The 12 Best Low Carb Dog Food In 2023

Dogs can be just as picky about their diet as we are. As a dog owner, you want to provide them with the best possible food for their health and longevity.

The way to do that is by reading labels and knowing what your pup needs. 

This blog post will give you some tips on how to find the perfect low-carb dog food for your furry family member!

Visionary Pet Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food, Beef Flavor 

Visionary Pet Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food, Beef Flavor

Low-carb dog food is hard to find, and even when you do, it’s not very tasty. 

Your dog deserves better than this. Dogs are carnivores by nature and need meat in their diet for energy, a healthy immune system, strong muscles, bones, and good digestion.

VISIONARY PET Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food is the perfect solution for your pup. Our low-carb, high protein dog food contains only 1g net carbohydrate per serving with no added sugar or fruit fillers that can upset your dog’s stomach or give him gas! 

Serve it right out of the bag as is, or mix it with some water to release all the flavor and aromas your dog loves! Rich in taurine and 100% free from grains, gluten, antibiotics, or added hormones. 

Made without fruit, added sugars or fructose, corn tapioca potatoes sweet potatoes soy carrots peas, etc. It contains more calories per cup than our other formulas.

Key features:

  • Gives your dog a shinier coat
  • Helps maintain healthy joints, teeth, and bones
  • Reduces skin irritations and dryness-perfect for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies
  • Great for overweight pets—it is low in calories but still highly nutritious

NULO Grain-Free Adult Trim Low Carb Dog Food

NULO Grain-Free Adult Trim Low Carb Dog Food

You’re tired of your dog gaining weight and having health problems. 

Most people aren’t aware, but dogs are actually omnivores that thrive on a meat protein diet, not grains and starches like most pet foods contain today. 

Dogs have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, eating raw meats and vegetables rather than grain-based kibble. 

Grain-free diets can help manage obesity in pets, improve skin conditions like allergies or hot spots, reduce the risk for diabetes & heart disease while improving overall digestion and energy levels.

Nulo is a new kind of food made with real turkey as the #1 ingredient. Plus salmon broth to provide great taste without unnecessary fillers or additives. 

This high-quality grain-free formula also contains L-carnitine, which supports metabolism. Hence, your dog’s body burns more fat instead of storing it around its waistline! 

Key Features:

  • A grain-free formula for adult dogs
  • Packed with protein from real whole turkey, turkey broth, salmon broth, turkey liver, and cod
  • Low-glycemic grain-free dog food made without corn, wheat, or soy 
  • Lean protein with high levels of essential amino acids such as L-carnitine

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain-Free, High Protein Dog Food

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain-Free, High Protein Dog Food

You want to feed your dog the most nutritious diet, but you’re not sure which brand is best.

ORIJEN believes that a biologically appropriate diet for dogs should be rich and diverse with whole animal ingredients. 

ORIJEN has been feeding dogs since 2002, and they know what it takes to make great dry dog food. Their goal is simple – provide high-quality foods that are biologically appropriate for your canine companion. 

Fill her bowl and her belly with this protein-rich recipe! This kibble contains 85% quality animal ingredients, including fresh or raw free-run chicken, turkey, duck, or lamb meal. Plus, wild-caught fish meal, fresh fruits, and vegetables, eggs from pastured hens raised on organic farms without antibiotics or added hormones while never receiving any grains (including corn), soybeans or genetically modified organisms in their feed.

No grain means no glutens, so even those who have gluten allergies can safely eat this formula! 

Key Features:

  • 85% Quality animal ingredients
  • The whole prey approach evenly distributes high-quality protein in dry kibble.
  • Gluten-Free and Grain-Free for a variety of coat types and digestive sensitivities
  • Variety of small bites with easy to chew texture for picky eaters

VISIONARY PET Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food

VISIONARY PET Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food

There are many dog foods out there, but not all of them are good for your poodle.

The problem with most dog food is that it’s filled with fillers and carbs, which can cause allergies and digestive problems in dogs. 

This leads to health issues down the road when they get older. It’s also hard to find grain-free or low-carb options that taste good while being healthy for your furry friend.

