English Springer Spaniel Feeding Chart

English Springer Spaniels are very energetic, playful, and intelligent dogs. This makes sense since they were bred to work with humans. If you have an English Springer, it is important to know when and how much to feed him to ensure your dog remains happy and healthy for all his days.

If you want a happy and healthy English Springer Spaniel, you must feed them nutritious dog food consistently. We’ve got you covered if you’re not clear on how much to feed your puppy or adult English Springer!

How Much Should You Feed Your English Springer Spaniel Puppy

Your puppy needs about three meals per day. Below is a feeding chart that indicates how many ounces of food to give your puppy a day after they have been weaned.

  Weight in lbsAmount of Food Per Day (in cups)  Calories
51 ¼ cups261
101 ¾ cups433
152 ½ cups590
203 cups734
304 cups991

However, these are just general guidelines. It may differ from brand to brand if you’re buying dry dog food. If you buy dry dog food, check at the back for their feeding guidelines. 

How Much To Feed Your Adult English Springer Spaniel

There are many factors to consider when deciding how much to feed your English Springer Spaniel. You need to consider the nutritional value of the food, how active your English Springer is, and their weight.

Here is a feeding chart that roughly indicates how much you need to feed your English Springer Spaniel per day. You can feed your English Springer Spaniel once or twice a day.

 Amount of Food in Cups According to Bodyweight (lbs)  
 30 lbs40 lbs50 lbs60 lbs
 1 ¾ cups2 ¼ cups2 ⅔ cups3 cups

You should feed your English Springer according to his activity level during the day. If your dog is very active, naturally, you will need to give him more food than if he’s not as active. If your English Springer tends to gain a lot of weight or is obese, you should feed him slightly less food.

What To Feed Your English Springer Spaniel

The most popular food fed to dogs is dry dog food (kibble) and raw food. Both are good options for your dog, just as long they have the necessary nutrients.


Commercial dry dog food is one of the best nutritional foods for your pet. There are several brands to choose from, ranging from low-cost to premium. Cheap dog food usually does not have enough nutrients for your dog since it is full of preservatives, byproducts, and bulking agents. So ensure you look at the ingredients on the back.

Dry dog food or kibble should preferably be free of grain. When purchasing kibble, make sure to check its nutritional value. Usually, as a rule of thumb, dog food should contain at least 18 percent of protein (according to the American Feed Control Officials) with minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. It should also contain EPA and DHA. These minerals will maintain your dog’s bones, joints, skin, and coat.

For senior dogs from the age of ten for an English Springer Spaniel, you should ensure that the food is enriched with EPA and DHA, which are long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are important for your dog’s development and optimal functioning in every stage of his life. The food you feed your senior English Springer Spaniel should have calcium, fiber, and protein. 

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can be expensive but can also be very beneficial to your English Springer. It is extremely healthy. A raw food diet includes raw meat, fruit, vegetables, bones, and fish oil. This will ensure your English Springer gets enough calories and nutritious meals to keep them healthy.

A raw food diet will be beneficial to your dog’s skin, teeth, coat, energy levels, and digestive system. Unfortunately, there is some risk with a raw food diet. Bacteria in raw meat is a risk, and an unbalanced raw food diet over a long period can damage your dog’s health. Your English Springer can also choke on bones, crack a tooth, or get an internal puncture from the bones you feed him.

However, nowadays, you can find commercially processed raw food for your dog at a store or online. They are frozen and contain a blend of grains, meat, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins.

Top Dog Food Brands For Your English Springer Spaniel

Here are a few dog food brands to consider when deciding what food to buy for your English Springer Spaniel.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Lamb and Rice

Purina Pro Plan has a high protein percentage, which will build lean muscles, and is fortified with DHA. It also consists of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, which will help with strong bones and teeth.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Puppy Grain-Free Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for premium, high-quality dog food, you cannot go wrong with Natural Balance’s dog food for your puppy. This food has farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient and a mix of superfoods containing all the minerals and vitamins your nglish Springer Spaniel puppy needs to be healthy and happy.

Royal Canin Medium Weight Care Adult Dry Dog Food for Medium Breeds

Royal Canin always puts out high-quality dog food. If your dog is slightly overweight, this brand is perfect. It will help with your dog’s metabolism and maintain lean muscle. This is also a perfect pick if your English Springer is not very active.

Royal Canin Sporting Life Trail 4300 Dry Dog Food

If your dog is very active, this dog food by Royal Canin is a great choice. It consists of a balanced blend of carbohydrates for very active dogs.


Having a feeding guide and schedule for your English Springer Spaniel is very important to prevent under or overfeeding him. The feeding charts above will ensure that your dog is healthy and happy! Remember to consider your dog’s age, weight, and how active he is when deciding how much to feed.

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