How Much Does An English Springer Spaniel Weigh?

English springer spaniels are known to be affectionate, energetic family dogs. The breed falls into the medium dog size category. While one can provide a mean weight category for English springer spaniels, it is of note that the breed has two varieties – the show-bred and the field-bred.

The average weight of an English springer spaniel is 35 to 60 pounds. English Springer Spaniels are relatively compact dogs. The show-bred English springer spaniel is larger and stockier, while the field-bred English springer spaniel is more finely boned and wiry in build.

These differences will also mean that the show-bred English springer spaniel will be a bit heavier than the field-bred English springer spaniel. Other than the breed differences, there are additionally several other factors that will affect the weight of an English spring spaniel.

The Average Weight Of An English Springer Spaniel

On average, a fully grown English springer spaniel will weigh between 35 to 60 pounds. The rather large weight difference is due to the two breed varieties of English springer spaniel. However, other factors like diet, exercise, and the sex of the dog may also be contributing factors.

The Two English Springer Spaniel Breeds

To fully understand the breed differences that have an impact on how much an English springer spaniel will weigh, we need to know more about the two varieties of English springer spaniels. The breed has separated into two differing lines.

English springer spaniels were initially bred as flushing dogs for hunting, and they would ‘spring’ into bushes flushing out birds. Over time some of the dogs were bred predominantly for show and others for flushing until two distinct varieties emerged.

What is interesting is that these lines diverged over 70 years ago yet belong to the same breed. However, a field-bred English springer spaniel would not be successful at a show, just as a show-bred English springer spaniel would not be suited to a hunt.

Show-bred English Springer Spaniels

The show-bred English springer spaniel is the larger of the two breeds. It has a stockier build and was bred more for its looks than for its working abilities.

Show-bred English springer spaniels have longer hair, longer ears, and a shorter muzzle. They are larger dogs than their field-bred counterparts and will weigh a bit more as well.

Field-bred English Springer Spaniels

Field-bred English springer spaniels are athletic dogs, and they were bred specifically for their sporting abilities out in the field. They are smaller and less stocky than show-bred English springer spaniels. They are also a lot more energetic.

Factors That Affect The Weight Of English Springer Spaniels

While an English springer spaniel’s weight may be attributed to whichever of the two varieties it may be, there are still more factors to be taken into account.

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sex/gender


As with most animals, diet can be very important when it comes to weight. This is particularly true of dogs, who will often just keep eating for as long as there is food available. It is, therefore, the responsibility of dog owners to do sufficient research into how much they should be feeding their dogs for their dogs to be a healthy weight.

Too much food can be as unhealthy as too little. The overall activity of a dog needs to be taken into account as well. Dogs that are highly active may require more calories than a dog that is mainly sedentary.

On average English springer spaniels should be eating 1350 calories a day. This amount will, of course, depend on the dog’s age and how active it is. Field-bred English springer spaniels may require this amount of energy and perhaps a small amount more depending on how often they are out in the field.

Show-bred English springer spaniels may require a little less again, depending on their activities. If your dog is very active and receives a lot of exercise, it may be a good idea to consult your vet for advice to make sure your dog is getting enough calories.


Exercise and activity can be important for the well-being of dogs. Exercise not only keeps the healthy physically but can also be useful in staving off boredom by providing mental stimulation through new environments and smells. Exercise is also a key way of controlling your dog’s weight.

English springer spaniels are traditionally a sporting breed. Field-bred English springer spaniels are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. Because they are so energetic, they burn off a lot of energy, but if they become too sedentary, they can pick up weight quickly.

While the show-bred English springer spaniel is not as energetic as the field-bred type, it too needs sufficient exercise and activity to keep it in good health and weight.

Keeping a dog’s weight within the bounds of the accepted breed norm is important as below the norm, the dog may suffer from vitamin deficiency, well overweight or obese dogs can suffer from joint pain and heart problems.


The sex of the dog may also play a role in its predicted weight. Female dogs will usually be smaller and slighter than males. This will, of course, play a role in how much an English springer spaniel will weigh.

As with other aspects of the breed, there will be slight variances in overall size and weight depending on whether one is dealing with show-bred or field-bred English springer spaniels.

But in general, the average female English springer spaniel will grow to an adult size of 18 to 20 inches, with an average weight of 35 to 55 pounds, while male English springer spaniels will reach the size of 19 to 21 inches with a weight of around 40 to 60 pounds.


English springer spaniels are a great breed; they are medium-sized dogs with an average weight of 35 to 60 pounds. The weight will depend on which of the two breed varieties one has, with show-bred English springer spaniels being stockier and heavier than their more sporting counterparts, the field-bred English springer spaniel.

In addition to breed varieties, diet, exercise, and sex of an English springer spaniel will also play roles in how much an English springer spaniel will weigh. When in doubt, your local vet will be sure to give you pointers on how to keep your English springer spaniel at a healthy weight.

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