Do Springer Spaniels Bark A Lot?

Springer spaniels were used for hunting; they would chase birds into flight so the hunters would then shoot. Springer spaniels can also retrieve game, which makes it easy for us to wonder how they communicate with the hunters.

Springer spaniels are prime examples of dogs that bark a lot. However, their barking is not random; they bark to communicate. Some common reasons springer spaniels bark are boredom, playfulness, loneliness, when greeting other dogs or humans or when playing.

When getting any dog or animal, doing as much research as possible is good. There are a few things you must take into account when determining whether you are a good fit for the breed or if the breed is a good fit for you, your environment, and your situation. That is why I will answer as many questions as possible in this article.

5 Reasons Why Springer Spaniels Bark So Much

Knowing why your springer spaniel is barking can be beneficial to both you and the dog. While sometimes the dog may be barking at that sneaky cat, other times, they could be trying to tell you something. Here are five common reasons why your springer spaniel may be barking a lot:

  1. Boredom or loneliness: springer spaniels are pack animals and can become very bored when alone, which may cause them to be unhappy.
  2. Playing: Sometimes, they want to play. Hopefully, you have a few minutes; if not, try to get them a toy.
  3. Greeting: springer spaniels are excitable dogs and therefore get really excited when people come around; they usually greet with a delightful bark and a waggy tail.
  4. Attention seeking: springer spaniels are known for barking when they desire attention. This type of barking is typically high-pitched.
  5. Separation anxiety: This barking will occur when left home alone for extended periods and often.

If you feel your dog is trying to tell you it is hurt, I recommend a visit to the vet. When it comes to dogs, they may struggle to show you where they are hurt; a vet will be able to diagnose the dog based on their assessment.

Can You Train Springer Spaniels To Stop Barking?

When training your springer spaniel, it is essential to know that these dogs are known for being a bit sensitive. The answer is yes; you can pretty much train any dog to stop barking unnecessarily, as well as a whole variety of other different things. The trick is to know what makes your springer spaniel tick.

At the end of the day, dogs want more than anything to make their owners happy. Springer spaniels are a perfect example as they are affectionate and loyal dogs. When training your springer spaniel, maybe try having some treats on hand, especially if your springer spaniel is food driven.

If your springer spaniel is not food driven, it is essential to have the correct leash for training. Training with a leash involves adding pressure to your dog’s leash when they disobey an order. The dog will then realize that they don’t like the pressure being applied and will start listening to what you are trying to communicate.

Two things to consider when training your springer spaniel include:

  • When training your springer spaniel, you must be clear about what it is you expect from them. Springer spaniels are highly intelligent with an incredible prey drive, making it easier for you to train them.
  • Springer spaniels depend highly on human company; they hang on to every word and take it especially hard when being scolded.

Know When Your Springer Is Only Barking For Attention

Sometimes your springer spaniel could just be barking for attention. Knowing the signs could make your life much easier as you can sort it out without feeling bad. Here are a few signs that your dog is simply looking for attention:

  • High-pitched bark.
  • Dramatization: For example: jumping up and down.
  • When they bring their toy (Again, if you have a few minutes to spare, maybe have a quick play session with your dog.)
  • When your springer spaniel constantly follows you around, it could be seeking your attention.

When your dog is seeking attention for the sake of it, try to give them some. However, I know that it is not always possible, but even one minute of your time can stop the dog from barking. Alternatively, leaving on the TV or radio can lessen how needy they are as they might feel less lonely.

Do Springer Spaniels Bark A Lot While On Walks?

Most dogs will bark a lot while on walks if they are not adequately trained to your commands. The same applies to springer spaniels, but because they are hunting dogs, they could bark more than others as they are attentive to potential prey. For example, birds.

With proper training, you can get your springer spaniel to be pleasant on your walks. They are reactive dogs, which is where heel training comes in handy.

Are Springer Spaniels Talkative?

Yes! springer spaniels are talkative. Because they are known for being intelligent, alert, affectionate, and attentive, it is not hard to understand that these dogs are talkative.

Dogs usually bark or howl to get our attention; sometimes, they even bark just for attention; it’s no different with springer spaniels.

Springer spaniels are outgoing and friendly, and because they are so attentive and intelligent, barking is just their way of communicating with you. However, they should get some training and socialization skills from the beginning.


Look, springer spaniels are beautiful dogs. Their intelligence and attentiveness do mean they are verbal. They communicate by barking, and thus, they can bark often. However, the barking is not unmanageable as long as you have a little bit of patience.

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