10 Best Dog Food For American Bulldogs In 2023

American Bulldogs are popular with Americans, and they are well-known for their muscular build. American bulldogs have different nutritional needs than other dog breeds, so it’s essential to feed them a healthy diet made for their specific needs. 

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about what food best suits your American Bulldog!

American Bulldogs are born athletes with a stocky, muscular frame. To fuel their many activities and keep them healthy, they need high-quality food that provides protein and fiber. Fortunately, there are quite a few great dog food brands on the market! 

The key to finding one is picking out those your pup will love so it’ll be more excited about taking part in its daily feast!

The Bulldog is one of the toughest and most stubborn dog breeds out there. That’s why you want to choose your new favorite brand wisely so that it suits their tastes! To help you narrow down this daunting task, here are ten high-quality brands we recommend for Bulldogs:

10 Best Foods For American Bulldogs

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct

Purina ONE Natural, High Protein Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend True Instinct With Real Salmon & Tuna supports your adult canine companion’s active lifestyle—with protein from real salmon and tuna plus antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

Your furry friend will be paw-positively delighted when you feed her this good dry kibble. A wholesome pet is a happy pet — so make the smart choice for your best friend with Purina One!

Purina ONE Natural, High Protein Dog Food is made with quality ingredients and. Made by one of the most well-known brands in pet food, Purina ONE produces high-quality dog food for all ages, from puppy junior to senior citizen. 

With an increased protein, this formula contains 30% protein to support a healthy heart and strong muscles – twice the contents as Purine One Lamb & Rice Formula. It also contains real salmon for optimal sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E for a healthy immune system.

Purina ONE is designed for dogs who need to watch their weight and increase their need for protein. With 30% protein, this food contains more of what your dog needs! 

Purina ONE also has healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants naturally containing no poultry by-products, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.

Key Features:

  • Boosts your pet’s blood health
  • Supports joint and muscle health 
  • Contains real salmon as the first ingredient, a nutrient-rich fish essential for every animal on earth. 

Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Many Bulldog puppies escape from their vacations at the beauty salon with the perfect coat, but by all means not as appealing to the eye. Luckily, Royal Canin is on hand with a guarantee that your pup will be taking home an award in no time! 

From 8 weeks old until they turn 12 months of age, this exclusive formula rewards plump little pugs for successfully cleaning their plates! It includes all the vitamins and minerals for all stages of a Bulldog puppy’s development, from healthy digestion to strong bones. The wave shape kibble is designed to help your English Bulldog pup easily pick up his food while you’re going about your busy day.

From the freshest to our most premium blends, when it comes down to a Bulldog puppy you wanted, weren’t quite sure whether they needed Royal Canin? 

Key Features:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet for puppies
  • Supports digestive health
  • Provides the proper calcium and phosphorus to promote the growth of strong bones that will support the Bulldog as they get older 
  • Promotes natural defenses with antioxidants, which protects against heart disease and cancer 
  • It helps maintain dental and gum health.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula 

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula 

Are you in search of dog food that will make your pup live the best life possible? Well then, I’ve got just what you’re looking for! The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula was created with holistic health and well-being in mind.

By starting with real meat, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit to provide all necessary nutrients in proper proportions. This Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe has yummy deboned chicken combined with brown rice to provide protein we know your dog needs. 

Still, supplements that are made up of antioxidant-rich ingredients called LifeSource Bits add an extra kick of antioxidants to their diet. Give them the top-quality foods they deserve!

This is the perfect Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food if you want your big dog to stay active and strong. It’s full of high-quality protein without a bunch of allergy-irritating grains or meat byproducts our pup can’t digest. 

This healthy mix of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, and prebiotics means that it contains everything he needs for an enjoyable diet. Do not overcomplicate your canine’s mealtime with this dependable food!