VISIONARY PET Grain Free Low Carb High Protein Dog Food solves this problem by providing high-quality ingredients without adding sugars or carbohydrates at a price point that won’t break the bank. 

Our formula has been tried and tested on multiple breeds, including Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Labradors, Chihuahuas, and more! 

Key Features:

  • Uniquely formulated to provide healthy nutrition and high performance for your pup.
  • Made with real chicken, which contains beneficial fats and low carbs for an active lifestyle
  • Low carb keto food provides optimal nutrition, relief from skin conditions, digestion issues, allergies, etc. 
  • Made in the USA without any questionable additives or fillers

Visionary Pet Foods Keto Medallions Beef Recipe Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Visionary Pet Foods Keto Medallions Beef Recipe Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food

The problem with most grain-free pet food is that it consists of too much starch and sugar. This can cause dogs to experience insulin resistance, which over time leads to diabetes.

Many dog owners are unaware of this danger or simply don’t know what ingredients they should look for on the label when buying a bag of dog food. 

KETO is a high protein, low carb dry dog food made in America from sustainably raised chicken and pork without any added hormones or antibiotics. It’s also free of grains (which contain gluten) and soy (which contains phytoestrogens). 

So while other brands may claim their product is “grain-free,” many still use corn as a filler ingredient which can be just as bad if not worse than wheat! 

Our formula has 85% less carbohydrate than the leading “grain-free” brands out there – less than 5% total digestible carbohydrates per serving! We also have more protein.

Key Features:

  • Dog food with much lower carb and sugar content than competitors
  • All-natural ingredients that are chicken-based, non-GMO, antibiotic-free, and sustainably sourced 
  • Made in the USA to ensure quality control
  • Their high protein content promotes muscle growth.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

Getting your dog to maintain an ideal body weight can be a challenge. 

The problem is that most dogs are overweight because they overeat and exercise too little. Still, it’s hard for owners to know how many calories their puppy needs each day. This makes it tough to adjust food intake when the pet starts packing on pounds.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe is a high-protein formula with chicken as the first ingredient designed by veterinarians to help large breed dogs maintain ideal body weight without overfeeding them. 

It comes in 5 lb and 15 lb bags, so you don’t have to worry about portion control or running out of food before your pup’s next mealtime! 

Plus, our kibble has been specially formulated for larger breeds like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Great Danes. They need more calories than smaller dogs do!

Key Features:

  • Provides essential nutrients for a life free of grain 
  • Promotes lean muscle mass (protein) 
  • Helps maintain ideal body weight 
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and made without chicken by-products

VICTOR Select Nutra Pro Active Dog & Puppy Formula

VICTOR Select Nutra Pro Active Dog & Puppy Formula

Your dog needs a healthy, nutritious diet.

VICTOR Select Nutra Pro Active Dog & Puppy Formula is made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to meet your pup’s nutritional needs. 

It contains 92% meat protein which provides essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for a balanced diet. The low-carb recipe also promotes weight loss in dogs that are overweight or obese.

Key Features:

  • Made with premium quality and natural ingredients to provide balanced nutrition
  • Promotes superior digestion and immune system through VPRO Blend
  • Suitable for moderate to high activity level dogs.
  • Contains vital vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids for optimal health

The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe

The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe

Your dog deserves the best.

The Honest Kitchen is a family-owned company making wholesome, healthy pet food for over 20 years. We believe in feeding pets real food, and we know you do too. 

The recipe is made with fresh ingredients like free-range chicken, garden produce, and organic whole grain barley.

Our complete diet contains higher calories and protein to help pregnant dogs or puppies grow strong bones and muscles, as well as active adults of all breeds and sizes who need more energy to keep up with their busy lives. 

It’s also AAFCO complete, so you can feed your pooch this nutritious meal every day without worry!

Key Features:

  • Higher calories and protein for active dogs
  • Minimally processed, dehydrated, whole-food ingredients from the USA
  • No by-products or preservatives to potentially harm your pup’s health

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hypo Selected Protein Potato & Venison

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hypo Selected Protein Potato &  Venison

Many dogs suffer from food sensitivities that cause itchy skin, digestive upset, and other uncomfortable symptoms. 

