Average Price of Beagle

You researched and identified the beagle as the perfect companion for you. You know you will be able to look after it, but don’t know what to expect in terms of price range? What is the price of a beagle?

A beagle can cost between $500 and $6000. Rare colored beagles also go for a higher price as they are harder to find. A beagle’s cost depends on various factors like the age of the puppy or dog, the lineage, if the dog is registered, and the place you purchase it.

$500 and $6000 is quite a vast price difference. Let’s break it up and find out which factors contribute to the price of a beagle to understand better how you should budget to invest in your new best friend.

Different Factors Contribute To Beagle Price

You will have to consider all the factors that play a role when looking to buy a beagle. These factors will have a significant impact in the price of the beagle you want to buy. You will have to decide which are essential and which you are willing to compromise to fit your budget.

The Place You Buy Your Beagle From Impacts Pricing

The place you buy your beagle from is the most significant factor in the price you will pay. There are many different places, but to sum it up, it comes down to three: adoption, breeders, or private buy.

  • Adoption – shelters often have beagles that went missing, someone who gave up the puppies of a litter, or many other reasons people can’t look after their dog anymore. Here you will find the cheapest buy from $50 to $250 to adopt the pet. The fee you pay usually goes to the shelter to look after the other dogs.
  • Breeders – When you buy from a breeder, you should be willing to pay a lot. Breeders focus on beagles’ lineage, health, and purity, which comes with a price tag. You can expect anything from $1500 and up. Some even go for $6000.
  • Private buy – Buying a puppy from someone that had a litter, but isn’t a breeder, will also not break the bank. You can expect a price tag between $500 and $600. If you decide to take this route, you must carry the consequences of not knowing the parents’ history.

The Age Of The Beagle You Buy Influence Pricing

The age of the beagle you are eyeing will make a difference in the price you will pay. Some breeders ask for a reservation fee for a litter that is still to be born, and this price would be pretty high, ranging around the $2500 mark.

The second price range will be for already born puppies that need a home, and some would drop the price a little to $2000. They might be stuck with a puppy or two that need homes and lower the cost to sell them.

Older puppies nearing one year of age or adult dogs would go for less, as these dogs are not always the ones people want. Most people want a puppy they can raise from the start on their terms.

The Lineage Of Beagles Differ In Price

The lineage of a beagle will influence the price you will have to pay. A dog with no papers of its history or ancestors will go for less than one with registration.

Beagle owners often show their dogs, and the lineage is essential for these owners. They would want to know how the previous generations of the pup faired in shows, the color of the previous dogs, any ailments, etc. You will have to pay to have all this info at your disposal.

Suppose you don’t care to have a purebred beagle, and even a mixed breed will make you happy you will pay less. You will, however, have to make peace with the consequences of not knowing the history of your pet and the health issues that might come knocking on your door in the future.

Registered Beagles Raises The Price

You will pay more if you are looking for a puppy or dog that you can register with the AKC (America Kennel Club). The breeders supplying these pedigree puppies must apply many rules regarding health issues, genetic screenings, and placing the puppies in good, responsible homes.

Rarity Of Beagle Influence Price

Some breeders might increase prices for the rarity of their beagles which is visible in the color and size of the dogs. The Blue Tick beagle, Red Tick beagle, and Lemon beagle are rarer than the Tri-colored beagles and might go for a higher price. A blue-eyed beagle is very rare as well. The pocket-size beagle might also go for an increased price.

Be sure not to fall for any “rare beagle” sales that might not be rare. Do your research and know which colors are recognized by the AKC and which are not. For example, you won’t find a white beagle. Beagles may be born white, and the tan or lemon color will come through later. If they stay white, it is a mixed breed.

If you are not looking for a rare pup but a reputable breeder, you can aim to spend around $1000 to $1500 on a new beagle pup.

Other Costs To Consider When Buying A Beagle

You might decide to buy a beagle and set your budget to a specific amount you are willing to pay for your puppy. There are, however, other costs you will have to take into consideration when planning on taking this new dog home.

Initially, you will have to pay for vaccines and vet checks, especially if you buy a puppy younger than 8 weeks old. Registering your pup will also cost you an initial fee. Vets recommend that you microchip your dog to ensure founders can return it to you in the rare case you lose your dog. Then there is the once-off cost of sterilizing your dog to avoid unwanted puppies in the future.

Other once-off fees will include all the goodies to make your dog feel at home. You will need a crate or bed of choice, a food and water bowl, a collar and leash, and blankets. You can also think about buying nail clippers for grooming.

Once-off Fees When Buying A Beagle
Vaccines and Vet checks$50 – $75
Registration$100 – $200
Microchipping$40 – $75
Sterilization$150 – $350
Crate/ Bed$150 – $200
Food and water bowls$10
Collar and leash$20
Nail clippers$10

You will have to add monthly costs to your expense list, including quality food, flea and bloodworm preventative medication, toys, snacks, and dental sticks.

Registering for pet insurance to cover sickness and accidents is also a good idea, so you don’t get caught off-guard when something happens. Grooming costs per month would be if you take your dog to someone for grooming or do it yourself.

Monthly Costs When Looking After A Beagle
Food$20 – $60
Flea and bloodworm medication$18 – $35
Toys$30 – $50
Snacks$7 – $15
Dental sticks$10 – $20
Pet insurance$25 – $75
Grooming$25 – $50

Another cost to keep in mind is when you are going on vacation. You will have to budget for a pet sitter or kennel service to look after your pup when you are gone. It will be between $15 and $60 per day. This fee will vary on which service you decide to use and how long you will be away.

An additional cost, if you are keen on adding this to the budget, will be training for your beagle. Beagles are energetic dogs, need much stimulation, and have sharp noses. You will have to train them to behave during walks; otherwise, they will go in all directions their snout leads them. You can take on this responsibility or pay about $30-$80 per lesson.


Having a beagle will bring you and your family much joy, as long as you are willing to try to keep up with their lively, energetic personalities. Plan to make sure you can afford it, and you will lead a happy life with man’s best friend.




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