Do German Shorthair Lick a Lot? 

Does your German Shorthair lick you so much that you’ve started wondering if their tongue is permanently stuck out? :D

These adorable pooches are known for their never-ending energy and affection, but if this extends to excessive licking, things might become problematic for you. 

Let’s dive into the world of German Shorthairs and find if German Shorthairs lick a lot or not! 

Quick Take

German Shorthair dogs do tend to lick quite a bit. Although not excessive, this habit  is still probably troublesome to those around this dog.  That said, you can keep this problem at bay with proper training. 

With the right training techniques, your German Shorthair will be a well trained good boy (or gal) in no time! 

Reasons Behind Your Dog Licking You

There can be quite a few reasons why your GSP would want to lick, drool and get its slobber all over you. Here are a few of them: 

Signs of Love and Affection

Licking is one of the most commonly used ways of a dog showing affection towards their owner. Since dogs do not really have other ways of showing affection verbally or physically, this does tend to become one of the primary methods used by them. Some dogs might also attempt to hug their owner in their own way, but not as much as licking.

This is understandable due to you being your dog’s primary social connection to the rest of the world. You are its caretaker, its provider and its companion through and through, so it would want to shower you with love and affection no doubt.

This happens to be the case with other dogs around too, as you might see dogs licking one another. Canine mothers also tend to lick their puppies as a method of rewarding good behavior.

Signaling Hunger

Another reason German Shorthairs might lick people or other dogs is to signal that they are hungry. This habit develops from the beginning stage when young puppy’s lick their mother to show that they are hungry. This then signals the mother to eject or regurgitate pre-digested food for their young ones to feed on.

This kind of similar behavior may iterate into their interactions with us, as a form of informing us that they are hungry. This is why you may notice that dogs try to lick our faces sometimes when they are hungry. This comes from their primal habit of asking the provider for food.


Dogs have a tendency to lick other dogs (usually the leader) within their pack to signify that they are an inferior in the pack or to pacify them. This acts as an acknowledgement mechanism for them to accept certain dogs as being higher than them in the hierarchy.

The same applies for human owners too, because we tell them how to live, train them and take care of their needs.

You might also notice that your dog tries to lick you after making a mistake when you begin to scold them. This way, your shorthair could be trying to lick you in order to pacify you and to show that it accepts what you are saying. 

Licking can also become a form of attention seeking if the dog feels it needs you to pay heed to it instead of whatever you are doing at the moment. Although this can be useful at times, such behavior should be avoided at all costs. 

Tasty Delight! 

Sometimes, the only reason your dog could be licking you a lot is because you taste good! Dogs tend to like the salty taste of human skin, caused due to sweat. 

This might make them douse you with slobber once in a while. If a dog likes a certain lotion or cream that you apply, it might try to lick you to get a taste of it. This might turn out to be problematic though, as these products are laced with chemicals that are definitely not suitable for your precious puppers. Use organic coconut oil as a substitute for lotions or creams, if you are worried about your dog licking you often.

As hunting dogs, German Shorthairs also have a liking to meat and meat products, so they can be attracted to areas where you eat food, and might try to lick around to get a bit of that sweet meat treat.

Keeping Your German Shorthair from Licking

We all love our furry friends, but let’s be honest, nobody likes a slobber fest. If you’re tired of being licked to death by your pooch, here are some tips to help you prevent it.

  1. Firstly, ignore your dog! Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes, the best way to nip unwanted behavior in the bud is to simply stop giving it attention. If your dog is constantly licking you, try turning away and not reacting. This will show your dog that licking you won’t result in the attention it craves. 
  1. Secondly, give your dog something else to lick. Chew toys and bones are a great alternative to your skin or furniture. Not only will it give your dog something to focus on, but it’ll also redirect all the slobber to one easy-to-clean object. 
  1. Next up, cleanliness is key. Taking a shower after a workout or a long day out can prevent your dog from licking you due to salty skin and sweat. Additionally, keeping your kitchen and dining areas clean and free of food scraps can also deter your pup from licking everything in sight. 
  1. Finally, if all else fails, grab some Bitter Apple Spray. This magic potion is safe and non-toxic and will prevent your dog from chewing or licking your furniture or household items.


So, there you have it – some simple ways to prevent your dog from licking everything in sight. Just remember, dogs are naturally affectionate creatures, so don’t forget to show them some love in other ways. And if all else fails, just give in and enjoy the slobber – after all, it’s just a little bit of love from man’s best friend. 

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