How Many Dogs Do you Need to Bear Hunt?

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Does Neutering Help With Prey Drive?

Dogs are wonderful companions and can improve the quality of our lives immeasurably. It is also true that a dog with problem behavior can make life challenging and sometimes unbearable. One of the most problematic behaviors owners complain about is high prey drive in a dog. Owners may seek many solutions and consider whether neutering … Read more

Can you Untrain a Hunting Dog?

Dogs and humans have been hunting together since canines were domesticated to survive. Hunting dogs are trained to have a specific skill set like a strong prey drive, endurance, and receptiveness. So, if you have a hunting dog, is it possible to untrain or retrain them not to hunt? Untraining a hunting dog can be … Read more

Can You Teach an Old Dog to Retrieve Ducks?

Duck hunting is an exciting sport that you can enjoy with your dog. Young dogs are easier to teach because they aren’t as set in their ways as older dogs. However, can you teach an old dog to retrieve ducks when you go duck hunting? You can teach an old dog to retrieve ducks with … Read more