Best Dog Shock Collars for Stubborn Dogs (Top 5)

We’ve all had to deal with a stubborn dog — and it’s not easy.

While most dogs learn quickly and adapt, some aren’t as motivated to change. And if left uncorrected, a dog like this can turn out to be a terrible nuisance, or even a genuinely dangerous animal.

This is where a shock collar excels. By using only a modest level of shock, a dog can be discouraged from engaging in most problematic behaviors. These collars can be used to prevent or discourage biting, jumping, running away, chewing, and (of course) those pesky bathroom issues.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing five collars to determine which one is the best for you.

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our opinion on the best shock collar, we recommend the SportDOG SportHunter Family Remote Trainer. It’s a little pricey, but highly durable, fully waterproof, and has an exceptional range.

Here are the five candidates we’ll be reviewing:

  1. LINNSE Shock Collar
  2. SportDOG SportHunter Family Remote Trainer
  3. JIALANJIUYU Dog Training Collar
  4. TBI Pro Dog Shock Training Collar
  5. DogCare Rechargeable Shock Collar

Advantages of a Shock Collar

It Works Because Dogs Don’t Know What It Is

There are several advantages to using a shock collar. Let’s begin with the biggest one. A shock collar disciplines your dog in a manner they don’t understand. In most cases, they won’t realize you’re the one administering the shock. This is a good thing, as it reduces the risk of resentment.

In some cases, dogs will react to discipline with anger and bitterness rather than obedience. A shock collar is ideal for a dog like this because they won’t blame you for the consequences (the shock) of their bad behavior.

Ease of Use

Dogs shock collar

Another advantage of shock collars is they’re easy to use.

You don’t have to chase your dog down and scold them; you don’t even have to roll up a newspaper.

You just press a button, and the device takes care of the rest. This can be particularly useful for big dogs that are difficult to control or sneaky dogs that like to break the rules and then run away.

Alternate Methods of Communication

But it isn’t all about discipline. Most shock collars will also have features like vibration, sound, and light. These mechanisms allow you to communicate with your dog more effectively.

Everyone knows that a dog can learn to react to verbal commands and hand signals, so they can learn to respond to vibration, sound, and light as well.

These features are preferred because they allow you to correct your dog without any pain or unpleasantness. While discipline is necessary for proper dog training, harsh disciplinary methods that involve pain and discomfort have limits in terms of how effective they can be.

For most dogs, there is a natural inclination to follow the pack leader. Remember, these animals are a lot like children in terms of their mentality. You are the most important person in the world, and I can promise you that they want to please you. If you’re considering using a shock collar, they probably aren’t doing a very good job though at the moment. However, this is likely due to a lack of communication.

For a dog to follow your expectations, you’ll need to first make them clear. A shock collar gives you at least one new way to communicate with your dog.

Cheap and Versatile

Another good thing about shock collars is they aren’t costly. As with any product, there are “deluxe” models with much higher price points, but you can usually get a device that will do the job for less than a hundred dollars.

Another advantage of a shock collar is that it can be used in combination with an underground fence to create a real but invisible barrier. This is great for those who need to let their dogs out to “go potty” regularly. Instead of taking the time and trouble of leashing them up and taking them out in the yard, you can turn them loose in the yard and let them back in when they’re finished.

Finally, let’s talk about versatility. Unlike some dog-related products, this one can be useful for any dog owner regardless of their situation. Some products are only suited for outside dogs, while some others are only suited for inside dogs. However, a shock collar can prove useful in any environment and any living situation.

What to Look for in a Shock Collar

Not every collar on the market is worth buying. If you don’t do your homework, it’s easy to end up with a substandard product that doesn’t perform as advertised or as needed. Consider a few factors when selecting your collar to avoid this problem, and you should do fine.

Fully Waterproof

Never consider a collar that isn’t fully waterproof. This device needs to stand up to the filthiest conditions that a dog can dish out. For dogs that like to run and play and dig in the dirt (most of them), a non-waterproof shock collar is likely to stop working after the first rainy day.

Don’t fall for the gimmick of “water-resistant” products. This label usually means that an item is partially waterproof but with limitations on how much water it can withstand. Products like these will last a little longer, but wet conditions will still take them down. Make sure the labeling says, “waterproof.”

