How To Stop Any English Springer Spaniel From Whining

Whining is, in fact, vocalization and is your pet’s way of communicating with you. The English Springer Spaniel is a particularly vocal breed. With this breed, the whining can be a never-ending frustration to owners. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop whining.

To stop an English Springer Spaniel from whining, firstly determine the underlying cause of the whining. It could be anxiety, boredom, physical discomfort, or attention seeking. Rule out illness or injury, give your pet enough physical and mental activity and use behavior modification techniques.

To curb the whining, you must find the cause and address whatever is upsetting your pet. Several situations could cause your pet to whine. Dealing with these will equip you to put an end to constant whining.

Stop Whining By Determining The Underlying Cause

The English Springer Spaniel breed is predisposed to whining, and to end incessant whining, you will have to take the time to find the root of the problem. It is generally related to four causes: anxiety, physical discomfort, boredom, and attention seeking.

English Springer Spaniels were initially bred as hunting animals, chasing down birds and other small creatures, and classified as working dogs. As a result, they are energetic animals. Exercise is key to their well-being, as are tasks and challenges. Boredom is often a reason for whining. Deal with this by stimulating your pet both physically and mentally.

There are several physical conditions inherent to English Springer Spaniels. As a pet owner, it should be a priority to be aware of any symptoms indicating physical discomfort which causes them to whimper and whine.

Although the English Springer Spaniel is a confident dog, anxiety is another root cause of whining. Its strong bond with its owner leads to separation anxiety. Try behavioral modification techniques to reassure your pet.

English Springer Spaniels love attention. When this is not forthcoming, they often whine. You can control whining by giving your pet enough quality attention and setting boundaries simultaneously.

How To Stop An Anxious English Springer Spaniel From Whining

English Spring Spaniels are prone to anxiety, specifically separation anxiety. As people pleasers, this breed becomes particularly attached to its owners and forms strong bonds with humans. The downside of this is that separation anxiety is prolific with them. Whining expresses anxiety.

Putting your pet at ease when separated from you requires enforcing behavioral patterns by repetition, and you may need to do this many times. Still, patience and perseverance are worthwhile to stop the whining.

A highly effective method is to practice leaving and returning. To do this, pretend to leave and come back a few minutes later. Use the same exit cues each time. Constant repetition of this will reinforce your pet’s sense of security, and it will be safe in the knowledge that you will return.

Appealing to the retriever in your Spaniel may assist with separation anxiety. These pets won’t resist the need to retrieve a toy. Put a treat in a hollow toy and practice leaving the toy behind when you leave the room. Gradually increase the distance between yourselves until they are comfortable with considerable space away from you. Use this as a distraction to lessen separation anxiety when you leave home and to stop whining and barking when you leave.

Another helpful tip is to leave items of your clothing with your dog when you are away from them; this carries your scent and is comforting to them.

Stop Whining By Alleviating Physical Discomfort

A few physical conditions are typical of the English Springer Spaniel. Whining could well be a sign of physical discomfort. Arm yourself with knowledge of these common ailments. If you notice any symptoms, take your animal to the vet immediately.

  • If your pet constantly scratches its ear and whines, check whether it has an ear infection. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain killers will do the trick.
  • Suppose your Spaniel whines when moving, climbing stairs, or hopping on and off furniture; its joints could be sore, indicating dysplasia requiring medical attention.
  • English Springer Spaniels often suffer from irritating skin conditions. Should you notice your dog scratching and whining, check their skin for flakes and red itchy patches indicating dermatitis or other skin or bacterial infections.  
  • Inactivity leads to obesity, and being unable to move around will also cause extreme frustration.
  • Decaying teeth can be a problem in all breeds of Spaniels, so brush and check your pet’s teeth regularly. Get proper dental attention to put an end to whimpering.

In addition to this, make sure that your Spaniel’s bed is a place that is comfortable and it has easy access to do its ablutions at night.

Stop Whining By Keeping Your Pet Physically And Mentally Active

This breed is very energetic and needs a lot of physical exercise. Originally hunting dogs, they have incredible endurance and can chase for hours. They are clever and love to work and complete tasks.

Whining is often a result of boredom. Boredom may lead to biting and chewing and being generally destructive. The only way to rectify this is to exercise your pet and provide mental stimulation.

You can do this by:

  • Take your pet on a long daily walk.
  • Playing catch and fetch with your dog.
  • Teaching them obedience commands.
  • Practicing agility by making obstacle courses for them.
  • Hiding objects for them to retrieve.
  • If willing, allow your Springer Spaniel to play in mud and water.

English Springer Spaniels must be active; you must ensure that your dog doesn’t become obese. Not being able to exercise frustrates Springer Spaniels and leads to boredom and whining. It is imperative to feed them correctly and go easy on the treats. Always stick to a feeding routine and teach your pet that whining and begging for food are not allowed.

Stop Whining By Giving Your Pet Attention But Within Boundaries

English Springer Spaniels are notorious attention seekers, and whining for attention is one way they get to interact with their humans. For pet owners, this is both tiring and annoying.

To rectify this behavior, overtly ignore your pet when it whines and use physical gestures to communicate this. An example is turning the other way when the whining starts. When your pet stops whining, reward this behavior with a treat.

Another alternative is to set up specific times during the day when you give your dog attention, such as a quick game of chase, a few minutes of petting, or catch and fetch. Doing this daily will let your pet know that attention is coming, and it won’t be as whiney and clingy.

English Springer Spaniels respond well to boundaries, but you must keep this up, so you don’t send mixed signals to your pet. And always reward good behavior.


English Springer Spaniels have an innate tendency to whine. To stop the whining, you will need to determine the underlying cause. There are four main reasons your Spaniel could whine: anxiety, physical discomfort, boredom, or attention seeking.

Use behavior modification techniques to help with stress and treat medical conditions to alleviate physical discomfort. You must keep your pet physically and mentally stable by exercising it and playing challenging games. Deal with attention-seeking whining by giving scheduled attention within boundaries. Remain consistent and reward good behavior.

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