The problem is that these food sensitivities are often caused by common ingredients in commercial dog foods like wheat, gluten, or soy. 

These ingredients can be hard to identify on a label since they don’t have to be listed as an ingredient in the product name. This makes finding dog food without these items difficult for many pet owners.

A vet-exclusive diet designed to help you eliminate potential allergens from your dog’s diet while providing long-term nutrition with limited ingredients is the best way to determine if he has a sensitivity and what his triggers might be. 

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hypo Selected Protein Potato & Venison dry (booster) formula provides only 3 primary protein sources. It won’t trigger any allergies when used during elimination diet trials or after diagnosis of food sensitivity issues has been made by your veterinarian.

Key Features:

  • Limited ingredients to reduce the risk of accidentally feeding your pet something it’s allergic to.
  • Healthy skin and a shiny coat with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. 
  • Promotes an elimination diet trial for food sensitivities in dogs, which can be difficult with so many different foods available on the market today. 
  • Reinforces natural defenses against allergies and sensitivities (not just covers them up)

Orijen Regional Red 

Orijen Regional Red

Most dog food brands pack their products with fillers and grains that dogs aren’t meant to eat.

These ingredients are not only unhealthy for your pets, but they also make the products taste terrible. 

ORIJEN Regional Red Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is made without any unhealthy additives. Instead, it uses fresh or raw meat as its first ingredient. This makes it a much healthier choice than most other options out there on the market today!

Key Features:

  • Natural and nutritious ingredients your dog needs
  • The most natural way to feed your pet
  • Satisfies a dog’s primal urge for raw diets
  • Made with the best ingredients in the world

PEDIGREE High Protein Wet Canned Dog Food

PEDIGREE High Protein Wet Canned Dog Food

Dogs love food, but they also need to be healthy. 

Unfortunately, most dog foods are full of unhealthy ingredients and fillers that aren’t good for your pup’s body or taste buds. 

Pedigree High Protein Beef & Lamb Flavor in Gravy Canned Dog Food is made with natural beef and lamb cut into pieces served in a delicious gravy to satisfy your furry friend’s senses. 

It can also be added to your companion’s dry food so you can save money on both products! Made with high-quality protein, it helps build strong muscles and contains DHA Omega-3 fatty acids for brain health – all while being 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. 

Key Features:

  • Providing your pet with delicious, nutritious food
  • Gives pets the energy to play and enjoy life 
  • Easy for picky eaters to digest 
  • Includes 100% of their nutrient needs

TASTE OF THE WILD Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison High Protein

TASTE OF THE WILD Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison High Protein

Dogs love to eat, and if you give them the wrong food, they can get sick.

There are many dog foods out there made with cheap fillers or ingredients that aren’t healthy for your pet. Many pet owners don’t know what’s in their dog’s food until it’s too late.

Taste Of The Wild is a high-quality dry kibble made with real meat as the #1 ingredient and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

It contains omega fatty acids from natural sources like flaxseed oil to help support skin & coat health and nutrients for energy so your furry friend can thrive! 

Plus, this formula includes K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics, which help promote digestive health by delivering live probiotic cultures right where they’re needed most.*

Key Features: 

  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • It is a grain-free food that helps support skin and coat health
  • The probiotics give your pet the digestive benefits they need every day for good gut health helps provide energy for your dog so they can thrive


Buying Guide To Buying Low Carb Dog Food

What Are Carbohydrates In Dogs?

Carbohydrates are a type of nutrient that is found in vegetables and fruits. They provide essential fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can benefit your pet’s health. 

To properly digest carbohydrates, you need adequate water intake, healthy digestive juices for breaking the starch into simple sugars to be absorbed by the body’s tissues. 

You also need a sufficient amount of acid, such as Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH), required for converting glucose to energy when supplemented with other nutrients that will produce fuel and ATP from cellular respiration. 

This process must take place at an optimal rate to give enough ATP in the bloodstream and oxygen uptake so it can be carried throughout your

Types Of Carbohydrates For Dogs

The most straightforward answer is that not all carbs are the same for dogs. They can be broken up into three types – complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates, and sugar. 