Measuring better than the competition with 42% meat and milk protein, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is formulated to support active pups and enjoy a high-protein diet. With the added nutrients of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins for strong bones and teeth; glucosamine for joint health; immunity-boosting antioxidants; chelated minerals to boost absorption of essential trace minerals from fruits or vegetables – your pup has never been in a position that these recognizable ingredients can’t help improve.

Key Features:

  • Provides your pup with essential, high-quality protein
  • Essential vitamins for strong teeth and bones 
  • Glucosamine added for joint health and mobility support 
  • No corn or wheat

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato & Bison Dry Dog Food is perfect for pups of any life stage, running the gamut from nutritious puppy food to sweet treats for senior dogs in need of joint support and easy digestion. When it comes to high-quality nutrition for your pup, there’s nothing better than the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. 

This delicious recipe is made without any artificial substances. It contains a single meat source while including natural ingredients such as brown rice and flaxseeds for added nutrients like fiber and essential oils, which help promote smart behavior, eyesight, healthy skin, and coat qualities, all with a taste that pups love!

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, high-quality meal with a range of flavors and natural ingredients, then this is the way to go. With 26 pounds in each bag and no poultry by-products, dogs agree it’s worth giving Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient a try!

Key Features:

  • Delicious grain-free and natural recipe
  • It helps to improve the overall health
  • Essential nutrients such as fiber and omega-3 fatty acid
  • A single protein source

Rachael Ray Nutrish Limited Ingredient

Rachael Ray Nutrish Limited Ingredient

Rachael Ray Nutrish Limited Ingredient Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food is a nutritious and delicious option for adult dogs, especially those with an aversion to certain foods! Crafted with just six ingredients, plus added vitamins, minerals, taurine, and other nutrients, this limited ingredient recipe features lamb meal as the very first ingredient. 

It’s no secret that American dogs spend their days on the couch, not in the kitchen. But with Rachael Ray Nutrish Limited Ingredient Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, your pup can now enjoy home-cooked goodness from a deluxe dog food line made with ingredients sourced from quality purveyors worldwide! 

From beginnings like lovingly rendered lamb meal proteins and fresh fruits and veggies to ultra-high-quality minerals such as calcium for strong bones and Vitamin D3 for immune support, this is the dry formula you’re looking for!

For those with dogs with food allergies or sensitivities, this product is sure to be a life-saver. Nutrish dog food now comes in larger bags and offers dry dishes that are gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free, and soy-free. 

It also features chicken fat and pork flavor without any artificial colors or flavors – something your pup will surely appreciate. At the same time, as you’re feeding healthy ingredients to our four-legged companion, you can feel good about knowing money from every sale goes toward supporting animal rescues!

Key Features:

  • 100% of ingredients are natural and fresh 
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives 
  • Lamb meal is the #1 ingredient (Pets all over America) 
  • Crafted with added vitamins and nutrients

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed

Big dogs (50 lbs or above) need big meals – and the bigger pieces of kibble in Holistic Select Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Large and Giant Breed Adult Recipe are perfectly suited to bigger mouths. 

That’s why our formula is not only tailored for your dog’s size on the inside but also the outside. For example, each meal comes with a full day’s worth of whole grains and an array of delicious flavors that will entice even pickiest eaters. 

You’ll notice their body quickly absorbs what we’ve put so much thought into – all while cooking up good bones thanks to an important joint-supporting ingredient list made with wholesome ingredients like omega oil from salmon skin & cold water shrimp extract. 

Healthier, better ingredients are what your big dog deserves—and with Holistic Select Large and Giant Breed food, they get them. Packed with omega-3s to improve the skin coat, glucosamine, and taurine for a healthy heart, antioxidants to combat free radicals (to help protect against toxins in our environment), good bacteria for digestion support, and yummy real meat flavor, the benefits of this dog food go on and on. Available in three flavors: Chicken & Rice; Bison & Sweet Potato; Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe.

