German Shorthaired Halloween Costumes

It is very difficult to make a German Shorthaired Pointer stay quiet for a long time. These dogs are very energetic, playful, and always busy.

If you don’t want several holes dug in your garden when you come home, taking your dog with you and involving them in the Halloween celebration will be better. In fact, getting a costume for the dog will be a harder task to do for sure, even more than finding one for yourself! 

However, in this article, this task will become a bit easier because we have provided you with several different costume ideas for German Shorthaired Pointers. You can choose any costume that matches your theme.

So, let’s have a look at them one by one.

Cowboy Costume

If your costume is based on the theme of a cowboy, your dog can also match your theme. There’s no reason why you can not dress them as a cowboy.

That’s a different thing when they see a lasso and recognize it as a leash. But one thing is assured – they will turn people’s heads and look the part in a cowboy hat and divine silk shirt. 

Matching the theme and the color will be the icing on the cake.

Bumblebee Costume

To make your German Shorthaired Pointer look their best, dressing them in a bumblebee costume will be one of the best ideas.

One more benefit of this outfit other than looking good is that this costume will help your dog stand out in the street so that you can fill your bucket with candies without interruption.

Construction Master Outfit 

It will be quite a unique way to dress your GSP as a construction worker. 

Your dog will become a master in construction projects when they dress up in a bright orange-colored vest. However, you will not feel safe living in a house built by an animal with no thumbs!

Devil Outfit

We know that German Shorthaired Pointers can not be considered less than a little devil because of their naughty behavior especially when it comes to messing up things by chewing them or digging holes in the yard.

We can highlight this personality on Halloween by giving them a devilish look using two red horns. This is a simple yet effective outfit for the Halloween celebration.

Cheerleader Outfit

If you want to give a look to your GSP that will make them steal the limelight, a cheerleader outfit is a good idea!

This will give them a cute and unique look that will definitely catch people’s eye and attract them. 

Note – You have to be attentive to not leave your dog alone with those streamers; otherwise, it will take only a few seconds for them to rip them off into shreds.

Costume of a Veterinarian  

Dressing your furry friend to get the look of a vet will be the most difficult compared to any other costume.

This is valid since the word vet is itself a terrifying word for not only German Shorthaired Pointers but all animals. However, for at least one night, they can dress up like someone they find horrifying!

Pretty Queen Outfit

If you don’t want the previous outfit as it was a bit difficult to dress, don’t worry! Here we have got a super simple outfit to dress.

It’s time to show the world how you pamper your pet by dressing them as a queen for one night, telling the world that your dog is no less than a queen to you and your family!

It will be very easy to make them look like a queen. Just place a veil on their head, and that’s it; the dressing is done.

Princess Outfit

You don’t have to stick only with the pretty queen outfit. You can try some slight variations by going with the princess outfit.

If you want to add some extra things besides just a veil, like in the previous outfit, go with the pink princess dress with shiny glitter and glamour. If you want, you can replace the veil with a crown. Don’t forget to give the royal treatment to your dog that they deserve!

The King Costume 

Want to give your dog a king outfit? You can dress them as a king if you find this outfit more attractive and easy rather than a princess or queen costume.

Since it would not be possible that your dog does not destroy the outfit you dressed them in, a king outfit will be the best. It would be a super simple task to dress your German Shorthaired Pointer as a king because you only have to put a crown on their head.

Things To Remember While Choosing the Outfit

Not getting the appropriate costume for your German Shorthaired Pointers in terms of size, fitting, etc., can be very uncomfortable for your dog and can feel like a punishment to them. So, here are some points to consider while choosing the right costume.

  • Make sure that the costume fits perfectly to your dog. Smaller costumes will feel very tight, and larger ones can be uncomfortable for them while walking or running.
  • Ensure that none of the parts of the costume contains any sharp surface or object. If there are any such things, which may not be detected by you while checking, your dog will start behaving improperly. 
  • Don’t buy too many accessories for the costume, as there is no use for them in the case of GSPs. They are experts in ruining things and will definitely destroy the costume they wear.
  • Try to buy a light costume so that there can be a chance that your dog does not destroy them and last them for the night.

What is the Size of a GSP’s Neck?

Knowing the neck size of your German Shorthaired Pointer will not only help you buy the right fitting collar, but it will also help in buying the perfect size costume too.

Using a soft measuring tape will be better to get the size of your dog’s neck. Grasp one end of the tape starting with zero and wrap the tape around the broadest part of the dog’s neck using the other hand.

To ensure the measured length doesn’t get small, insert two fingers between the neck and the measuring tape. Generally, GSP’s neck is measured between 15 to 17 inches.

In the End

It’s a bit difficult to get a Halloween costume for your dog. There are many different costume ideas for German Shorthaired Pointers, and you can choose any of them depending on your theme and likeness.

It is always advised to buy a costume that is not too heavy for your dog. Heavy costumes make them uncomfortable, and they will find every possible way to remove that costume. Hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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