English Springer Spaniels Price

English Springer Spaniels are very active and loving dogs. They are gentle and great with children. If you’re looking for an English Springer Spaniel, you’re probably wondering what they price from.

English Springer Spaniels can cost anywhere from $600 to $2000. Buying a purebred from a breeder will be the most expensive option. In rare cases, you can get lucky and adopt one from a shelter for $50 to $200. Other costs are also involved, e.g., vaccinations, spaying or neutering, etc.

In this article, we will look at how much English Springer Spaniels cost when buying them from a shelter, how much they cost buying them from a breeder, and where you can find purebred English Springer Spaniels. We will also look at other costs involved when getting a new dog.

How Much Does An English Springer Spaniel Cost?

The price of English Springer Spaniels vary from $50 to $2000 depending on who you buy the dog from. You can adopt from an animal shelter or buy from a breeder. Adopting is usually cheaper.

The Price of Adopting An English Springer Spaniel

Finding an English Springer Spaniel to adopt might be difficult, but if you’re lucky, you can find one at a shelter. Shelters are not expensive, and they usually charge the same fee for all dogs, regardless of the breed.

You will usually pay around $50 to $200 to adopt an English Springer Spaniel. Sometimes you can get lucky and get one for free if a friend or someone is looking to give away their English Springer Spaniel puppies for free. But, unfortunately, that’s rare.

Price Of Buying An English Springer Spaniel From A Breeder

Buying an English Springer Spaniel from a breeder will be the most expensive route. You can expect to pay from $600 to $2000 per dog. This is the easy and reliable route to take. The factors that influence the price are the:

  • The reputation of the breeder
  • Age of the dog
  • Sex of the dog
  • Pedigree
  • Location of the breeder

Ensure that you do not support puppy mills! Do your research on breeders before purchasing an English Springer Spaniel.

Buying An English Springer Spaniel From A Pet Store

Purchasing an English Springer Spaniel from a pet store can cost about the same as buying it from a breeder since many of them will sell their dogs at pet stores. So, expect to pay $600 to $200.

The Costs Of Caring For An English Springer Spaniel

Just because you spent money purchasing your dog doesn’t mean it stops there! Your English Springer Spaniel needs many things to ensure its health and happiness.

The Price Of Vaccinations

After buying your English Springer Spaniel, you must ensure the dog gets his vaccinations. Sometimes the breeder or place you adopted your dog from would have already vaccinated your puppy or dog. Be sure to find out.

Suppose your English Springer Spaniel is a puppy and has not yet received any vaccinations. In that case, you will need to ensure he gets vaccinated for the following issues:

  • Canine distemper
  • Infectious hepatitis
  • Parvovirus
  • Rabies
  • Leptospirosis
  • Kennel cough

A vet will start your puppy on a vaccination schedule from about six or seven weeks old. Your dog will also need booster shots every year to ensure she stays protected against the abovementioned sicknesses.

The cost of these vaccinations for the first year of your puppy’s life is around $100. Shelters may sometimes ask less to vaccinate your puppy. The annual vaccine, also called the DHLPP vaccine, can range from $40 to $100.

Cost Of Annual Vet Checkup

To ensure your dog is healthy, take her to the vet at least once a year for a checkup. Depending on where you go, a routine checkup is usually $50 to $250.

Cost Of Spaying Or Neutering

If you’re not a breeder, it’s best to spay or neuter your pup. This can cost about $160 to $220. Females are usually more expensive than males. Benefits of spaying or neutering include:

  • Decreasing the chance of reproductive health issues
  • Living longer
  • Minimizing the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer (spaying)
  • Eliminating the risk of pyometra (spaying)

The Costs Of The Basics

When you get a new dog, you will need to ensure she has everything she needs. This includes a crate for around $30 to $200 and a  bed for about $20 to $60. You will also need to buy your dog a food and water bowl, a leash, toys, an ID tag, and a collar. This can easily add up to $50 to $110. You might also want to microchip your English Springer Spaniel, which costs about $45 to $55.

Buying your English Springer Spaniel quality dog food is vital. Be prepared to spend from $40 to $90+. Of course, this all depends on how much you’re willing to spend on your dog.

Where To Find English Springer Spaniel Breeders

If you’re unsure where to find an English Springer Spaniel and where to start searching for breeders, look no further! American Kennel Club (AKC) has an online marketplace where you can search for any dog you want. All the puppies and breeders are AKC-Registered, and all breeders who have cared for and raised these dogs must follow the rules and regulations established by the AKC.

You can find purebred English Springer Spaniel puppies on AKC’s marketplace here.


As you can see, it’s cheaper to adopt an English Springer Spaniel than to buy from a breeder. Adopting can cost you as little as $50. But you won’t always find this breed at a shelter. So if you want this specific dog and there are no shelters that seem to have an English Springer Spaniel, you will need to buy from a breeder. Expect to pay $600 to $2000 for your dog. Besides puppy vaccinations and spaying or neutering, lifelong costs are involved, such as vaccinations, vet checkups, dog food, etc. Before buying a dog, make sure you can care for her as best you can to ensure a happy and healthy dog. All dogs, including English Springer Spaniels, are lifetime commitments!

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