English Springer Spaniels Shedding

Pet dogs bring many joys to our lives every day. However, shedding is an unavoidable part of owning most dog breeds. While some dogs shed less, it cannot be prevented altogether as it is a natural part of a dog’s life.

English Springer Spaniels tend to shed moderately throughout the year. The shedding increases considerably during the Spring and Fall seasons as the dog’s coat prepares itself for the change of season. Regular coat maintenance and a proper diet will keep shedding to a minimum.

Shedding is simply a part of owning a pet that people must accept. The amount of shedding that occurs depends on the dog’s breed. If shedding is a problem for you, it will be a good idea to research different types of dogs to find one that sheds the least. Barring this, there are various ways to keep shedding under control no matter the season.

English Springer Spaniels Shedding

English Springer Spaniels are known for shedding moderately. This fact will come as a major relief to those families who are considering adopting an English Springer Spaniel as a pet. Unlike a breed such as a Labrador Retriever that sheds excessively throughout the year, an English Springer Spaniel’s moderate shedding is far easier to handle.

The English Springer Spaniel has a medium-length double coat that allows the dog to remain waterproof while protecting them from inclement weather throughout the year. In addition, the double coat protects the English Springer Spaniel from rough terrain and undesirable items found in this terrain, such as burrs and thorns.

While the English Springer Spaniel coat sheds moderately during the year, the shedding is far heavier during spring and fall. This occurs during this time of year because as the weather becomes warmer as summer approaches, the dog does not need their thick winter coat. The coat is shed to allow the dog to adapt to the increasingly warmer weather.

During fall, the English Springer Spaniel will shed their lighter summer coat. The light summer coat is shed in preparation for the new thicker coat that will grow to help the dog cope with the colder months that are approaching.

This heavy shedding period generally lasts between two and four weeks and is known as “coat blow.” How noticeable this period of heavier shedding is will depend largely on the specific breed. The English Springer Spaniel experiences shedding to the same degree as the Welsh Springer and Cocker Spaniel.

The English Springer Spaniel sheds significantly more than the American and Irish Water Spaniel.

To keep shedding to a minimum, your English Springer Spaniel will benefit from regular brushing with a slicker. This will remove the hair before it lands in your house.

If you are wondering whether the English Springer Spaniel is a hypoallergenic dog breed, the answer is no. Despite shedding less than many other dog breeds, the English Springer Spaniel still sheds moderately while producing significant dander that can exacerbate allergies to a large degree.

English Springer Spaniel Coat

An English Springer Spaniel has a double coat. This beautiful double coat comprises a soft undercoat and a coarse top coat. The soft undercoat is dense and wooly. It is very soft and warm, helping to keep the dog insulated while retaining its body heat irrespective of external temperatures.

During winter, the undercoat is significantly thicker. During summer, the undercoat remains far thinner to help keep the dog cool during the warmer temperatures.

The English Springer Spaniel’s top coat consists of long, coarse hair. This hair is generally wavy or straight and forms the waterproof layer for the dog. While waterproofing the dog, the topcoat protects the soft undercoat from burrs or debris that might become caught on their coat.

This debris and burrs can cause major irritation to the dog’s skin, and they are far less likely to become stuck to the coarse hairs of the top coat.

There is a slight difference between the coat of the field Springer Spaniel and the show/bench type of English Springer Spaniel. The field version of the dog has a shorter coat that helps them with hunting or retrieving game birds in the field.

The show version of the dog is bred to spend time in the show ring. As a result, their hair is longer and takes significantly more effort to groom.

How To Reduce English Springer Spaniel Shedding

Various considerations will help keep the dog’s coat in good condition to minimize how much of their loose fur ends up in your home at any time. While it’s impossible to prevent shedding altogether, there are several ways to ensure that the shedding is not excessive.

Shedding is a healthy, natural occurrence that helps dogs to maintain optimal health throughout the year for their coat, skin, and temperature regulation. However, it can be significantly reduced through brushing, bathing, and keeping the dog on a healthy, balanced diet.

The first step in reducing the overall amount of shedding you experience from your English Springer Spaniel is to brush them regularly using a slicker brush. This will remove the loose, dead hair from the dog’s body before it ends up on the floor or furniture in your home.

The brush will remove any loose hair accumulated on the dog’s coat before entering your home. In addition, brushing will massage the dog’s skin while spreading their natural skin oils across the surface of their skin. If the dog’s skin and coat are healthy and moist, they will be far less prone to shedding throughout the rest of the year.

Regular bathing is another important aspect of coat maintenance for your English Springer Spaniel. While bathing should not occur too frequently as this will dry out the dog’s skin, a thorough bath every two weeks to a month will ensure the coat remains in good condition while simultaneously ensuring it does not become dry.

Bathing your English Springer Spaniel is a great way to loosen up the dead hair before brushing. This will help remove all the possible loose hair before you brush the dog’s coat.


While English Springer Spaniels tend to shed, the amount of shedding occurring is minimal. This dog breed has a medium length double coat that helps regulate its temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. There are certain periods during the dog’s year when shedding increases, and you will notice an increased amount of dog hair in your home.

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