How Many Dogs Does Rachael Ray Have?

Rachael Ray is a well-known celebrity chef and host of several popular Food Network programs as well as a branded magazine and cookbooks. She is also an outspoken breed advocate for Pit Bulls and has developed her own line of dog food, Nutrish, which is available in supermarkets and pet stores.

Now to our question… how many dogs does Rachael Ray have?

Rachael Ray has one dog, a Pit Bull named Isaboo who she got as a puppy 15 years ago. She had another Pit Bull named Boo who died in 2004 at the age of 13; she had owned him for 11 years.

What Kind of Dog Is Isaboo?

Isaboo is a red-nosed Pit Bull. She is red-furred with white markings on her face, chest, and legs. According to Rachael Ray, she was heartbroken after the death of her first Pit Bull Boo in 2004. Boo died under anesthesia while receiving x-rays during an exam. Boo was Rachael’s constant companion and a frequent taste tester of her cooking recipes. After the dog’s passing, she and her husband began asking around on the web looking for red-nosed Pit Bulls like her departed friend.

After meeting with many puppies without finding the right fit, Rachael found a female who had been born just after Boo’s death. The pup had similar markings and a sweet, worried expression that stole Rachael’s heart. They adopted the pup and named her Isaboo in Boo’s honor. The other half her name comes from “Isabelle,” which is one of Rachael’s favorite girl names.

Isaboo has gotten celebrity treatment thanks to her well-off owner. The dog was present for Rachael and her husband’s vow renewal in Tuscany in 2015. The dog wore a wreath of flowers around her neck and posed as ring-bearer for the ceremony. It’s reported that Ray spends $80,000 on a private jet so the dog can travel comfortably with them when they go overseas to visit Italy. The celebrity chef even bakes Isaboo a special birthday cake each year.

Rachael Ray and her husband do not have any children, and Isaboo is like a daughter to the chef. Isaboo even visited the TV studio on “take your daughter to work day” ( and spends time at the workplace of both her human “parents” on a regular basis.

Is Rachael Ray an Animal Lover?

In addition to her personal love for her beloved Pit Bull, Rachael Ray isn’t shy about showing her love for dogs. She has a charity, Rachael’s Rescue, which has donated more than $21 million to pet-related charities and organizations caring for animal welfare throughout the country. Organizations Rachael Ray supports include the Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, and North Shore Animal League.

Ray’s pet food line, Nutrish, helps to fund Rachael’s Rescue. Proceeds from pet food sales are funneled through the charity and into various animal causes. The food is marketed as a high-quality alternative to other foods in its price bracket.

Rachael Ray is also an outspoken supporter of Pit Bulls and a critic of breed restrictions and breed-specific bans. However, her views have come into fire among Pit Bull critics. Several groups online claim that Isaboo has been involved in multiple fights with other dogs, including one high-profile attack in 2016 where the other dog’s ear was torn.

Although there was some speculation at the time that Isaboo might be put down after the attack, the Pit Bull is alive and well, and Rachael continues to advocate for the breed’s welfare. She has sold calendars showing photographs of Pit Bulls sweetly and obediently interacting with children, and rescue Pit Bulls in need of homes have appeared from time to time as guests on her Food Network shows.

Is Nutrish a Good Dog Food?

Dogs food from Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray may be a celebrity chef and dog-lover, but is her brand of pet food a good choice for your furry friend? The Dog Food Advisor gives it a solid 4-star ranking, the second-highest quality tier for pet food.

There are 4 dry dog food varieties in the Nutrish line:

  1. Turkey and Potato
  2. Salmon and Sweet Potato
  3. Beef, Potato and Bison
  4. Chicken and Sweet Potato

All of the foods are grain-free and made primarily whole food. Meat and meat meal are the first and second ingredients. The foods have a good mixture of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The foods do contain beet pulp and pea powder, which are somewhat controversial ingredients among dog food experts, but they are included in small quantities. Their presence on the ingredient list does not detract from the overall quality of the food.

Nutrish is widely available in grocery stories and supermarkets as well as retailers like Wal-Mart, and it’s one of the better-quality dog foods found in these areas.

In 2018, a New York man raised a lawsuit against the pet food brand for allegedly containing an herbicide and for deceptive marketing in labeling the food “natural.” The manufacturer opposes these claims. Rachael Ray, herself was not targeted by the lawsuit.

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  1. So is her dog food bad for my dog? I saw an article about her dog food and I give it to my pit bull and I was gonna get some for my puppy and I am scared now … please be honest, they are my babies and I don’t want anything to happen to them.

  2. I agree with Rachael Ray that Pit Bulls get a bad rap. I know first hand that they are not always the best with other animals, but with humans they are the sweetest and most loyal of dogs. I believe that they were once called “Nanny” dogs as they could be trusted to guard children.

    I write this in memory of Rocky my handsome and sorely missed Pit Bull. (2008 -2014)

  3. I was sad to see that Isaboo passed. My husband and I have lost three dogs that we loved dearly. I have found that getting another dog does help. They bring such joy to your life. Each dog has such a different personality that you fall in love all over again. The new puppy never really replaces your other dog but he or she will help fill in your sorrow with happiness and love.
    I just saw your new puppy yesterday congrats..she is gorgeous. Good luck


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