How Do I Stop My Dog From Busting Birds?

When you have a dog for hunting, you cannot have it chasing the birds away. So, can you stop your dog from busting birds? You can use several methods to help stop your dog from busting birds. These methods are successful. Here are the methods you can use: Use a long check cord with training … Read more

Duck Hunting Dog Commands

Retrievers have long been used as duck hunting companions and partners. Their amazing sense of smell and ability to take and carry out commands make them the perfect hunting buddies, but just what are those commands, and what do they mean? The most well-known commands used in duck hunting are: Fetch Get in Get on … Read more

Why Are Hunting Dogs Kept in Cages?

Dogs are thought of as mans best friend, so for some people, when they see dogs kept in cages, they become concerned for the well-being of the dogs. Hunting dogs are usually the dogs that you see kept in cages between their hunting trips, but why are hunting dogs kept in cages? Hunters generally keep … Read more

Laid Back Hunting Dogs

A crucial characteristic of hunting dogs is their willingness to work with their owners. This characteristic makes them excellent family dogs and pets. Some hunting dogs are very high energy which will not suit every home. Others may be extremely attached to only one family member, which can be challenging. So which hunting dogs are … Read more

Is Scent Work Tiring for Dogs?

Most people are aware of exercising their dogs physically. They will take their dogs for a walk, run, or even a hike. Not many people think about stimulating or challenging a dog’s mind. Recently dog trainers have been promoting the need to exercise a dog’s mind. There are several ways to do this. One of … Read more

Does Neutering Help With Prey Drive?

Dogs are wonderful companions and can improve the quality of our lives immeasurably. It is also true that a dog with problem behavior can make life challenging and sometimes unbearable. One of the most problematic behaviors owners complain about is high prey drive in a dog. Owners may seek many solutions and consider whether neutering … Read more

Can you Untrain a Hunting Dog?

Dogs and humans have been hunting together since canines were domesticated to survive. Hunting dogs are trained to have a specific skill set like a strong prey drive, endurance, and receptiveness. So, if you have a hunting dog, is it possible to untrain or retrain them not to hunt? Untraining a hunting dog can be … Read more