English Springer Spaniels Energy Levels

English Springer spaniels are friendly dogs with beautiful soft coats and lovely expressive eyes. They are playful, love attention and adore their owners. But do English Springer spaniels have high energy levels?

English Springer spaniels have high energy levels and require daily exercise to keep healthy and happy. These dogs can become hyperactive if they are bored, don’t get enough attention, and have inadequate exercise. Springer spaniels love to run, play, swim, and do well in obedience training sessions.

To keep a Springer spaniel from becoming hyperactive, the dog must get enough exercise and stimulation. Read on for the reasons why a Springer spaniel has so much energy and some ideas on how to exercise your dog.

What Are The Energy Levels Of An English Springer Spaniel?

English Springer spaniels are playful and exuberant dogs that require a lot of exercise to cater to their high energy levels. They can become destructive if this dog breed does not get enough stimulation and daily activity. They chew on furniture and their beds and sometimes resort to continual nuisance barking to get your attention.

The English Springer spaniel gets its name from its bouncy and ‘springy’ nature. They were bred to flush and spring game. These dogs would chase the birds into flight so the hunters could shoot them. Therefore, Springer spaniels are naturally energetic. Springer puppies are predominantly hyperactive but will grow out of this phase when they reach 2 to 3 years. But they will stay active and energetic well into adulthood.

The Reasons Why An English Springer Spaniel Becomes Hyperactive

Here are a few reasons why Springer spaniels can become hyperactive.

Springer Spaniels Become Hyperactive With Lack Of Exercise

If this breed does not get enough regular exercise, they will become hyperactive. To prevent this from happening, your dog must participate in regular activities.

Training Springer Spaniels Will Combat Hyperactivity

Training your dog will help raise a well-mannered dog and allow them to use up some of that pent-up energy. Teaching a puppy to socialize with other pups and their owners and obey commands is an excellent exercise. However, following proper training guidelines or taking your dog to a professional dog training facility is essential.

Mental Stimulation Prevents Hyperactivity In Springer Spaniels

Naturally intelligent, Springer spaniels enjoy healthy mental challenges. You could play energy puzzle games like hide-and-seek, extracting food treats from a toy, and playing hide and fetch. These types of games will be adequate stimulation to keep your dog happy.

How Much Exercise Does A Springer Spaniel Require?

You can exercise your Springer spaniel as follows:

  • At 2 to 4 months, your Springer pup will require 15 to 30 minutes of play and obedience classes every day.
  • At 4 to 6 months, 30 minutes of play and a half-mile walk daily is the ideal exercise routine.
  • At 6 to 23 months, 40 to 60 minutes of play and a half-mile walk per day are sufficient.
  • At 12 months and older, a one-mile walk or run and some exercise are needed.

When your Springer spaniel becomes a senior (age 8 years), it will require about 30 minutes of exercise daily. It is best to choose low-impact activities so take your dog on leisurely walks instead of runs.

Types Of Exercise Suitable For A Springer Spaniel’s High Energy

Several excellent exercises are suitable for your highly energetic English Springer spaniel.

Take Your Springer Spaniel For A Run

If you like to jog, your Springer spaniel will happily run with you for 3 or 4 miles. Try the hands-free leash that wraps around your waist when you go jogging. You can also take your dog to an open area where he can run freely. Your dog will happily sniff the area and even chase some little creatures. You could also play fetch with a stick or a ball which will give your Springer spaniel a good workout.

Swimming is A Good Exercise For A Springer Spaniel

You can take your English Springer spaniel for a swim in the pool, lake, pond, or creek. Your pet will love this activity. If you want to swim in the pool with your dog, introduce them to the water from a pup. Be gentle and patient, and you will be rewarded with a dog who will love to swim with you.

Springer Spaniels Exercise When Playing With Other Dogs

When it is safe, allowing your dog to run free and play with other dogs is good exercise and great fun. You can bring your Springer spaniel to an enclosed park area where there is no traffic. Be sure to watch your pet while they romp and play with their canine friends.

Playing With Their Owners Give Springer Spaniels Exercise

Your dog will love your one-on-one play exercises. You can play in the backyard or even in the living room. Play games like tug of war or find the toy, or you can play outdoors with a ball or a frisbee. Your Springer spaniel will love the attention and will work off some energy.

Do Training Sessions With Your Springer Spaniel

If your Springer spaniel is attending training sessions with a professional, this is an excellent way to stimulate your dog. At the same time, it will allow them to get some exercise. If your canine has completed the training, you can practice the commands your dog has already learned. You can do this indoors, in the backyard, or when you are out on your daily walk.

English Springer spaniels will become bored with repetitive training sessions, so it is best to keep the sessions to 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Also, have lots of treats to reward your dog for good work. Springer spaniels, having a playful temperament, will also respond favorably to toys as a motivator during training sessions.


English springer spaniels are dogs with high energy that need daily exercise and stimulation. If this breed is inactive, bored, and not getting enough stimulation, they will become hyperactive. This will cause them to become destructive and, at times, will portray continual nuisance barking. The best activities and exercises for Springer spaniels are outdoor activities like walking, jogging with their owners, swimming in a pool, creek, or pond, and playing with other dogs. You can offer these dogs stimulation sessions by playing catch, tug of war, or puzzle games like find the toy. Obedience training sessions are also an excellent way to exercise your Springer spaniel.

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