Are Dogs Allowed in Ace Hardware?

Is Ace Hardware Dog Friendly? Are Dogs Allowed In?

Dogs are family but as we all know, not every store on the planet allows them inside their buildings.

That’s why if you plan to shop with your pooch, it’s always best to check with the establishment first.

So are dogs allowed in Ace Hardware? Often, yes dogs are allowed in Ace Hardware stores, but this depends on each individual store. You need to check with each store beforehand to check their dog policy.

But there’s a reason why we can’t all stores for you. With more than 4,000 store locations and different policies, their overall corporate dog policy is a little vague.

Official Dog Policy for Ace Hardware

Here’s what the Ace Hardware website says on the subject:

Ace Hardware Corporation and its network are individually-owned and operated. Please feel free to contact your local Ace store for more information.

So Does That Mean Ace Hardware’s Dog Policy Varies By Location?

It does. The decision about whether to allow dogs is left to the owners/managers of Ace Hardware’s individual stores all of which must also comply with local and state laws and ordinances.

An email inquiry to Store Manager Tausha Tjernagel at O’Donnell Ace Hardware in Ames, Iowa garnered a typical reply.

She said their store allows dogs and they have many regulars that visit. Their only policy is that they must be leashed even if they are well behaved.

Positive Reviews From Customers Who Were Happy With Ace Hardware’s Dog Policy

Are dogs allowed in Ace Hardware? A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Check out this link and you’ll find plenty of canine customers who appear very happy with Ace Hardware’s dog policy.

Large or small, traveling in baskets, carriages or on their own four feet, these helpful hardware pups appear to be enjoying their shopping experiences.

But do you notice anything unusual about the pics? None of the dogs pictured are leashed.

And in each of these instances, that may be just fine with store personnel. However, despite any individual store rules, it’s always best that they are.

Your dog may be the best-behaved four-legged buddy the world has ever seen, but not every fellow shopper may feel safe or comfortable around dogs.

And occasionally they may have a good reason.

Customers Who Were Unhappy With Ace Hardware’s Dog Policy

In January 2020, Laurence Bedford was shopping inside the Santa Cruz, California Ace Hardware store when he was reportedly bitten by an off-leash dog named Teddy Bear and seriously injured.

Forty-two stitches later, Bedford harbored no animosity toward his attacker who was nevertheless euthanized.

Was he unhappy about the store policy allowing dogs? Did the store have a leash rule that wasn’t being enforced? The article didn’t say.

And the YouTube video of the attack did not suggest he felt uncomfortable around the dog.

In fact, the man said the dog seemed initially friendly. But his experience is a sober reminder that dog owners should keep their pets leashed and under their control at all times.

Tips For When Going to Ace Hardware With A Dog

Think of the last time you walked into a bakery. Did the delicious aroma catch you right at the door? Did the scent affect your mood?

Your local Ace Hardware probably doesn’t sell croissants, but your dog’s heightened sense of smell–from people, equipment, or even doggy treats or food for sale–combined with encountering a totally different environment can create excitement or unease in many dogs.

For this reason, it’s important to introduce your dog slowly to new environments.

Before taking him to Ace Hardware (or any other store for that matter), get him accustomed to other people and pets at dog parks, well-populated public parks, and in other outdoor venues where dogs are allowed.

Always keep him on a leash and under your control.

If yours is a first time visit, don’t plan on shopping for items that will require a long-time stay. A quick in-and-out purchase can serve as both a “test run” and as a means to begin to acclimate your pet for longer visits. If your dog becomes too agitated, leave the store.

Before your visit, be sure to feed your pet and provide her water, as well as an opportunity to relieve herself before entering the store.

Bring along poop pick-up bags and cleaning supplies just in case she does have an accident, and clean up after her if it happens. That goes for outside the store as well.

While inside, keep your four-legged companion on a short leash and close beside you.

Avoid aisles where a wagging tail might encounter breakable items. And give other shoppers a wide berth. Remember, not everyone feels as comfortable around dogs as you.

Final Thoughts

Most dog owners consider their pets full-fledged members of their families. They eat together.

They play together. In some cases, they even work together. So it stands to reason, that many dog owners want to be able to shop together as well.

And hardware stores are the perfect shopping destinations for dogs. Their products for sale tend to be more rugged, and many, in fact, carry dog food and other various pet supplies.

Why not see how well your pet takes to a new squeaky toy before you buy it?

That being said, so long as your dog is well-behaved and properly restrained, there should be no reason you can’t take your pet into an Ace Hardware store that permits dogs.

So long as you come well-prepared for your visit–you, your dog, and your fellow shoppers should be able to shop without incident.