Beagles in Heat

If you have a female beagle that has not been spayed, you will undoubtedly be exposed to her heat cycle. This is an unavoidable part of an intact female beagle’s life. You will need to understand how to help her through this phase to ensure her health and longevity while preventing unwanted pregnancies.

A female beagle will go on heat approximately twice per year. There are several phases to her heat cycle, and she is only fertile during a short period. These phases are characterized by changed behavior and physical symptoms such as bleeding. Spaying your beagle will prevent her from going on heat.

To give your beagle the assistance and support she will need during this time, it’s essential to understand how the heat cycle works. It’s also important to understand the signs and symptoms of a beagle on heat so that you can take the necessary measures timeously. Most importantly, protect your beagle from male dogs while she is on heat to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Beagles In Heat

Beagles can experience their first heat cycle as early as six months and as late as fifteen months. This can occur every five to seven months, meaning that a beagle will go on heat approximately twice per year.

The main phase of the heat cycle will last between two and three weeks. During this time, you should be particularly mindful of protecting your female beagle from male dogs to ensure your beagle does not end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

While humans go through menopause, dogs will continue going through their heat cycle for the rest of their lives unless they are spayed.

According to vet recommendations, if you have no intention of letting your beagle to have her own litter of puppies, have her spayed at a young age. Spaying your female beagle will eliminate the chances of her developing ovarian cancer. Having her spayed will also drastically reduce the risk of mammary cancer and infections while ensuring your beagle has a long, happy, and healthy life.

Due to major hormone fluctuations, your beagle will feel extremely different during her heat cycle. It’s important, therefore, to give her the extra love and support she needs during this period.

The Beagle Heat Cycle

A beagle’s heat cycle consists of multiple phases. Each phase will show different signs and cause different symptoms in your dog. Understanding the cycles will help you to better understand how to help your dog through this somewhat challenging period.

The first phase of the beagle’s heat cycle is called “Proestrus.” This initial phase of the heat cycle usually lasts between three days and two and a half weeks. Estrogen levels are climbing in her body, but there are few visible indications.

 It’s important to note that while this phase is part of her heat cycle, she is not yet fertile. This means that she is also not yet interested in breeding, so you will not need to worry too much about male dogs during this time.

The next phase is referred to as “Estrus.” Similar in length to the “Proestrus” phase, “Estrus” lasts between three days and two and a half weeks. Your beagle will start to show interest in mating with males at this stage of her cycle, and she is fully fertile.

You will notice increased levels of affection and a more frequent tendency to urinate. This is a tactic that allows her to deposit pheromones on surfaces to help attract a potential mate.

“Diestrus” is the next phase of your beagle’s heat cycle. How this period plays out will depend on whether your beagle is pregnant or not. If she is pregnant, the diestrus phase will last around two months. However, if she is not pregnant, it can last up to three months.

During this phase, she will not be receptive to the advances of any male dogs. Her personality should return to normal, and her appetite will increase.

The final phase of the beagle’s cycle is called “Anestrus.” In a pregnant beagle, this period is marked by a complete lack of sexual activity. It lasts four to five months, allowing her body to rest and recover after giving birth to a litter of puppies.

If she was not impregnated, there would be no signs of a transition from diestrus to anestrus. Once the four to five-month period has passed, the cycle will begin again at proestrus, the non-fertile phase characterized by bleeding.

Signs Of A Beagle In Heat

There are several signs that your beagle might be in heat. Firstly, she might start to exhibit several behavioral changes. She may start to show signs of nesting behavior and require much more rest than usual as she becomes far lethargic during this time.

Male dogs will show great interest in your female beagle if she is on heat. This will be an extremely obvious sign. You should be careful to limit her contact with any of these males to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

A beagle in heat will also become far more affectionate than normal. She may become extremely clingy and demand much more attention from you. This is normal during her heat cycle, and you should give her the extra attention she is looking for.

You beagle may also lose appetite during some parts of her heat cycle as her body is more focused on the prospect of mating.

She may also be more nervous while simultaneously showing signs of wanting to escape the house to find a mate. You will notice an increased frequency of your beagle’s urination and a bloody discharge from her vagina during a certain phase of the heat cycle.

What To Do When Your Beagle Is In Heat

To help your beagle while she is on heat, give her the extra attention she needs and ensure she has a comfortable and safe place to rest.

You may need to purchase some diapers or nappies to assist with the bleeding and increased urination. When walking your beagle in heat, you should always keep her on a short leash and ensure that male dogs do not come near her at any time. Do not leave her unattended with any other dogs. Avoid crowded dog parks where the chances of her running into an intact male are higher.

A beagle is very good at cleaning her own private parts, but you can assist by cleaning up any excess blood that appears. She may need more frequent bathing during this period.


As a responsible dog owner, it’s important to understand your beagle’s heat cycle to ensure you can help her as far as possible. It’s also important for you to be aware of your beagle’s heat cycle so that you can protect her from male dogs and prevent any unwanted pregnancies. If you don’t intend to breed with her, having your female beagle spayed is best to end the heat cycle and protect her health.


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