What Do Brittany Dogs Hunt?

Hunting with a Brittany is a joyful experience, as a Brittany is an excellent pointer, an excellent retriever, and one of the most popular dog breeds when looking for an obedient, affectionate all-around hunting companion. A regular champion in field and conformation trials, what exactly do Brittany dogs hunt? Brittany dogs hunt pheasants, quail, chukar, … Read more

Are Brittany Dogs Pointers Or Flushers?

When heading out on a hunt with your trusty gundog by your side, you need to mirror each other’s movements and almost know beyond doubt what your partner will do in every possible scenario. If you are starting the hunting journey with a Brittany dog or adding a different skillset to your existing pack, you … Read more

Can Brittany Spaniels Duck Hunt?

The argument for specialist versus all-round hunting dogs remains unresolved as the answer lies in the hunter’s goals. The Brittany Spaniel has been bred as a versatile hunting dog, but how well does it perform in a duck hunt compared to the specialist sporting breeds? Brittany Spaniels can hunt ducks. The Brittany Spaniel is bred … Read more

Are Brittany Spaniels Water Dogs?

Watching Brittany Spaniels splash around in puddles of water is sure to make anyone grin; however, are they eternal shallow water waders, or are they, natural-born swimmers? Brittany Spaniels are water dogs; their sleek builds, water-resistant coat, and webbed toes make them fast, agile swimmers. They are proficient at flushing and retrieving waterfowl from lakes, … Read more

Are Brittany Spaniels Good Family Dogs?

Choosing a new puppy is an exciting adventure but choosing the wrong dog is a mistake that will haunt you for many years. Brittany Spaniels have outperformed almost every other gundog breed regarding their adaptability in the field, but how well do they fit in with families? Brittany Spaniels are good family dogs for active, … Read more