Controlled Shock Only

There are some collars on the market that offer an automatic response. For instance, there are “bark collars” intended to give the dog a tiny jolt whenever they start barking. The product was not included in our review because it has an automatic function. This feature is both unsafe and irresponsible.

The idea of using shock to correct a dog seems questionable to some, but it is perfectly humane if done correctly. Any device that takes power out of your hands and puts it into the hands of a computer should be avoided. Some may disagree on this point, but we maintain that shock-based discipline is only safe when controlled by a competent human hand.

Just think about how many times your computer has malfunctioned within the past year. Chances are, you’ve dealt with at least one issue, whether big or small. With a device that delivers an electric shock, one malfunction can be enough to do serious harm. Although I can’t find any proven examples of a dog being killed as a result of a malfunctioning shock collar, it still pays to be safe.

A Good Warranty

All electronic devices have a higher likelihood of malfunctioning than the average product. As such, they should be covered by a good warranty. While there’s plenty of room for debate about how long a warranty should be, there’s no doubt that a product like this requires one.

When you add the sometimes-unpredictable behavior of dogs in the mix, you find that this device needs to be tough. If a company isn’t willing to stand behind their product with a good warranty, it can indicate poor quality. You should not consider any shock collar that doesn’t offer at least some sort of warranty.

Lots of Options for Type and Intensity

As we mentioned earlier, you should look for a device that offers more than one way to signal your dog. Shock is only one of the many ways to communicate with your pet, and it isn’t always necessary. Many pet owners have found that a sharp vibration or a loud noise can be enough to startle the dog and correct the behavior. Also, if your shock collar has light, sound, or vibration signals, you can use it as a way to develop a system of communication.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are perfectly able to communicate in a complex way. Although they have never invented a language, a social animal like a dog relies heavily on social signals and body language. Dogs are smart enough to understand a wide range of commands, so don’t sell them short.

As for the shock function, any good shock collar should allow you to adjust the shock intensity. This allows the device to be used on dogs of all sizes. More importantly, it allows for an extra safety factor, which is always a plus for any caring dog owner.


There is no sense to make things harder on your dog than is necessary. As such, you don’t want to get them a shock collar that’s excessively heavy, poorly padded, or made with burrs (raised edges) and rough spots. Some cheap shock collars will skimp on this aspect of production to save a few dollars.

If possible, you should try the collar on yourself before putting it on your dog. This will not be possible in many cases, especially if you have small dogs. However, you can take a small collar and buckle it around your arm, wrist, or leg. It doesn’t matter which limb you use; what matters is that you get a feel for how comfortable this collar is likely to be. You will also get some idea of its weight and balance. This will help you to figure out if that collar is right for your dog.

Dog Shock Collar Reviews:

This is probably the best shock collar on the market. For a start, it has a very sensitive power adjustment that allows you to set the intensity of the shock from level 1 to level 100. This is very good because it allows for absolute precision. This is particularly important when you put this collar on a small dog, an older dog, or a dog with health problems.

The remote control has a range of 2600 feet, which should be sufficient for just about any situation. If your dog is in need of serious corrective training, you probably don’t want to let them get that far away from their master anyway. There are models with longer ranges, but this range seems perfectly adequate. 2600 feet translates to 800 yards. That’s the length of eight football fields.

This one gets points in the comfort department because of its double-layer design. The band that holds the unit and the band that goes around the dog’s neck are two different straps layered together. This is good because it does a better job of supporting the weight of the main unit. The only downside is that it makes the whole collar seem excessively thick. The inside of the collar is padded and seems comfortable.

Like any good shock collar, this one is labeled “100% waterproof.” This is especially good for breeds that love the water, like Labrador Retrievers. It also has all the extras that we want. You can use a vibration setting to get the dog’s attention, and there are also light and sound functions for the same purpose.

This collar comes with a one-year warranty, which isn’t bad. Another great feature is the multi-channel system that allows you to train up to three dogs at once. You switch between dogs with the touch of a single button, making it quick and easy.


  • Precise adjustment
  • Good range
  • Comfortable design
  • Fully waterproof
  • Vibration, light, and sound settings
  • Multi-channel


  • Collar is very thick
  • 1-year warranty is good, but could be better
  • Collar is slightly harder to adjust

This is the high-end model. The Sporthunter blows all the competition out of the water in terms of specs. However, there is a large price to pay if you want this model. It is by far the most expensive collar on our list, and the margin isn’t even close. However, this thing does offer some serious benefits for those who can afford it.

