Names For Beagles

Your beagle puppy needs a name that you will love and be willing to live with forever. You should choose one that fits them. So, if you’re struggling to think of a name, here are some awesome ideas!

beagle running in snow
Beagle puppy dog running in winter snow

Here are a few names you can consider for your beagle puppy:

  1. Zoe
  2. Luna
  3. Daisy
  4. Bellatrix
  5. Josey
  6. Milo
  7. Loki
  8. Archie
  9. Thor
  10. Max
  11. And more!

Choosing a name for your puppy is a big step toward incorporating him or her into your family. So, you need to choose one that fits their awesome personality.

What Can I Name My Female Beagle?

female beagle laying on side with owner
Beagle dog female owner caress stroking her pet lying on the back on natural stroking dog on the floor and enjoying the warm home atmosphere.

There are so many names you can choose from to name your female beagle. Here are the top 18 beautiful names you can consider. Each has a short description of its meaning.


Zoe is of Greek origin, derived from the name “Eve,” which means life. It can refer to someone full of life. A perfect name for an energetic beagle!


Luna translates to the moon in Latin. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess Luna. It’s also the name of a popular Harry Potter character (Luna Lovegood). It is one of the most popular dog names.


Daisy means “day’s eye.” It is of Latin origin. It is a popular flower name. Daisy is a wholesome name for your female beagle!


Bellatrix means Female Warrior and is of Latin origin. Once again, Bellatrix is also the name of a popular Harry Potter character. She was evil, but it’s a great name nonetheless!


The name Josey means God Will Add. It is also an abbreviation of Josephine and Hebrew origin. It is a very laid-back, feminine name.


Phoebe means “bright” or “shining one.” It is of Greek origin. It is also the by the name of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. It is a warm and captivating name, fitting for your dog.


Tessie is derived from the name “Teresa” or “Theresa.” The name is of English origin and means harvester.


Arya is an Indian and Iranian name derived from “Aria,” which means “faithful,” “honorable,” or “noble one.” In Aramaic, the name means lioness.


Cecilia means “blind” and is of Latin origin. It is the female form of Cecil. Saint Cecilia was also the patron saint of music and musicians.


Of Hawaiian origin, Malia means “calm and peaceful.” It comes from the word “malie,” which means peaceful.


An Arabic name, Ayesha, means “womanly” or “she who lives.” It is a variant of the name Aisha, who was the youngest wife of the prophet Muhammad. It is a popular name among Muslim women.


Stella means “celestial star.” It is of both Latin and Italian origin.


Nanea is of Hawaiian origin, which means “fascinating,” “relaxed,” or “enjoyable.”


Dorothy is derived from the Greek name Dorothea which means “God’s Gift.” It’s also the heroine’s name in “The Wonderful World of Oz.”


Perdita is the name of the main female character in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Its original meaning is “lost.”


Arabella means “yielding to prayer.” It has Latin origins and can also mean beautiful, loving, lovable, and graceful. In English, Arabella can also mean “beautiful lion.”


An ancient Arabic name, Layla, means “night” or “dark.”    


The word ella in Spanish means “she.” So it can be used to refer to “girl” or “feminine.” It is also an English name with Germanic origins with the meaning “fairy maiden” or “all.” In Hebrew, the name means “goddess.”

What Can I Name My Male Beagle?

There are a ton of cute names for your male beagles. Here are the best 18 names for beagles you can choose from. Each has a short description of its meaning.


There are many meanings for the name Milo. In Slavic, it means “beloved” or “dear.” In Latin, it means “soldier,” while in Greek, the word “milos” means “yew-flower.”


Loki is of Norse origin and means “airy.” However, the name Loki is more known as the name of the God of Mischief in Norse mythology. If you love Marvel or Norse Mythology, this is a great name for your mischievous beagle.


Archie is a shortened version of the name “Archibald.” It is an English and Scottish name that means “brave.”


Thor is also of Norse origin and means “thunder.” It is also the name of the God of thunder, strength, and war in Norse Mythology.


Max means “greatest” and is the shortened version of Maximillian. A great name for the best dog in the world!


This name has Latin origins and means “leader” or “to lead.” A perfect name for your beagle if he is the leader of the herd!


Oliver means “olive tree.” An olive tree symbolizes beauty and fruitfulness.


This name is commonly known as the name of the wizard mentor of King Arthur in Arthurian tales. It also has Welsh origins and means “sea fortress.”


Coco means “chocolate bean,” derived from the Spanish word “cocoa.”  Perfect for your playful, brown-toned beagle.


Marley has English origins and means “pleasant seaside meadow.” This name is perfect for male or female dogs.


If you loved Scooby-Doo, this is another great name for your beagle. Scooby means “a clue” or something that helps solve a problem.


Rufus means “red-headed.” The name is of Latin origin but was also the name of the son of Simon of Cyrene in the bible.


Shiloh means “heavenly peace.” It can also mean “tranquil.” It is also a unisex name and is perfect for your calm and peaceful beagle.


Tobias has Hebrew origins and means “God is good.” This is suitable for any loving and good-natured dog!


Clarke has Latin origins that means “clerk.” You can also just give your brave beagle this name if you’re a huge fan of Clarke Kent, aka Superman!


Felix means “lucky” or “happy.” This is a great name for your happy beagle!


Silas has Latin and Greek origins. It means “wood” or “forest.” It can also mean “man of the forest.”


This is the name of the legendary King Arthur. It means “noble” and “courageous.” It also has Celtic origins and can mean “bear.”


beagle dog walking in leaf's
Beagle dog in lush autumn foliage. Dog outdoors. Beagle dog portrait close-up.

Consider one of these beautiful and adorable names for your male or female beagle! Remember, choosing a name is an important step, so choose one that appropriately describes your four-legged friend.


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