Do Springer Spaniels Like To Cuddle?

I don’t think there is a dog lover on earth who doesn’t adore cuddling their dog. Perhaps you are looking for your next dog and wonder if Springer Spaniels can give you your cuddle fix. Or maybe you’re wondering why your Springer Spaniel is giving you stay-away vibes; either way, this article answers all those questions and more.

Springer Spaniels enjoy cuddles if the cuddles are not forced. Springer Spaniels have been bred to be loyal, gentle, and affectionate dogs, and as such most Springer Spaniels will enjoy some variation of cuddles.

Gazing into a Springer Spaniel’s dark liquid eyes, shining with gentle adoration and good-humored intelligence can make grown adults lose their good sense. You just want to hug, kiss and love your Springer Spaniel. However, do they like cuddles as much as you?

What Is The Ideal Springer Spaniel Temperament?

Springer spaniels are bred as field dogs that flush out hidden birds. These dogs work off-leash, and the only thing keeping them from running off is their intense loyalty to their owners.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes the Welsh and English Springer Spaniel as intelligent, loyal, people-orientated dogs; they need human companionship to be happy and confident.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can be slightly more reserved than the English, especially when meeting new people. However, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is just as devoted to their family as the English Springer Spaniel. 

Each Springer Spaniel Is Different

Based on the AKC’s description of English and Welsh Springer Spaniels’ temperaments, it would be natural to assume that all Springer Spaniels are born cuddlers!

Making an assumption like this is equivalent to saying that because a person is from Sweden, they must love Swiss chocolate. In reality, Springer Spaniels are not cookie-cutter replicas of each other and are individuals just like people.

Some Springer Spaniels LOVE cuddles and will climb into your lap at every opportunity, while others prefer to spend time with their humans doing other activities.

Do All Springer Spaniels Cuddle The Same Way?

Each Springer Spaniel will have their version of what they consider to be a good cuddling technique. Some Springer Spaniels wear their hearts on their sleeve and like to go all the way by climbing into your lap for some up close and personal snuggles.

Other Springer Spaniels may be more restrained in their affections and will happily lie next to you, preferably touching you with some part of their body. They will often want to lie against your back or sleep with their head or paws resting on your leg.

Additionally, the age of your Springer Spaniel will affect how and when they cuddle. Very young puppies may prefer to curl up and have a peaceful sleep on your lap, while juvenile Springer Spaniels may express their delight with licks, wiggles, and lots of happy tail wagging. In comparison, senior Springer Spaniels have a gently dignified style of cuddling.

Your Springer Spaniel Will Tell You If They Like Cuddles

Dogs are one of the most common pets in the Western World. Almost everyone either owns a dog or knows of someone who owns a dog. Despite their popularity, most people don’t know how to read their dog’s body language and thus miss what their dog is trying to “tell” them.

Understanding what your Springer Spaniel is trying to tell you when you’re cuddling them will:

  1. Allow you to tailor your cuddling technique to maximize your Springer Spaniel’s enjoyment.
  2. Avoid getting injured by listening when your Springer Spaniel tells you they’re uncomfortable and not enjoying the cuddle.

How To Tell If Your Springer Spaniel Doesn’t Like Cuddles

Springer Spaniels, who are unhappy with being held, will squirm and attempt to wriggle away. If your Springer Spaniel is particularly uncomfortable, they will fixedly look away from the human and refuse to meet their eyes.

Occasionally Springer Spaniels may go unnaturally still and tilt their heads at an odd angle. This warning should always be heeded, even if unaccompanied by growling, as this dog feels vulnerable and highly defensive.

If your Springer Spaniel starts growling, pay attention and don’t try to force the matter unless you are working with an experienced dog trainer on a particular issue.

Springer Spaniels who are forced to cuddle when they don’t want to may feel the need to protest more vigorously or even defend themselves by biting.

How To Tell If Your Springer Spaniel Likes Cuddles

The easiest way to tell if your Springer Spaniel likes cuddling is to allow your Springer Spaniel to “ask” for a cuddle.

Springer Spaniels will often request affection by placing their head or paw on your leg, staring at you with pleading eyes or even jumping onto the couch to sit next to you.

As long as you don’t physically restrain your Springer Spaniel, you can be confident that they’re staying with you because they enjoy being cuddled.

When Is It Best To Cuddle Your Springer Spaniel

People can be offended when their usually cuddly Springer Spaniel suddenly decides they don’t want to cuddle. In these cases, don’t panic; your Springer Spaniel may not have rejected all cuddles, just this cuddle.

Warm weather can make hot Springer Spaniels reluctant to curl up with their equally hot owners. Come winter; your Springer Spaniel will be back to being a cuddle monster as they curl up with their personal human hot water bottle!

Springer Spaniels have a toddler’s enthusiasm for play and can’t bear being left out of any games. Don’t expect your Springer Spaniel to want to cuddle when there’s a rousing game of chase being played!

The best time to cuddle your Springer Spaniel is:

  1. When they’re feeling sleepy
  2. When they ask for cuddles
  3. When the weather is cooler – early mornings are the coldest and thus best times for cuddling during summer.

Cuddle Etiquette For Human-Springer Spaniel Cuddles

Humans like polite Springer Spaniels, and Springer Spaniels LOVE polite humans. Gripping your Springer Spaniel by the ears and forcing them to stare into your eyes while making “love me” noises is not a good way to endear yourself to your Springer Spaniel.

This behavior is the equivalent of Aunt Mabel invading your personal space and pinching your cheeks while everyone tells you to love her. Her intentions are good, but her execution is so bad that all you want to do is get away from her. The same is true for your Springer Spaniel.

Don’t let kids harass your Springer Spaniel by pulling their ears, tails or hugging them too tight. Your Springer Spaniel won’t enjoy the physical restraint or teasing and will eventually avoid cuddles with all humans.

The best way to cuddle your Springer Spaniel is to allow them to approach you for cuddles and use long strokes or gentle scratching to find that perfect spot.

It’s fun to hug your Springer Spaniel but avoid hugging them too much until you know they’re comfortable and happy with being embraced. Springer Spaniels who enjoy hugs, like gentle, short hugs.


As loyal hunting dogs, both Welsh and English Springer Spaniels were bred to be devoted to their owners and actively seek out human companionship. The affectionate loyalty of Springer Spaniels makes them good candidates for cuddling!

Most Springer Spaniels enjoy some variation of cuddles, although each spaniel is different, and it is essential to respect their wishes. Forcing your Springer Spaniel to cuddle when they don’t want to can lead to them accidentally hurting you as they attempt to get away.


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