How Much Exercise Does An English Springer Spaniels Need?

The English Springer Spaniel is an excellent hunting and family dog. They are friendly, love cuddles, and are known to be very active dogs. In addition, their playfulness and inquisitive nature make them keen explorers and nature lovers. But, while all dogs require exercise, does an English Springer Spaniel need to be exercised more than other dog breeds? And how much exercise does an English Springer Spaniel need?

English Springer Spaniels need more than 2 hours of exercise per day as they have a high need for activity and a lot of energy. While simple walks are fun, English Springer Spaniels prefer activities stimulating their brain as they exercise, like a few simple games or training.

English Springer Spaniels are easy to train and enjoy being trained. They love to jump and play and will happily fit into your exercise routine. However, they may get bored quickly when offered the same exercises daily. Therefore, it is essential to change things up and introduce them to new surroundings like forests, beaches, and doggy play parks.

What Amount Of Exercise Do English Springer Spaniels Need?

The exact amount of exercise an English Springer Spaniel needs varies depending on their age and personality. However, most English Springer Spaniels thrive when exercised and rarely get tired. Throughout the day, they partake in activities like running, jumping, and playing and prefer to do this with their owner.

English Springer Spaniels prefer to exercise with their owners instead of doing it alone. This breed of spaniel requires a lot of socialization and can become destructive when bored or left alone.

How Much Exercise Does A Springer Puppy Need?

How many months old your English Springer Spaniel puppy will determine how much exercise they need. Typically, this breed of puppies requires 70-90 minutes of exercise a day, which gradually increases to 2 hours or more as they mature.

You’ll get a sense of how much exercise your English Springer Spaniel needs when you start exercising them. Telltale signs of an English Springer that hasn’t been exercised enough is them getting up to mischief and misbehaving.

How Much Exercise Does A Springer Spaniel Adult Need?

Most English Springer Spaniels reach maturity at 18 months, while others may mature a little earlier or later. Adult English Springer Spaniels do well with anything from 2 hours or more of exercise per day, depending on their age.

Older English Springer Spaniels may not want to exercise as much as they get older and may prefer to nap. This means their exercise time will be around 60-90 minutes daily, depending on their age and personality.

Consequences Of Not Exercising Your English Springer Spaniel

Exercise is essential for all dogs but is more important for very active dogs. Regularly exercising your English Springer Spaniel will help with their physical development. From puppies into adulthood, many of your dog’s muscles are developing, and exercise plays an integral role in their development.

English Springer Spaniels who are not exercised often take to destructive behaviors like chewing or digging. Some English Springer Spaniels may even start wanting to hunt small animals like mice, birds, and rabbits.

The English Springer Spaniels can also become a handful if they aren’t exercised. This could mean lots of jumping up, refusal to eat, and ignoring their owner.

What Kind Of Exercises To English Springer Spaniels Enjoy?

English Springer Spaniels thrive when involved in many different types of exercises. However, although they enjoy a walk around the neighborhood, this isn’t sufficient stimulation for them if it’s the only exercise they get every week.

As hunting dogs, they have a solid need to retrieve items, and games like fetch work well to get them moving and help with their need to retrieve.

A few of the best exercises for your English Springer Spaniel are listed below:

Playing Fetch To Exercise Your English Springer Spaniel

Fetch is a classic game for dogs that most dogs love. The English Springer Spaniel loves to play fetch and may even have a favorite ball. Throw the ball for your English Springer Spaniel and watch how they rush to find it. Some English Springers may be reluctant to return the ball but still enjoy the game.

Jogging With Your English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels love jogging. They are pretty fast, and you may have to teach them how to keep to your pace when jogging. Jogging is a great whole body exercise for your dog and helps them build strong muscles and avoid obesity. They may not be tired after a jog, so you may need to incorporate a few other activities before your English Springer Spaniel is tired.

Walking Your English Springer Spaniel For Exercise

Most dogs enjoy the occasional walk; English Springer Spaniels may get bored walking. To make walking more exciting for your English Springer Spaniel, try to walk different routes and explore diverse landscapes.

This will pique your dog’s curiosity and excite them when they go on their next walk.

Tug Of War To Exercise Your English Springer Spaniel

An English Springer Spaniel will play with anything they can get their hands on. This can include shoes, socks, rope, and even their own feeding bowl. To play tug of war with your English Springer Spaniel, make sure your purchase a good quality rope that won’t hurt your dog. As your dog tugs at the rope, you can gently pull it towards you.

Watch out for signs that your dog is becoming aggressive; if this is the case, move on to another game.

Exercising An English Springer Spaniel With Agility Training

English Springer Spaniels are very intelligent and love agility training. You can find a puppy play park with a few obstacles that your English Springer Spaniel can play on or set up your own course using some cones and a few other tools.

Your English Springer Spaniel will love the challenge and excitement of completing a few activities like this. Incorporate a few doggy treats as rewards; they’ll master a few tricks in no time.

Can A English Springer Spaniel Get Too Much Exercise?

Most dogs can handle quite a lot of exercise before becoming tired. Dogs don’t usually get too much exercise. Still, if your English Springer Spaniel does get too much exercise, they’ll generally just fall asleep or lie down to rest.

Because this is such an active breed, it is hard for them to get tired. Most owners give them sufficient exercise, but they still have enough energy to do much more. Learning about your dog and how they act after they have been exercised is essential. If they seem like they could have a bit more exercise, you may want to extend their activity level.


The amount of exercise your English Springer Spaniel needs depends on their age. Some English Springer Spaniels may be more active than others and require various activities to keep them happy. On the other hand, many English Springer Spaniels will be pleased with 2 hours or more of exercise a day, and without it may become destructive.

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