In terms of what a dog needs, they should have some kind of complex carbohydrate daily. Also, look out for excessive carbohydrate intake in general, leading to tooth decay and obesity. 

In fact, too many high-carb sugars or anything with added sugars may be hazardous to a dog’s health because it can cause diabetes or pancreatitis in some individuals and problems like bloating and gas in others. 

As long as you’re careful about how much you feed your pup (observe their diet), make sure they take supplements very regularly,

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Is A Low-carb Diet Good For Dogs?

Yes. In fact, the raw feeding diets are an excellent example of how we should be eating!

Dogs have evolved to process and eat meat as their sole food source, just as humans have evolved to eat nothing but some fruits and vegetables. A low-carb diet mimics the evolutionary biology that people and dogs evolved with over millions of years.

Is Grain-free Dog Food Low Carb?

No, it is not low carb.

This food isn’t low carb, but it’s so processed and artificial that it makes any calories from the fact (if they exist) moot at best. 

Wheat gluten and soy protein are the foundation for many kibbles. Feeding your dog foods containing wheat gluten or soy protein increases their risk of allergies to these substances and other food sensitivities like yeast overgrowth in the gut. 

Wheat also contains a high amount of carbohydrates in its most common form- white flour, which isn’t healthy for dogs who don’t have “ancient” or “modern” breeds like Doberman Pinschers, English Shepherds, etc.; all species except domesticated dogs need meat.

What Are The Best Carbohydrates For Dogs?

There is some evidence that high and low glycemic index carbohydrates can improve a dog’s heart health. 

Dogs with diabetes seem to do better with a lower glycemic index or “low GI” carbohydrates, but this still needs more research before any definite conclusions can be drawn. 

Regardless of the GI, though, it seems any kind of carbohydrate is preferable to none at all.

What Are The Top 10 Low-carb Foods For Dogs?


-Sweet potatoes 




-Squash (such as spaghetti or other varieties) can also be used in moderate amounts. -Cucumbers are allowed in some cases and may work better than a food that only offers veggies, but please keep an eye on cucumber consumption to make sure the dog is not developing any excessive weight issues. Consult your veterinarian to determine an appropriate daily quantity. 1 small cucumber per 10 lbs of body weight should be enough if there isn’t too much other produce being consumed already.

Is Oatmeal Or Rice Better For Dogs?


Dogs have been eating oatmeal for hundreds of years, and it’s proved to be nutritionally perfect for their needs. 

Rice is actually a cereal that should only be given in small amounts due to the high levels of arsenic. So if you want your pup to eat oatmeal or rice regularly, go with the good old-fashioned oats.

What Is The Healthiest Food To Feed Your Dog?

It depends on the breed, age, and health of your dog. The two best foods are either high protein (like chicken and rice or chicken and oatmeal combination) or water-only kibble. 

Feeding a high-protein food is much easier because it takes care of both the nutrient needs for muscle growth and all the amino acids that form proteins in various molecules throughout the body.

Any veterinarian would recommend giving a good quality dry food with some extra wet canned food from time to time. Still, you should really ask your vet what’s actually best for your dog!

What Is Better For Dogs, White Or Brown Rice?

Brown rice has more beneficial nutrients than white rice, and it’s easier for your dog to digest. It also helps dogs stay fuller longer (so less likely to scavenge or overeat when you’re not looking).

Brown rice is much healthier than white rice because of its nutritional content. Brown rice takes up more room in their stomachs, so they don’t have as many cravings! 

We recommend brown over white, and we recommend double-checking the ingredients list on all dry foods to make sure there are no grains near the top of that list. 

Hint: people’s food contains a lot of inflammatory oils that our furry friends should avoid! Say goodbye to garlic powder in your pup’s dinner!!

Is Peanut Butter Good For Dogs?

No. In fact, table peanuts and peanut butter are considered one of the top foods that dogs should avoid. 

Peanut butter contains a substance excreted by the kidney bean (a legume) that is deadly to dogs. Dogs can’t taste this toxin which is part of what makes it such a problem. 