Key Features:

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle for your pup
  • Offer a wide variety of flavors
  • Includes essential nutrients to help support your dog’s overall health and well-being 
  • Composed with high-quality ingredients from around the world

Royal Canin Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Bulldog Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin’s Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed is designed just for English bulldogs over 12 months old. This formula is sensitive to the digestive system and joints of these purebreds, making it easier to feed on it. 

These large-breed pets are also at risk of extra heavy skin folds that can lead to bacteria buildup under the fold; this easy-to-digest dog food helps alleviate those problems.

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed is a formula designed for large and giant breeds. This product features highly digestible proteins, appropriate fiber content, and high-quality carbohydrate sources for healthy digestion. 

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed also helps reduce intestinal fermentation, which can cause digestive disorders, flatulence, and unpleasant stool odor. In addition, this food provides an exclusive complex of nutrients to support skin and coat health and EPA and DHA to promote healthy bones and joints.

With a hearty protein content, your pup can live up to its full potential. Holistic Select contains all the essential vitamins and nutrients for any large-breed dog living an active life. It’s time to bid goodbye to chronic gastric issues with this high fiber food and low on starch. Thanks to the award-winning recipe, your best friend will enjoy every bite of what tastes like fresh, flavorful meat. 

There aren’t any unhealthy additives here–your pet is getting the healthy nutrition they need without having anything artificial mixed in!

Key Features:

  • Provides a highly digestible diet for English Bulldogs that are over 12 months old
  • It can help reduce intestinal fermentation, which can cause digestive disorders, flatulence, and unpleasant stool odor.
  • It is an exclusive blend of nutrients to support skin and coat health
  • It contains EPA and DHA that promotes healthy bones

Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula

Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula

Zignature Turkey Recipe Dog Food is made with farm-raised Turkey from the American Midwest, delicious peas and chickpeas, and flaxseed. The meat-first recipe offers your pup protein to thrive on, while Zignature’s limited ingredient recipe strengthens their immune system’s defenses so they can feel good from head to tail long after mealtime. 

Your pups will always be healthy and happy when you feed them this grain-free dry dog food!

Zignature’s Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the perfect high-protein diet for your pup. Zignature’s meat-first recipe offers pups the nutrient-rich proteins they need to thrive, while their formula is free of all unnecessary and harmful ingredients or preservatives. 

This dog food is high in protein, grain-free, and low in saturated fat. Give your pup a tasty turkey limited ingredient dish that’s free of corn, wheat, soy, or dairy with nothing but the best nutrients to keep your vet bills at bay.

Key Features:

  • Reviewed and certified
  • Made in the USA with American farm-raised Turkey
  • Grain, gluten, soy, corn-free recipe
  • Natural source of protein

Supreme Source Grain-Free Salmon Meal

Supreme Source Grain-Free Salmon Meal

The Supreme Source Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is the natural choice for your pet. It’s made with premium ingredients sourced, formulated, produced, and packed under the watchful eye of a family-owned American Pet Nutrition company. 

The salmon meal provides more protein than fresh salmon, contains no wheat or corn fillers, and has added vitamins and minerals to aid digestion.

Salmon is one of nature’s most perfect foods, filled to the brim with protein and flavor. So we used it in our high-quality dog food because your pup deserves the best. And that’s just what they’ll get with our Supreme Source Salmon Meal. 

Featuring 100% complete nutrition* and all the goodness of fruits and veggies like peas, sweet potatoes, berries, and more, this tasty canine diet will give those pups everything they need for an active lifestyle or a healthy weight. Give their next meal a try!

Key Features:

  • High-quality pet food made with the finest ingredients
  • Real fruits and vegetables are the first ingredients
  • 100% complete nutrition for pets, including vitamins that are the best quality on the market

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free

You’ve heard about it and seen the commercials – now taste-test the scrumptious benefits for yourself! Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Adult Venison Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food is ready to fulfill your pup’s nutritional needs. 

This wholesome, limited ingredient diet feed has fewer sources of grain or colorings that can cause food sensitivities in some dogs. Without fillers like corn, soybeans, wheat gluten, or select animal byproducts found in most dog foods on the market today, this canine compact caters to a mature canine’s dietary needs. 

