How Do English Springer Spaniels Show Love?

Like most dogs, English Springer Spaniels have a unique communication style as they rely on non-verbal cues to show their love for you. Being able to understand and respond to them in that precious moment is an invaluable way to strengthen your loving bond.

English Springer Spaniels show love with their body language, which confirms that they are comfortable in your presence. Other signs include frequent eye contact, and check-ins, responding when called, craving physical affection, and snuggling with your personal belongings like shoes or clothing.

While it might seem evident that your Springer likes you sometimes, they have some unconventional ways of showing their affection. So, if you want to understand your Springer’s love language – read on!

English Springer Spaniel Personality Overview

With their soulful eyes, fluffy ears, and luxurious double coats, English Springer Spaniels are truly exceptional dogs!

This ancient dog breed was originally used as “Springer” dogs to flush out small animals and game birds and has shown an uncanny ability to do so in the direction of a hunter’s firing range.

Although they were bred as hunting or working dogs, their strong bond with their humans over several centuries has resulted in an exceptionally smart, eager-to-please, and loving dog breed that has truly stood the test of time.

In fact, you will battle to find a more charming and loyal family member who establishes not only strong bonds with children but also with other family pets. So, no wonder they are often used as therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes!

However, they are, in essence, super smart dogs, with an above-par working and adaptive intelligence, and are ranked the 13th most smart dog breed in the world.

English spaniels need to be kept busy or perform a job that is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging; otherwise, they become bored, noisy, and destructive.

Moreover, because they have such a strong bond with their human families, they suffer from separation anxiety and will become miserable if they are neglected or left to their own devices.

6 Signs That Your English Springer Spaniel Loves You

It is sometimes hard to gauge whether your Springer is happy and content as they are people pleasers, and at the end of the day, we all want our best friend to have a loving and fulfilling life.

So, here are six telltale signs that your four-legged friend is simply besotted with you!

1.      Your Springer’s Body Language

While it is easy to see that your Springer is over the moon to see you with their over-excited wagging tails and wet kisses, other signals might be more subtle and less obvious.

If your Springer feels comfortable and relaxed in your company, they will most likely demonstrate how they feel with the following body language:

  • Falls asleep on your feet or close to you
  • Your Springer loves flopping over for tummy rubs
  • Slow blinking eyes and a relaxed facial expression
  • A gaping mouth with a relaxed extended tung
  • Bowing suddenly as an invitation to start playing

2.      Maintains Constant Eye Contact

Although maintaining eye contact with another person can be perceived as an aggressive gesture or a challenge, it can also signify trust, loyalty, and a loving bond between two people.

The first lesson most dog trainers teach people in obedience training classes is to establish eye contact with their puppies as it helps a dog focus on obeying commands and creates a powerful bond between both parties.

So, if your Springer makes constant eye contact with you and stares adoringly into your eyes, it’s a clear sign that your dog loves you to bits!

3.      Frequent Check-Ins

Although English Springer Spaniels are highly affectionate dogs who build a strong bond with their human families, it does not stop them from following their hunting instincts and chasing after birds or any other creature that captures their attention.

However, if your Springer frequently checks in with you, especially if you are in a park or any other unfamiliar territory, it is a clear sign that they love you and that you make them feel safe and secure.

4.      Responds When You Call

Another telltale sign that your Springer loves you is their ability to respond when you call them or obey your commands; it underscores the strength of your bond.

While a Springer’s ability to listen to you when you call them is vital to their safety, seeing their joy when they run into your arms is simply priceless!

5.      Your Springer Craves Physical Affection

Although some studies suggest that dogs don’t like being hugged and that it makes them uncomfortable, they need physical affection, which is a vital component of their general well-being.

Most importantly, it’s a simple and effective way to form a close connection with a dog. So, if your Springer consistently leans into you, likes being petted, and cuddles, it is their way of demonstrating how much they love and care for you.

6.      Snuggles With Your Personal Objects

Like most hunting dogs, Springers have a strong sense of smell. Therefore, it’s only natural that they will be drawn to snuggle with your personal belongings that contain your scent, especially your stickiest shoes or sweatshirts.

This obsession with your belongings or carrying them around can be attributed to the fact that your scent makes them feel secure or at home, and it is their way of conveying their sincere love for you, so take it as a compliment, even if you must deal with tons of dog hair!

However, if your Springer destroys your favorite trainers or starts hoarding your dirty laundry, it may be due to separation anxiety or boredom. So, give them hardy chew toys that will keep them busy and hopefully out of trouble.

What Do English Springer Spaniels Need To Thrive?

While English Springer Spaniels love spending time with their human families in busy family homes, they are little live wires that need active owners invested in spending quality time with them.

Although a house with a big, fenced yard is ideal for this active dog breed, they can live in a smaller-sized home or apartment if they exercise daily to get rid of their pent-up energy.

Their favorite activities include running, swimming (any body of water will do), playing fetch in a dog park, sniffing out a ball in fields, hiking nature trails, or mentally and physically challenging agility training sessions where they can acquire new skills.


While it is sometimes difficult to see how smart dog breeds like English Springer Spaniels show love, they have their own way of showing affection. So, the next time your Springer carries your sloppy slipper, it’s their way of saying that they love you to bits!

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