Are English Springer Spaniels High Energy?

English Springer Spaniels are appealing dogs for a variety of reasons – their sweet puppy-dog eyes, their long, fluffy ears, and their sweet, loving disposition. But you should never buy a breed of dog based on looks alone. Before bringing an English Springer Spaniel pup home, you must know what their energy levels are like so that you can be sure they will fit into your family’s lifestyle.

English Springer Spaniels have extraordinary energy levels because they have historically been bred as hunting dogs. It is essential for English Springer Spaniels to get enough exercise and mental stimulation every day to prevent them from becoming bored, frustrated, and mischievous.

Even if you buy an English Springer Spaniel that does not come from working bloodlines, they will still have more energy than the average dog. This article explains why English Springer Spaniels have such high energy levels and why it is crucial for them to get the exercise they need.

How Energetic Are English Springer Spaniels?

Active, athletic, and energetic are the words most often used to describe English Springer Spaniels. This breed has boundless energy.

English Springer Spaniels are highly intelligent, playful dogs that are always on the go. They can easily get bored if there isn’t enough action around to stimulate them.

An English Springer Spaniel is the perfect fit for a household full of active people. Families that enjoy going hiking and spending time outdoors are ideal for these dogs. They are not well-suited to sedentary lifestyles.

English Springer Spaniels are the ideal companion for people who enjoy hunting and want to train a gundog. They are one of the easiest gundogs to train.

Unfortunately, English Springer Spaniels are not well suited to living in apartments or homes that do not have a big garden. These dogs need space to run around and play.

English Springer Spaniels’ high energy levels and deep attachment to their pack mean that they cannot be left alone own all day while you are at work. Only get an English Springer Spaniel if you are at home most of the time.

Why Are English Springer Spaniels So Hyper?

You may be wondering what makes English Springer Spaniels so energetic. What has led to them having such high energy levels?

A clue to this lies in their breed history. Spaniels have always been bred as hunting dogs. They have been selectively bred for their athletic abilities.

English Springer Spaniels were bred to flush out and retrieve game birds from dense vegetation. For this job, they require strength, speed, and stamina.

Over a hundred years of selective breeding has resulted in the breed having super high energy levels and keen intelligence. Together, these traits result in dogs that are hyperactive.

To manage their energy levels, they need regular exercise and play that stimulates them mentally. Without these two things, English Springer Spaniels can be more than a handful!

At What Age Do English Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

“When do English Springer Spaniels calm down?” is a question asked by many first-time English Springer Spaniel owners.

In truth, these dogs never fully calm down. Throughout English Springer Spaniels’ lives, they have high energy levels.

However, English Springer Spaniels are most hyperactive in their puppyhood and teenage years. Their energy levels are through the roof for their first two or three years.

Once they are older than three years, English Springer Spaniels tend to calm down a little bit.

How Much Exercise Do English Springer Spaniels Need?

It is a good idea to be aware of how much exercise English Springer Spaniels need before bringing one home! You should only get an English Springer Spaniel if you are able to give them plenty of exercise every day.

But how much exercise, in terms of hours per day, do these dogs actually need?

English Springer Spaniels require at least two hours of vigorous daily exercise. Taking these dogs for a long walk every day is not going to cut it. They are literally built to run all day.

English Springer Spaniels really need to exert themselves to burn through their energy. They need to run at full speed, jump into the water and swim, and perform work.

As working dogs, English Springer Spaniels crave having their own job. You need to give them daily tasks to satisfy this natural instinct.

Top Tips For Exercising English Springer Spaniels

If you have never had such a high-energy dog, you may be at a loss for ways to tire out your English Springer Spaniel.

Here are some tips from professional dog trainers on how to ensure your English Springer Spaniel gets the physical activity and mental stimulation they need on a daily basis:

  1. Take your dog to a safe open space where they can run off-leash at top speed.
  2. Play games that involve retrieving. A game of fetch is one of the best ways to get English Springer Spaniels running. Use a ball or frisbee and throw it far for them.
  3. Introduce your dog to other dogs from a young age. You can organize doggy playdates if you have a well-socialized dog. Dogs always expend more energy when they play with other dogs.
  4. Take your English Springer Spaniel to a large body of water where they can swim as frequently as possible. Swimming is a brilliant exercise for dogs, and it is very healthy for strengthening their joints.
  5. English Springer Spaniels thrive when they can enjoy a wide variety of activities. Don’t go running the same route with your dog every day. Take them to new environments and present them with new challenges regularly. Give them lots of different toys and puzzles and teach them new tricks to prevent them from getting bored.
  6. Join a club that does dog sports like flyball or agility. This will give your English Springer Spaniel regular opportunities to put their brains and their bodies to work. It is an excellent way to bond with your dog and give them the exercise they need.


English Springer Spaniels are bundles of energy. These dogs need plenty of vigorous activity on a daily basis to burn through their energy. You should only get an English Springer Spaniel if you are able to devote at least 2 hours a day to exercise the dog.

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