For one thing, the Sporthunter has a range of up to one mile. This makes sense because this particular model is intended for hunting and sporting dogs that often work outside. While the average person would never need this kind of range, a hunter very well might.

The main unit of the collar is relatively small. This is great for active dogs because it means less weight and a higher comfort level. For those who hunt with an entire pack of hounds, this unit can train up to six dogs at once. The intensity level can be adjusted with a knob located on the handset.

The settings go from levels one to eight, and the knob makes it very easy to adjust the power level quickly. That being said, the knob is a little bit of a problem because it is too easy for the knob to be turned accidentally. This could lead to a dog being shocked too hard or too little.

As you would expect, this one is completely waterproof. The advertising says that it can be submerged up to 25 feet without harm. The collar band itself is a nice thick piece of leather, held together with a very thick steel buckle. It would be hard to fault this one in the durability department. The contact points are a little sharp, and this seems to be unnecessary.


  • Extreme long range
  • Compact receiver unit
  • Easy power adjustment
  • Fully waterproof
  • Durable construction


  • Highly expensive
  • Contact points are too sharp
  • On/off button is located on the underside of the receiver, between the two contact points, where it may be accidentally pressed

This one may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to use. This is a well-rounded product that has a lot of good features without being excessive in any one department. One of the best things about this product is its small size.

I wouldn’t want to wear a big heavy box around my neck, and I’m pretty sure my dog wouldn’t like that either. Thus, this one gets major points by putting as little stress on the dog as possible. At the same time, the remote control is a little bit too large. It is hard to fit in most pockets, but this isn’t a huge downside.

The range for this unit is 1800 feet, which equals 600 yards. Unless you are training your dogs for long-range game retrieval or something like that, 600 yards should be plenty. The advertising says that this model is good at transmitting through walls and other barriers. This doesn’t make a huge difference because you will usually use a shock collar when your dog is in sight. It could be used if you hear your dog digging in the garbage from the next room, for instance, so it’s still a nice bonus.

This product is completely waterproof and said to be suitable for swimming. It has the appropriate extra signals like vibration, noise, and light. All in all, this model seems to have everything we need. However, the collar band is a little too thin, and the battery life is slightly inferior.


  • Well-rounded
  • Very small
  • Light, noise, and vibration signaling
  • Decent range
  • Through-wall effectiveness
  • Waterproof


  • Collar band is a little too thin
  • Battery life could be better
  • Remote is too large

This is a very popular product, and there are some obvious reasons. The entire thing is thick and beefy, and very durable. There aren’t any obvious weak points. The band is extremely wide, with a good thick piece of steel for a buckle.

The receiver unit is well-sealed and is said to be 100% waterproof. However, it should be noted that the receiver unit is a little bit large. I would not recommend this model for small dogs. Still, this model offers simple controls, precise power adjustment, and a decent warranty.


  • Durable construction
  • 1-100 levels of intensity
  • Fully waterproof
  • Full replacement warranty
  • Simple controls


  • Receiver is much too big
  • Power adjustment is kind of slow
  • Warranty should be longer

The main thing that comes to mind when I look at this model is “slim.” The makers of this product definitely made an effort to produce the most compact product that they could. Both the receiver unit and the remote are very small compared to most other brands.

The remote for this one is a little bit hard to operate at first, but you get used to it with a little practice. Despite its’ small size, this collar has all the usual bells and whistles, such as light signaling, sound tones, vibration mode, and full waterproofing. This one only has a range of about 330 yards (roughly 1000 feet), but this will still be enough for most users. This model also has a unique safety feature that allows you to lock the remote. This is meant to guard against accidental triggering of the correction device.


  • Very compact
  • Light, sound, and vibration modes
  • Fully waterproof
  • Safety lockout feature
  • Can train two dogs at once


  • Range isn’t particularly good
  • Controls are a little confusing
  • Smaller unit might be more easily destroyed

Final Thoughts

Overall, we believe that the SportDOG SportHunter Family Remote Trainer is the best dog shock collar for stubborn dogs. It delivers all the required features with specs that are quite respectable. It stands out in terms of range, durability, comfort, and ease of use — and is reasonably priced.

Regardless of your choice, we hope that you’ve found our roundup review helpful. Best of luck with your dog.

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