Do English Springer Spaniels Lick A Lot?

English Springer Spaniels are a gregarious and affectionate breed. Along with affection comes the tendency to lick. Even though licking is normal behavior in dogs, this breed is known to lick more than other breeds. It is often concern or an irritation for many of their owners.

English Springer Spaniels lick a lot. They use licking to communicate affection towards their owners. Other reasons for licking include skin conditions, ill health, pain, discomfort, and boredom. They may also be looking for attention. Licking is a form of self-soothing when they feel anxious.

Licking is a form of communication, and it is invaluable to understand why your pet is licking. There are several reasons why your pet licks; one thing is sure, there are hidden messages in where and how your pet is licking.

The Reasons English Springer Spaniels Lick So Much

As exceptionally loyal, loving pets, English Springer Spaniels are prone to licking their owners as a gesture of affection. Although this may be annoying, it is your pet’s way of expressing their love for you.

Licking is normal behavior in most dogs; in general, all dog breeds lick for the same reasons. The English Springer Spaniel is no exception. However, this breed is prone to anxiety, particularly separation anxiety, and licking is one of the ways they soothe themselves.

There are several other reasons why these Springer Spaniels lick. Physical conditions lead to licking and give owners an insight into any ailment their dog may have. There are several diseases endemic to the English Springer Spaniel, and this may alert you to one of these.

Boredom is another cause of licking. Because English Springer Spaniels are working dogs, they need activity and mental stimulation. Knowing the signs of boredom is very helpful in managing your pet.

Opinions differ as to whether it is sanitary for your pet to lick you or whether your pet is spreading germs. Experts say that licking healthy skin is harmless. Being licked on lacerated skin may cause infection.

English Springer Spaniels Lick To Show Affection

Most dogs lick to show affection. English Springer Spaniels are affectionate pets and become very attached to their owners. Although this may seem straightforward, there are various reasons your Springer Spaniel licks you:

  • They want to show you affection genuinely; licking is tantamount to kissing.
  • They like your taste, particularly if you have been exercising and sweating.
  • If your English Springer Spaniel licks close to your mouth, it may want you to regurgitate the food you have just eaten.
  • Your pet may also air lick in your direction just to let you know they are pleased with you.
  • Dogs love to groom, and your dog might be grooming you if it licks your hands and feet.

Licking Is A Physical Gesture To Communicate Discomfort Or Illness

Licking is a common trait in all Springer Spaniel Breeds; the English Springer Spaniel is no exception. The underlying cause for continual licking of a particular body part could alert you to the pain or discomfort your pet is experiencing.

The Springer breed is prone to allergies.

Springer spaniels have sensitive skins and are susceptible to dermatitis and other irritating skin conditions. The cause of an itch is often related to allergies:

  • Your pet may repeatedly lick a particular spot on its body until the place is raw. It is most likely an itchy area, and licking is a way of scratching it. Examine your dog for dermatitis or any other skin conditions.
  • Springer Spaniels can also develop allergies, and often these are diet related. To test whether the diet is a cause, try eliminating certain foods from their diets. These foods include chicken, soy, and anything containing wheat.
  • Shampoos and any other scented products could irritate their skin.
  • If your pet is prone to allergies, pollen and grass may affect them.
  • Certain medications may induce skin conditions. Penicillin is an excellent example of this.

Several products are available to clear this up. Look for anti-allergy pet food and increase the healthy oil content in your pet’s diet. Your vet could also provide anti-allergy tablets.

The English Springer Spaniel is predisposed to various skin conditions. Aside from allergies, they are also susceptible to an auto-immune skin condition called Pemphigus Foliaceous. It manifests as waxy or crusty skin patches on footpads and toenails. If your pet is licking its paws, this may be the cause.

There Are Various Other Physical Reasons That Your Pet May Lick Itself

Aside from skin conditions, your English Springer Spaniel may lick itself to ease pain and discomfort. Although it isn’t possible for you to correctly diagnose the medical reason your pet licks, there are some medical conditions your pet may have.

  • You may notice your pet licking various parts of its body; it could be a cut or thorn in that spot.
  • Sore, scratches, and infection may also lead to licking.
  • Your pet may start licking fabrics or other items of furniture. Generally, this indicates nausea.
  • The long bones in the English Springer Spaniel’s legs can become painful, and your pet may lick the bone to ease the pain.
  • Your Springer Spaniel may tell you it is hungry by licking you or licking its bowl.
  • English Springer Spaniels often have joint problems; hip and elbow dysplasia are common. Your pet may lick itself to attempt to alleviate pain.
  • Parasites and worms can also be a reason for licking, as can bacterial infections.
  • Dogs also lick their crotch area to keep it clean.

There Are Other Reasons That English Springer Spaniels Lick

Although English Springer Spaniels are easy-going and good-natured animals, they form close bonds with their owners, leading to separation anxiety. Licking can also be a way of self-soothing.

This Breed of Spaniels is also attention seeking, and licking their owners could indicate that they want attention or want to play. These dogs are high-energy, playful pets, and licking often shows boredom.

Stress licking is typical in English Springer Spaniels. It may manifest in situations they are not familiar with, such as a stranger in your home, loud noise, storms, and unfamiliar environments. Licking is a way of soothing themselves. Licking may also signify submission to either the pet owner or other dogs.


English Springer Spaniels enjoy licking; they lick a lot. It is a way of communication. As loving pets, this breed will often lick its owners as a sign of affection. There are various other reasons they lick, including joint pain caused by hip and elbow dysplasia. Skin disorders are common causes, such as dermatitis, lacerations, sores, infections, parasites, and worms. Emotional licking is also typical in English Springer Spaniels. They experience severe separation anxiety and lick to soothe themselves when anxious. Boredom and hunger are also reasons for licking. This breed is very affectionate and loyal and may lick its owners to get attention.

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