Do Beagles Sleep A Lot?

Whether you’re new to the beagle game or are simply curious to learn more about your beagle companion, there are always new and interesting facts one can learn about this adorable dog breed. Beagles have numerous habits that are fairly unique to their breed. They also have several habits that are simply part of being a dog.

Most dogs sleep a lot, but beagles are particularly prone to sleeping a lot. Because they are an extremely active breed, beagles require significant recovery time to replenish their energy. Older beagles and pups sleep more than adults. However, excessive sleep may indicate health or other issues.

The more you learn about your beagle, the better equipped you will be to understand what is normal behavior and what warrants some sort of intervention. Certain things that might concern you are often normal. A beagle’s tendency to sleep for long periods is one example that should not warrant any major concern.

Do Beagles Sleep A Lot?

Compared to other dog breeds (and humans), beagles sleep a lot. If your beagle sleeps more than you expected, this is not a cause for concern. Beagles generally require between ten and twelve hours of sleep in a twenty-four-hour cycle. This amount of sleep is split between their overnight sleep and the period spent napping throughout the day.

Beagle puppies require significantly more sleep, with the majority sleeping between eighteen and twenty hours per day.

Beagles are particularly active dogs that require significant energy to keep them going throughout the day. Because they expend a lot of energy when playing, running, and exploring, they will need more sleep to allow them to rebuild muscle while recovering the energy they might have lost.

Generally, beagles will spend around fifty percent of their time sleeping, thirty percent lying down while awake and alert, and the remaining twenty percent fully active. As they age, beagles will require more sleep and easily become tired.

Whatever the age of your beagle, they will require the correct amount of sleep to ensure that they are sufficiently healthy and energized to tackle whatever life throws at them daily.

The quality and quantity of sleep are extremely important to keep your beagle happy and healthy, and there are certain measures you should take to ensure this.

What Influences A Beagle’s Sleeping Patterns?

As with any other dog, various factors influence how much your beagle will sleep. Firstly, age is one of the biggest considerations.

A beagle puppy will sleep between 18 and 20 hours per day. A young, healthy adult beagle will sleep between 10 and 12 hours, while a mature beagle may sleep just as much as a puppy, totaling up to 20 hours unconscious. While growing and developing, beagle puppies will require significantly more rest to allow them to grow healthily. As beagles age, they will become tired more easily and require more rest.

The next major influencing factor is the activity level of your beagle. Some beagles are naturally more active than others. The more active the beagle is while awake, the more sleep they will require to sufficiently replenish their energy supplies.

The beagle’s owner determines the activity level to a large degree. You must take them on regular walks and adventures to allow them to expend their energy while gaining mental stimulation. The more running or jogging the beagle does, the more it will need to rest and recover.

Size is another determining factor in how much sleep a beagle will require. An overweight, under-exercised beagle will require significantly more sleep than a beagle at a healthy weight. If your beagle is overweight and sleeps more than usual, this is a sign that you need to ensure your beagle engages in more frequent exercise.

Sleeping Patterns Of Beagle Puppies

beagle puppies, as stated before, require around 18-20 hours of sleep per day. This is essential to ensure the puppy can grow and develop in the healthiest way possible. To ensure your beagle puppy gets the necessary sleep, you mustn’t interrupt their sleep at any point.

To ensure they get sufficient sleep, keep playtime short and do not force the puppy to stay awake to exhaustion. With this in mind, ensure your beagle puppy can get plenty of exercise to keep the puppy stimulated and develop healthily.

It’s also important to create an environment for your puppy that will encourage sleep. All dogs enjoy having a designated sleeping spot, which should be made as comfortable as possible to feel safe and secure. While your beagle puppy is asleep, it’s a great time for you to snuggle and bond with them. However, ensure you don’t wake them up.

How To Ensure Your Beagle Sleeps Well

There are several pet-friendly methods of ensuring that your beagle sleeps well every day/night. Firstly, you must ensure they have their own space to feel safe to sleep. Your beagle should also have sufficient exercise every day to allow them to expend their energy and stimulate their bodies and minds.

The beagle’s diet should be properly balanced to receive adequate nutrients. Beagles also thrive on routine, so try to ensure a predictable sleeping routine.

Check in on your beagle’s general health. Suppose your beagle shows signs of changes in its general behavior, such as a shift in sleeping patterns. In that case, you must have them checked out by a vet.

Stimulation Vs. Sleep

Mental and physical stimulation is essential for the well-being of your beagle. If a beagle does not receive sufficient stimulation, a beagle will become bored and may start sleeping far more.


Beagles do tend to sleep a lot, as a general rule. Under normal circumstances, this is no cause for concern. This breed of dog is generally more active than many other breeds. It will therefore need more sleep to recover effectively. Suppose your beagle is sleeping excessively and exhibits other signs of health issues – a visit to the vet will be worthwhile to rule out any major problems.


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