shy or aggressive. They can have privacy inside their enclosure. Likewise, you can add a tarp over one side to give your dog some shade and cover it from the rain.


To conclude, English springer spaniels can jump surprisingly high – over five feet. Because of that, we must secure the perimeter and ensure that these dogs can’t escape and endanger themselves. The best way to start is training and exercising the springer, making them less likely to escape. However, sometimes you need a taller fence or a dog run to keep your pet safe.

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