Are English Springer Spaniels High Maintenance?

If you are simply smitten with adorable English Springer Spaniels – you are not alone as they are smart, attentive, playful, and incredibly lovable dogs, capable of bowling anyone over!

English Springer Spaniels are high maintenance as they are field hunting dogs that are highly active and need daily exercise. Springers bond strongly with people and may be prone to submissive urination and separation anxiety which can lead to nuisance barking or destructive behavior.

While English Springer Spaniels are high-maintenance dog breeds for people who are not physically active or willing to give them the mental and physical stimulation they need, there is so much more to discover about these precious dogs.

So, if you want to know whether Springers are worth all that time and effort – read on!

Why English Springer Spaniels May Be High Maintenance Dogs

If you are looking for a fellow couch-potato, these dogs are not for you! Springers are highly energetic and need healthy outlets for their pent-up energy like agility and obedience training, tracking, or flyball activities.

While they are excellent hunting dogs, beloved by sportspeople, these athletic, smart dogs are great family pets and fantastic companions for swimming, hiking, and running if they are exercised and trained regularly.

However, English Springer Spaniels need constant stimulation and companionship, so they tend to become destructive if left alone due to separation anxiety.

While there have been rare instances when they display aggressive or dangerous tendencies, including severe timidness, it can be attributed to poor breeding practices and a lack of socialization at an early age.

Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder who screens their litters for genetic diseases and personality deviations.

Avoid pet shops or any online ads for thoroughbred Springers with cheap price tags that look too good to be true, as they are probably operating puppy mills.

Two distinctive English Springer Spaniel breeds include working dogs like field Springers and show dogs. While they look different and require daily exercise, show dog breeds are better suited as companions or family dogs.

So, choose your Springer puppy with care, and research the breed variation beforehand, especially if you are looking for a hunting dog companion. In this case, a field Springer breed would be ideal.

While English Springer Spaniel breeds may bark at strangers, or if they hear any noises, they will settle down quickly, so they are not great guard dogs.

Some dogs are also prone to submissive urination when they get over-excited or anxious when their owners arrive home. However, they will grow out of it if you make your homecoming process a low-key event and ignore them for a few minutes until they have settled down.

English Springer Spaniels are also prone to chasing after birds, which is an instinctive reaction, so always keep them on a leash in an open park if you want to avoid a potential disaster, and chase after them.

English Springer Spaniels: Care And Maintenance

So, now that you know that these ultra-lovable dogs are not laid-back types let’s look at other aspects of raising and caring for our best friends, like general health concerns, including their grooming, training, and exercise requirements.

Genetic Diseases And Other Health Concerns

While English Springer Spaniels are a relatively healthy dog breed, they are sometimes prone to specific conditions you need to be aware of.

This dog breed is also genetically predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, including eye conditions, and responsible breeders normally screen their puppies for those conditions. It’s also important to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and screen their ears for possible infections.

Springer Grooming Requirements

These dog breeds are relatively easy to groom if you brush their coats weekly to remove excess loose hair, dirt, and matting.

Most importantly, don’t forget to regularly trim their nails, as long nails can impede their ability to run and walk and may become painful over time.

Training And Exercising

Springers are incredibly smart and active dogs, so it’s vital to start with puppy training lessons, let them socialize with other dogs if you want a well-trained dog, and continue providing gentle, firm guidance as they mature.

Their favorite exercises involve fetching balls or being chased around. Including exercises that stimulate them mentally like agility, tracking, or obedience training

While having a large, enclosed yard where your dog can run around and play is ideal, these dog breeds can live in small homes or apartments if exercised daily to eliminate their excessive pent-up energy.

Nutritional Requirements

Springers need high-quality, nutritious food appropriate for their age and activity levels. While the odd treat is fine as a training aid, including occasional table scraps, too many can quickly lead to obesity, especially if they are high in fat.

Most importantly, avoid giving your dog cooked bones which can be a choking hazard, and research which human foods are highly toxic for dogs (some of them might surprise you).

English Springer Spaniels: What You Should Know

Historians speculate that this lovable Spaniel dog breed originated in Spain centuries ago and that Roman-owned ships transported them worldwide. Their breeding lineage is so old that they were referred to in Welsh legal documents more than 1,700 years ago.

They were originally bred as hunting dogs in the 16th century to flush out small animals and game birds by “springing” on them before the advent of guns.

Springers are attentive, enthusiastic, and sociable animals who are highly affectionate and love nothing more than spending time with their humans, so they are often used as therapy dogs.

These dogs have a strong physique to spend long days hunting in the field and can weigh 40-50 pounds with an average shoulder height of 19-20 inches, with insulative double coats, lovable floppy ears, and highly expressive eyes.


While English Springer Spaniels are not sedentary animals and are high-maintenance dogs in certain aspects, they are lovable, smart, playful, and highly attentive companions for active families and those willing to invest their time and effort in caring for these precious dogs.

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