Ensuring simplified digestion (and better than ever tummy aches) with an easy-to-digest protein like venison meal.

 With a clean diet specially crafted for adult dogs, this food minimizes your dog’s dietary needs and makes their digestion easier. Offering a delicious taste with metabolism-enhancing nutrients, this bite is filled with natural goodness and nothing else!

Enjoy the freedom of delicious ingredients. Forget about corn, wheat, and soy: our dog foods are grain-free with limited ingredients designed to please your taste buds with expandable ingredients like potatoes and chickpeas!

Key Features:

  • It helps build muscle and maintain a healthy metabolism
  • It facilitates optimal digestive health in dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • The highest quality ingredients

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Salmon

Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Salmon

Let’s be real. Fish is a powerhouse of nutrients. This may be why Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Easy-to-Digest Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe isn’t just made with salmon as the main ingredient. It also includes nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources to help your pup stay on the move and chew like they’re supposed to – and sweet potatoes give him food that he can digest easily. 

Nature’s Recipe is a grain-free, nutrient-rich dog food that contains no corn, wheat, or artificial colors and flavors. It provides your active pup with sustained energy from healthy carbohydrates in sweet potatoes and pumpkin. 

Delicious salmon is the first ingredient for its high-quality protein to help support muscle development. Antioxidant-rich fruits round out this formula perfect for any pet parent who wants something more natural.

Key Features:

  • Safer for your pup with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Naturally preserved to make sure ingredients are always fresh
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Premium quality you can trust

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult

Feed your companion cognitive goodness with a food formulated for dogs over the age of seven. Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula is made with wholesome ingredients that will help your buddy stay sharp and alert. 

The balanced nutrition in every can offers protein for premier muscle development, antioxidants to maintain his immune system, and omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. And because each delicious meal has less than 1/3 of the calories found in most dry dog foods, this wet formula also promotes weight management! Share NOURISHMENT created just for him with Purina Pro PLAN Bright Mind Senior Dog Formula today.

Here at Purina Pro Plan, we have the perfect solution for every senior dog: BRIGHT MIND™ Senior Dog Food. Packed with live probiotics to promote digestive health and help ward off tummy bugs (or even prevent them!).

This food also firms joints replete in omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for improved mobility, joint health, and immune support. Look fabulous as always in these later stages of life!

Key Features:

  • It helps to combat the effects of aging
  • Promotes joint health and mobility
  • Supports immune system function
  • Enhanced skin/coat quality


Buying Guide


Do you love your Bulldog but dread the idea of him getting a rash or an upset stomach? Don’t worry! Plenty of dog food brands for sensitive dogs don’t contain wheat, gluten, and chicken. Gluten-free dog foods can be made with potatoes, sweet potatoes, or chickpeas. 

To avoid this unpleasantry altogether, just choose one labeled hypoallergenic to ensure safety from rashes and other allergic reactions like itchy skin and ear infections caused by bacterial growth in moist areas without proper ventilation.


First, let’s discuss how much you’re willing to spend. Depending on the type of brand and size you buy, prices can range from about $1 per pound up to four dollars or more. 

You’ll also want to note if there are any allergies in the family so as not to feed something with ingredients they might react negatively to (like chicken!).

Some dogs tend to eat less than others during each mealtime; this may affect what kind of budget –or even which brands- best suit them!

Kibble Size

If you have a pup, they’ll need dog food with kibbles small enough for their mouth. As your puppy grows, you can graduate to larger size kibble like Royal Canin design their smaller bites and Bulldog jaws in mind. 

If the idea of feeding them dry dogs seems daunting or if it’s not what works best for your canine companion– try out some canned varieties instead!

If you’re looking to feed that furry little friend of yours something nutritious without having to worry about chewing too much (which may be difficult as they get older), then consider trying one from our list – we’ve found brands specifically designed around Bulldogs’ jaw sizes, so there are plenty options available when transitioning between different stages.

