How High Can German Shorthaired Pointers Jump?

German Shorthaired Pointer (aka German bird dog) is known for their hiking and hunting skills intact since their birth. These dogs can be energetic companions for you in any task.

Their athletic physique with a broad and long body containing a lot of strength makes them good guard dogs and tough competitors for other dog breeds in dog sports events and competitions.

In this article, we will talk about their jumping potentiality in-depth and answer several questions related to their jumping activities. So, stick until the end to learn everything about these great family pets. 

Let’s dive in!

Are GSPs Good Jumpers? 

Yes, German Shorthaired Pointers are very good jumpers. They love jumping, and their energetic body makes it easier for them to follow their love of jumping.

They are joyful and will romp and bounce all over the house like a kid! These dogs can be the perfect choice for you if you want to participate in dog jumping competitions, as they are highly energetic and athletic.

What Height Can a German Shorthaired Pointer Reach?

German Shorthaired Pointers are famous for their versatility and ability to adapt easily to different conditions. They are included in proficient hunting and sporting dog breeds.

As an athletic dog breed with a lot of energy, they can cross a 6 ft high fence without any difficulty. 

What is the Ideal Height of the Fence for Them?

German Shorthaired Pointers love to play without their leashes on. As we know, they are full of joy and power and wouldn’t stop playing in a few minutes. In such cases, you will get tired of watching them.

Also, when they get bored, they will try to escape from the garden to explore the world outside the yard.

So, to stop them from escaping the garden, it becomes important to fence it sufficiently high. As we have told you before, they can easily jump at 6 feet, so a fence a little taller than that will fill the bill. You can leave them to play in the garden without worrying about them.

How Fast Can a GSP Run?

This hunting dog has a tall body with quite long legs, enough for them to get a speed of 44 miles per hour.

German Shorthaired Pointer’s background consists of sporting, hiking, and hunting, which makes it a healthy breed, and that is obvious because of its high energy level and running speed.

So, your German Shorthaired can easily keep up with you if you run!

Can They Be Considered Guard Dogs?

German Shorthaired Pointers can also be used as guards. With their slender build and tall body, they can become a macho protector and guard the family.

Although they are considered family dogs, with adequate training and exercise, they will definitely learn how to guard a family and house since their hunting competency and muscular physique provide them with qualities to guard. 

So you can have a good night’s sleep without worry!

What Does It Mean When a GSP Jumps on You and Licks You?

It is a pacifying gesture from a German Shorthaired Pointer when they jump on you and start licking. It is a cue to the new person that there is nothing frightening here, and if they lick and jump on a familiar person, it means that they love being there.

It is a signal that they are not afraid of you if you are a stranger and that you also don’t have to get nervous as they will not cause any harm. They behave in such a way with their owners to show their love and affection towards them. This reflects a distinctive bond between the dog and its owner.

Will It Be a Good Idea To Train Them for Professional Dog Events?

The answer to this question depends on you and your dog. If you think your dog has enough resilience, stamina, and energy to go for training every day, you can try to get them into sports events.

When the weight and health of a German Shorthaired Pointer are normal, on average, they can jump about 4 to 6 feet high. If they get the right training and regular running, the jumping height can be extended and used to achieve medals.

Since they have sportsmanship in them by birth, there will be nothing wrong with giving them training for participating in professional dog sports events.

What Does It Mean When They Jump on You All the Time?

Dogs usually start jumping when they get excited by something, like seeing their owner. By doing this, they try to search for some physical and emotional affection and contact.

Also, they might be a bit sensitive to physical touch and try to get some attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at a few more frequently asked questions.

Which one is better – female or male GSP?

There is no noticeable difference between a female and male German Shorthaired Pointer when considering their hunting competencies. Both genders have equally strong instincts, making them powerful hunting dogs. The difference relating to temperament and trainability is totally based on personal preference.

When do they become fully grown?

There are various growing phases of GSPs. It takes between 18 to 24 months for one to be fully grown.

Do German Shorthaired Pointers Cuddle?

Yes! German Shorthaired Pointers really like to cuddle with their owner. Because of their loyal and cuddling nature, these dogs are considered perfect family companions! They love to get your trust and affection and want to display it every time.

Can they be considered smart?

German Shorthaired are considered smart dog breeds. They behave well with children and other dogs and obey the instructions of their owners.

Can German Shorthaired Pointers Swim?

German Shorthaired Pointers are very good at swimming. Due to their slender, muscular body and webbed feet, they find it easy to swim and love doing it! But make sure you don’t let them in water for too long in winter as they would easily get a fever because of their short hair.

What is their lifespan?  

German Shorthaired Pointers have a lifespan of about 12 to 14 years. They are prone to several minor health issues like hypothyroidism, von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), pannus, torsion, and entropion. Major health concerns include Lymphedema.

Final Words

Most people don’t know the full potential of a German Shorthaired Pointer. They have hunting and hiking skills, and with the right training and exercise, they can extend these skills further.

With their strong, muscular, and slender bodies, GSPs are very good jumpers and can jump as high as 6 feet. So, ensure you install the fences at enough height to prevent your dog from escaping the yard. 

Now that we have discussed enough questions related to them, we hope all your doubts are clear.

Thanks for reading!

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