Are Beagles Good Dogs?

Beagles are a lovable and popular dog breed that many dog lovers adore. Their medium-size, beautiful fur coat and deep eyes make beagles very adorable dogs. Their lively and energetic personality makes them fun to be around. So this begs the question, are beagles good dogs?

Beagles are good dogs for people who enjoy exercise, companionship, hunting, and ample living space. Beagles thrive on energy and friendship. Beagles may not be the best dogs for people who are not home frequently, dislike exercise, and are not willing to devote a lot of time with them.

Beagles are lovable and energetic dogs who can be great for some people but not others. Beagles are great for owners willing to spend a lot of time with them, exercise with them, and are home a lot. Beagles may not be the best for owners who are not home a lot or enjoy exercise. Below it gets elaborated on whether beagles are good dogs or not for people.

What Makes Beagles Good Dogs?

Beagles are great dogs depending on the type of person that you are and your interest. These dogs were bred as hunting dogs, meaning they are full of energy. This fact will be remarkable for some people while detrimental for others.

Why Are Beagles Great For Lively People Seeking Companionship?

People who are home a lot and enjoy exercise and companionship will love owning a beagle.

Beagles thrive in packs or, in other words, need companions. They will enjoy friendship with everybody, including even cats. Beagles are lovable dogs who are friendly and get along with just about anybody. Therefore, you should only consider getting a beagle if you are home a lot and enjoy exercising, as these dogs have lots of energy and need companionship. Because they are energetic, they also require ample living space to run around in and exercise.

Why Are Beagles Great Hunting Dogs?

If you are a hunter and plan on bringing your beagle with you on a hunt, that is great as they were bred as hunting dogs. They have a sensitive nose that can easily track prey and, therefore, will help you find the animal you hunt. A downside of their keen sense of smell is that they can often wander off if you are at home, so it is best to keep them in a fenced area so that they do not wander off.

Why Are Beagles Great Working Dogs?

Their keen sense of smell has also given them the reputation of being some of the best working dogs in specialized fields. Beagles are often used at the airport to check people’s luggage for illegal food they might be trying to smuggle into a country they are visiting or returning from for a holiday. One beagle has even gotten reported to have been able to smell if a woman is pregnant.

Why Are Beagles Not Great For Busy People Who Are Not Lively?

If you are a person that is not home a lot, does not enjoy exercise, or lives in a small environment, a beagle might not be the best dog for you. These dogs require a lot of attention and exercise. If you are not willing to exercise with them or have time to give them enough attention, they can resort to destructive behavior such as ruining household items out of boredom. Because beagles have a lot of energy, you need an area with a lot of space for them to run around to exert their energy.

Beagles can also be temperamental and stubborn. You require a lot of patience to house train a beagle and teach them new commands. Therefore, if you cannot devote attention to your beloved dog, it will not be a good idea to look after a beagle.

Depending On The Owner, Beagles Can Be Good And Bad Dogs

Beagles are great for energetic people who have lots of free time and companionship, while not so great for others who are often busy and not into exercise or companionship.

Is The Beagle Among The Most Popular Dog Breeds?

The cute and lovable beagle has goten ranked among the most popular dog breeds. The prominent American Kennel Club, a famous registry of pure bread dog pedigrees in the United States, ranked beagles the seventh most popular dog breed in 2021. This fact is not surprising, considering how lovable and lively the beagle breed is as a dog breed.

Are The Beagles Among The Smartest Dog Breeds?

Unfortunately, a beagle is not the most intelligent dog in the world.

Stanley Coren, a renowned professor specializing in the psychology of dogs, made a list of the intelligence of dogs. This list categorizing dogs’ intelligence appeared in his book The Intelligence of Dogs. He classified dogs’ intelligence based on how long it took them to learn new commands and how often an order must be repeated before dogs respond to them.

The beagle is currently ranked number 72 out of 79 on the list of the most intelligent dogs. According to Professor Coren, they are among and in his Lowest Degree of Working/ Obedience Intelligence category. This category specifies that they generally only understood new commands after 80 to 100 repetitions and obey their first command 25% percent of the time or less. They make up for this category for their loyalty and lovable personality.

Why Do The Beagle Breed Have A White-Tipped Long Tail?

Beagles are natural hunters. The reason why beagles’ tails are long and white-tipped is to help them, and their owners hunt. When a beagle puts its white-tipped tail in the air, it means that they are tracking prey while hunting. Their tail looks and reacts like that to notify their owner that they are looking for an animal’s scent.


Beagles are great dogs for some people and not great dogs for others. Because beagles are natural hunting dogs, they crave companionship and ample space to exert their energy. They also have a fun and lovable personality. People who would enjoy beagles should enjoy exercise, fellowship, and much living space.

Beagles are not great dogs for people who do not have much free time, dislike exercise, are not home a lot, or live in a small space. If beagles do not get exercise or companionship, they can become reckless.

Beagles are amazing dogs but only suitable for a particularly energetic and companion-loving person.


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