A dog’s age is just as important to consider when choosing a breed and type of food. For example, if you have an adult bulldog over 12 months old, their diet should be different from the one for all-life stages four weeks or older. It may not seem like much, but it can make a difference in your pet’s health throughout life!

A dog’s age is very important when deciding what kind of food they will eat because it affects how many calories are needed and the best nutrition that could benefit them long term into adulthood.

Is Chicken Suitable For My Dog?

It can be hard to know how a bulldog will react when it comes down to chicken. Some are allergic, while others seem ok with the food. You should always buy quality dog foods but if you notice symptoms of an allergy, then steer clear from this type of protein entirely!

Although some dogs might not have any problem eating chicken, there are still plenty that need more care than just giving them any old things — especially those who may be sensitive or allergic to poultry products like eggs and turkey. 

Make sure your pet has good-quality dog food (not all brands are created equal), and keep an eye out for signs they’re having trouble digesting something in their diet before getting too far into feeding them anything new.

Things To Look Into For American Bulldogs

When it comes to American Bulldogs, choosing the right food is crucial, and there are many things you should consider before purchasing.

The American Bulldogs can weigh anywhere between 60-120 pounds. It depends on the dog’s gender and bone structure to determine its weight, but there are some risks associated with being overweight for this type of pup. 

For example, hip dysplasia and ACL tears will be more common in heavier dogs due to all their added weight around joints and bones, which makes them vulnerable at higher rates than other breeds might have been. 

Keeping your pet healthy by getting enough exercise (and not allowing too many treats) while keeping an eye out for any extra fat or bulges should help tremendously!

The food you serve should be packed full of nutritious protein, such as chicken, beef, or pork. Lean, high-quality proteins are best for your guests, and they will thank you with their business – so always check the brand to see where the company sources its meat from. 

Your American Bulldog needs healthy doses of Omega-3 and six fatty acids to have a strong immune system, heart function, muscle shape.

Not all carbs are created equal! Simple carbohydrates like rice or blueberries digest more easily than complex ones such as grains which many dogs have difficulty digesting. 

Sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans offer other healthy carb sources with less chance for digestive issues that grain-based foods may cause (and they’re tastier, too!). 

Be sure to pay attention, though; some dogs don’t do well on any kind of carbohydrate, so it’s best if you find out what works before switching diets completely!

Some believe that fiber is important for digestion, but some dog foods are more difficult to digest. For example, corn can be an issue because it’s hard on the stomach and causes digestive upsets or allergies in dogs; brown rice or beet pulp would have a gentler impact on your American Bulldog’s intestines! 

Always read the ingredients list, so you know what goes into those kibbles before feeding them to your pup.

Daily Calorie Intake

No one can answer how many calories an American Bulldog eats. This is because they vary so much from one another, with some being smaller and others larger. 

It is hard to judge them by their size since they all have different body compositions; there are skinny ones as well as fat or muscular dogs who will need drastically different amounts of food depending on what kind you’re feeding your pup!

Bulldogs are full of surprises! You never know what size, age, or gender your pup will be when they’re born. Bulldogs have a wide range of activity levels and can change over time too – from puppyhood into adulthood, senior citizens even. 

All these factors go towards figuring out the right amount of calories that bulldogs need without being underweight or overweight at any point in their life cycle, so make sure you get it just right with our easy-to-use food calculator tool!

It all depends on the individual dog. You should observe your own Bulldog’s attributes like weight and activity levels.

For a more accurate assessment, it’s always a great idea to consult with your veterinarian, who will tell what size of food is best for each type of breed based on their unique needs.


If you’re looking for a great price point, we recommend Purina ONE Adult SmartBlend Dry Dog Food. The Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy is also an excellent choice if your pup has special needs or nutritional requirements. 

For high-quality premium dog food that will keep your pet healthy and happy, try the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Wet Dog Food (Small Breed). We hope this roundup helped you figure out which type of dog food to buy!

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