For example, if you got even an amount as small as 1/2 teaspoon into your dog’s food and they consumed it all, you would be looking at serious health issues with your pup (or worse). 

If they only ate half of it, then there may not be any health problems but keep an eye out for other adverse reactions like vomiting or diarrhea just in case there was something else going on already pre-existing.

How Many Carbs Should A Dog Eat A Day?

The answer to this question is different for every dog.

Your vet can help you determine your dog’s baseline weight and adjust the number of carbs accordingly.

Is Sweet Potato A Carb?

Yes, sweet potatoes are a carbohydrate. They contain carbohydrates primarily in both the form of natural sugar and starch.

Is It Cruel To Feed A Dog Once A Day?

While it may be best to consider the amount of food a dog should eat, we don’t know how much that may be.

An expert can gauge a dog’s weight and metabolism and recommend how much it should consume. That being said, there are healthy dogs everywhere who only get one meal per day but live just as long as those who have two or three.

That is why you want to watch their waist size because obese animals can suffer from health issues related to their weight rather quickly; they can develop insulin resistance or become diabetic. They can also show signs of sarcopenia, an age-related muscle loss where muscle protein breaks down faster than it can be repaired which will make them stiff.

What Is The Most Accessible Protein For Dogs To Digest?

I recommend vegan proteins like hemp or pea protein. For my own dog, I gave up meat altogether and switched to a totally plant-based diet. All his labs are as expected, and he’s healthy as ever.

Fear always remains an issue when determining which foods are digestible for your pup. Protein is still the most important thing you can feed because it contains all the amino acids they need. 

Still, many dogs can’t handle animal-based proteins because of what humans have done to them over time (like adding steroids). So if you’re having issues with digestion, try those options!

Which Potato Has Fewer Carbs?

Russet potatoes have more carbs than yellow potatoes. The type of potato also affects the sugar level and starch content.

Quinoa is a high-protein, gluten-free seed that cooks up like a grain, but it’s not really a grain at all! Quinoa was actually cultivated in the Andes Mountains for 6000 years before becoming popular outside of South America. 

Quinoa contains 8 essential amino acids and all 9 essential amino acids, making it one of the few plant-based foods to meet these criteria. It’s also rich in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, which may help protect against osteoporosis. You can choose to enjoy quinoa cooked or uncooked – some people prefer to use it.

What Are The Worst Carbs To Eat For Dogs?

The worst carbs to eat for dogs are ones with grains or gluten. These are much harder on their digestive systems and increase the chance of pancreatitis, which your vet can take care of!

The feed that I recommend at my clinic is chicken & rice-based, which is lower in carbohydrates than most dog foods on the market. 

I also like this food because it has an easy-to-digest fish protein and an easily digestible, highly absorbable calcium source– eggshell powder! This means that a piece of dry kibble goes through your pup’s system much more quickly and eliminates the risk of bloat (which can be fatal to some breeds!).

Which Has Fewer Carbs, Rice Or Potatoes?

It’s important to remember that dog food is not designed as a carbohydrate source.

Rice has fewer carbohydrates than potatoes, at about 8g of carbs compared with potatoes’ 23g. However, it’s important to remember that dog food is not designed as a carbohydrate source; as the rice. 

We feed our pets enriched and fortified, crude fiber content varies between 4-6% but this doesn’t take into account the amylose and amylopectin which are found in both rice and potatoes (primarily). 

So while your pet may prefer one over the other, it won’t be due to an increased or decreased number of carbs!


For dog owners, finding the best low-carb dog food can be difficult. Low carb diets are a popular way to help dogs lose weight and live healthier lives with less risk of diabetes. 

But not all low-carb foods are created equal–some contain high levels of sugar that aren’t good for your pup either! Instead, look for grain-free meat meals or specialty formulas like Purina Beyond Grain-Free Dry Dog Food With Real Salmon recipe, which is formulated with lower carbs than other products on the market today. 

You’ll find these types of recipes in both dry kibble and canned varieties, so you have plenty of options available when looking for something healthy but tasty too. We’re here to make it easy by providing reviews from experts as well.

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