8 Dog Breeds for People Who Work

It sure would be nice if you could stay home all day with your dog and get paid for it.

But alas, “dog owner” is an unpaid position. And unless your workplace is one of the 8% that allow employees to bring their dogs, your pooch will need to stay home while you work.

Unfortunately, certain high-maintenance breeds can’t handle being alone for 40 hours a week. Anxiety and loneliness can manifest in behavioral issues like pacing, whining, hyperactivity and chewing.

And that causes anxiety in owners as well. Indeed, 47% of employed dog owners leave work early because they worry about their dogs’ needs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Breeds with lower exercise requirements and laid-back personalities have no problem staying home and waiting patiently for your return.

If you lead a busy lifestyle but still long for canine companionship, consider one of these 8 breeds. They’re known for their independence, self-sufficiency and lovability — the perfect fit for people who work.

Top 8 Dog Breeds for Working Owners

8. Maltese

Dogs breed is maltese

The poster puppy for lap dogs everywhere, the Maltese sure does look like royalty. From its fluffy white fur to its diminutive size (7 pounds max!), it’s supremely posh — and impossibly precious.

But unlike human princes and princesses, the Maltese is surprisingly low-maintenance.

In fact, too much coddling is bad for these little fluffballs! They’re highly independent and need plenty of alone time to maintain their confident temperament.

Being indoors all day is actually optimal for the Maltese, whose delicate anatomy and lush coat aren’t suited for prolonged outdoor activity. Short daily walks and indoor playtime when you get home from work are all these dogs need.

7. Boston Terrier

Dogs breed is chow chow

Curious, intelligent and gentle, the Boston Terrier has an ideal temperament for all types of dog owners, including working ones. Perhaps that’s why it’s the 21st most popular dog breed in the USA!

Typically clocking in at under 25 pounds, Boston Terriers are well-suited for the indoors. They’re easily crate-trained and bark far less than other breeds.

Boston Terriers definitely have a sporty side, but they’re not picky about how they express it. A quick romp in the dog park after work or an early-morning walk around the block are equally enticing to this laid-back breed.

Any breed can exhibit separation anxiety, but Boston Terriers tend to be less prone to it than other breeds. Sure, they’ll miss you while you’re away, but they’ll have no trouble entertaining themselves until you get home.

6. Chow Chow

Dogs breed is chow chow

Maybe you’ve heard the chow chow described as a “cat in a dog’s body.” It’s a funny concept, but in practice, it makes the chow chow highly compatible with the 9-to-5 lifestyle.

Serious, aloof and independent, the chow chow marches to the beat of its own drum. Hours of solitude are no problem for this breed.

That’s not to say that chow chows aren’t devoted to their owners. You’ll get plenty of puppy love when you get home, but until then, your chow chow will have no trouble filling out its days on its own.

These big, wrinkly balls of fur need less than 20 minutes of exercise per day, so they won’t exhaust you after a long day at work. They devote their energies to guarding and protecting rather than running and playing — another bonus point for this wonderful breed.

5. Greyhound

Dogs breed is greyhound

The world’s fastest dog (topping out at over 40 miles per hour) seems like an unlikely inclusion on this list.

But greyhounds are built for short bursts of sprinting, not long bouts of endurance running. And for the vast majority of the day, they’re downright couch potatoes!

Your greyhound probably won’t do much while you’re at work, and he’ll love every second of it. Napping, relaxing and lounging about are this breed’s preferred pastimes.

In fact, it’s normal for greyhounds to sleep for up to 22 hours a day!

As with any dog, you’ll need to give your greyhound some vigorous exercise every so often. But a couple of daily walks will be more than sufficient most of the time.

Calm, gentle and shockingly lazy, the greyhound is a fantastic breed for those with busy work schedules.

4. Bullmastiff

Dogs breed is bullmastiff

Weighing in at up to 130 pounds, the Bullmastiff doesn’t initially seem like a dog you’d want to leave alone in your house all day.

But that giant frame conceals a sensitive heart and a chilled-out temperament. Expect your couch to develop a permanent Bullmastiff-shaped dent in the cushions — sleeping all day is this breed’s specialty!

When push comes to shove, Bullmastiffs will defend their owners without a second thought. But at home, they’re low-energy, high-affection gentle giants.

A walk in the morning, eight hours of relaxing and some cuddles when you get home… now that’s a perfect day in the life of a Bullmastiff!

3. French Bulldog

Dogs breed is french bulldog

It’s the quintessential apartment dog — and for good reason. The French Bulldog is a little bundle of laziness, with low rates of separation anxiety and a true love of lounging around.

America’s fourth most popular dog breed seems almost designed for life with working families. Self-sufficient and easy to manage, the French Bulldog is one of the most adaptable dog breeds.

French Bulldogs love their walks, but they prefer indoor play to vigorous outdoor exercise. As long as they’ve got their favorite toys, they’re content spending hours alone in the house.

And when Bring Your Dog to Work Day rolls around, the Frenchie will be the talk of the office. Friendly, affectionate and undeniably adorable, these dogs love new people — and new people love them, too!

2. Irish Wolfhound

Dogs breed is irish wolfhound

Three feet tall and weighing in at 180 pounds, the Irish Wolfhound is by far the largest breed on this list.

But don’t let its size fool you: this breed is known for being sweet, relaxed and even downright serene, making it ideal for 9-to-5ers.

When given the opportunity, the Irish Wolfhound loves to run, jump and play outside. And it’s always a delight taking it out for a weekend romp at the dog park — its earth-shaking gallops are a sight to behold.

During the workweek, though, your Irish Wolfhound will happily hold down the fort at home. They’re rarely anxious or destructive and tend to be very mindful of their surroundings, unlike other large breeds who don’t seem to realize how big they are.

1. Chihuahua

Dogs breed is chihuahua

If you wanted to, you could probably tuck your Chihuahua into your bag and bring it to work with you. At under six pounds, it’s tiny enough that nobody would notice — at least, not until the yipping starts!

Thankfully, Chihuahuas have no problem being left at home while you’re at work. When you’re that small, even a modest apartment seems massive, so Chihuahuas have plenty of space to make use of.

Other small dogs are known for their high energy levels, but the Chihuahua is much more mild-mannered. A well-trained Chihuahua with a few favorite toys will be happily occupied all day long.

Low exercise needs make it easy to fit your Chihuahua’s walks into your busy schedule.

And don’t worry about your home while you’re at work — the Chihuahua’s trademark yippy bark and supreme alertness make it an ideal guard dog.

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