Are Beagles Aggressive?

Beagles are medium-sized dogs bred for tracking, and they are known for their high energy levels and for being curious and friendly! However, if you plan to get a Beagle, you have to consider all the aspects of a Beagle’s temperament. Are beagles aggressive dogs?

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When compared to most other dog breeds, Beagles are not aggressive dogs. They are known for having mild temperaments. However, there will be some situations that may cause a beagle to become aggressive towards other dogs or even humans, and it will become apparent by the way the dog handles itself.

Each animal has its personality and quirks, which is precisely the case with Beagles. Continue reading as we explore the things you need to know about Beagle aggression and how they will show you their aggressive side:

Beagles Could Show Aggression Towards Humans

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There is always a chance that a Beagle could show aggression towards its owner or other people. This could be because of many reasons, and each one of them could cause massive concern for owners. Let’s explore why a Beagle would show aggression towards people:

When A Beagle Is Trying To Show He Is The Alpha

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If your Beagle tends to show aggression towards your friends or family members, it’s more often than not because they think they are the alpha dog of the pack, meaning your household.

You will need to remember that Beagles were bred to hunt animals in packs.

Hence, they have the mentality to belong in a pack. As such, the alpha member of the pack will resort to aggression to show other beta members their roles and places.

When A Beagle Is Trying To Enjoy Their Meal

Lots of dogs are overly protective of their food during mealtimes. This is so known that it has been given a name: Food aggression.

If you attempt to remove the food dish from your Beagle while he is still eating or you try to grab him a treat, he might respond in an aggressive manner.

You may think this is strange, as your Beagle has never gone hungry or starved.

However, if you continue with no further training to work on its obedience, the food aggression towards humans may persist and worsen over time.

When A Beagle Is Being Mishandled By Kids

Usually, Beagles get along with kids and small children just fine. However, a Beagle could start to show signs of aggression towards children if they hurt them.

Children might not intentionally hurt a Beagle, but things such as pulling a Beagle’s ears or tail may cause them to snap as a way to defend themselves.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by educating young kids about how they should treat an animal.

Children have to learn from a young age how to respect dogs. And if the child is too young to respect a dog, you need to wait until they are old and mature enough to understand how to respect an animal.

Beagles Could Show Aggression Towards Other Animals

Generally, beagles get along with other animals, as they are pack dogs and prefer to have some company. And in most cases, they will fall in love with cats, treating them as equals.

However, there are two cases where a Beagle could show aggression towards other animals, which could cause owners to become concerned:

When A Beagle Marks Their Territory

All dogs mark their territory, and getting aggressive in these situations is normal for dogs.

Beagles will get aggressive if they have marked their territory and feel like another dog is invading or disrespecting their territory.

This could also happen when you bring a new dog or car home. Your Beagle may not be welcoming this new house guest with open arms, as this new member may be approaching its food, toys, bed, and other family members.

When A Beagle Is Hunting Its Prey

Beagles have been bred as hunting and tracking dogs. They have instincts that tell them to chase prey until they have caught them.

So, if your Beagle is always on the chase of squirrels, birds, or even cats, it’s merely because of its instincts of being a hunter!

You might be relieved to hear that a Beagle would primarily only chase an animal without hurting them. Instead, a Beagle would enjoy the chase.

When catching an animal, a Beagle will be very unlikely to engage in aggression towards the animal.

Beagles Could Show Aggression As A Response To Pain Or Fear

Aggression is a very common response that could be seen in almost all animals when they are in fear or pain. If your Beagle requires medical assistance and is in pain, they might become aggressive toward you and other animals.

This is because they think if you touch them, their pain will worsen. Your Beagle will also become aggressive when they are scared.

This is known to be called “Fear aggression,” where a dog resorts to aggression to deal with a threat. This is another reason why a tiny Chihuahua acts aggressively towards bigger dogs.

How Will A Beagle Show Signs Of Aggression?

Due to a Beagle’s playful yet naughty nature and tendencies, it could become challenging to determine whether your beloved Beagle is aggressive or playful.

Below are the most common ways a beagle would display their aggression toward other dogs:

Beagles Will Show Aggression By Staying Guard

When a Beagle tries to show aggression by staying put, it’s usually in areas close to its food bowl, bed, or toys.

The Beagle has claimed these objects for itself and keeps guard of these items. Any dogs that will try to sniff these items will get snarled.

This is a very common type of behavior in dogs, so it won’t be something to be concerned about if the behavior does not get worse.

Beagles Will Show Aggression By Chasing Other Animals Away

Sometimes, an owner may think this behavior is playful and silly. However, if your Beagle is chasing away smaller breeds of dogs while growling, you need to take this as a clear sign of aggression and that your Beagle wants others to stay away from its territory.

Beagles Will Show Aggression By Growing And Barking

If your Beagle is barking, growling, or showing its teeth at other dogs, this is its way of showing dominance to the rest.

This could also be a way of your Beagle telling other dogs to back away from their territory.


Overall, Beagles make lovely family pets and will give you joy and happiness during your lifetime. However, some situations could cause Beagles to become aggressive, and it is up to you to know when and why your Beagle is aggressive and if their behavior can be justified.


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