Beagles Energy Levels

The Beagle is a dog breed that was developed for hunting small game. They have an excellent sense of smell and a high prey drive, and they are quite vocal. These hunting dogs are also very active.

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Beagle dog on a walk in a park.

Beagles have high energy levels. These active dogs need plenty of regular exercise – 45 to 90 minutes of activity daily. Beagles are fun-loving and enjoy playing with their owners, going for walks, running, and doing agility training. They are the perfect dog for active families with children.

If Beagles do not have an outlet for all their energy, they can quickly become a handful! There are plenty of different ways to give Beagles the exercise they need and get rid of all their pent-up energy. However, one must be careful not to over-exercise Beagle puppies before their skeletal systems are fully developed.

Are Beagles High Energy Dogs?

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Beagles are energetic dogs that require a lot of exercise. As a hunting breed, these dogs have been bred to be active so that they can spend days on end chasing rabbits for their owners.

Just because Beagles have high energy levels, it does not mean that you cannot have a Beagle if you live in an apartment. While they may prefer to have a large garden to run around in, they are adaptable to a range of living situations.

As long as you ensure that a Beagle has ways to expend its boundless energy, these versatile dogs make fantastic companions.

It is crucial that Beagles have their exercise needs met. If they do not have an appropriate outlet for their energy, they will find one, and it may be chewing on your belongings, digging up the garden, or howling for hours on end.

If Beagles’ exercise needs are not sufficiently met, it can cause them to behave restlessly or even get moody. Owners can manage their Beagles’ high energy levels by taking them for daily walks, but this is generally not enough exercise for them. They need intense activity that involves running.

At What Age Do Beagles Calm Down?

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Beagle dog jumping and running with a toy in garden, towards the camera. Vertical photo

Beagle puppies are little bundles of energy! They can be quite demanding of your time and attention, and this can feel overwhelming. You may be wondering at what age they start to calm down a bit?

Beagles are naturally excitable and hyperactive, and they never fully calm down. However, at around 12 to 18 months old, owners typically notice a change in their Beagle pup’s behavior.

They will still be more energetic than the average dog, but they will not have quite as much energy as when they are between 4 and 12 months old. This is the stage in their life when Beagles are the most hyper.

How To Exercise A Beagle Properly

Beagles require moderate and intense exercise. Only taking these dogs for daily walks is not enough activity for them.

Walking a Beagle at a brisk pace constitutes moderate exercise. Walking is a fantastic activity for them. It gives you time to work on leash training, allows their muscles to stretch, maintains their muscle mass, and releases some energy.

Take a Beagle for an hour-long walk every day. You could take them on two 30-minute walks, or you can opt for a single long walk. The bare minimum is a 20-minute walk per day.

If you do not have the capacity to take your Beagle for a walk every day, you should consider hiring a dog walker.

To give your Beagle more intense cardiovascular exercise, you can take them running with you, play fetch with them, or arrange play dates with other dogs.

Beagles are more than capable of keeping up with you on runs. Adult Beagles can run at around 20 mph on average. The average man runs at about 8.5 mph, while the average woman runs at about 6.5 mph.

Aim to take a Beagle on at least one intense run per week, but two intense exercise sessions per week is best. You do not only need to go running with them. There are also plenty of other ways to expend a Beagle’s energy.

Playing fetch with a ball or a frisbee is an excellent way to give Beagles the exercise they need. Not only does it give them an opportunity to run and jump, but it also gives you a chance to train important commands, like “sit”, “fetch”, “come”, and “release”.

Doing agility training with a Beagle is a great way to stimulate them physically and mentally. Manoeuvring through an obstacle course is sure to release their pent-up energy! It is also great fun for the owner, even if you never compete in any dog shows!

Since Beagles are scent hounds, you can also play hide and seek with them using treats. Hide a few treats around your house and enjoy watching your Beagle running around to find them all.

When To Begin Exercising A Beagle Puppy

Beagle puppies’ skeletal systems are not fully developed until about 18 months of age. Until they reach this age, it is important for them not to over-exert themselves. This can cause abnormalities in their bone development.

Therefore, taking a Beagle puppy on long hikes or runs is not a good idea. Stick to walks and limit the distance to one mile. Two one-mile walks per day are safe. You want the puppy to get some exercise, but you do not want them to exert themselves fully.

Please do not take your Beagle puppy walking in public places before they have had all their puppy vaccines! Wait until they are fully vaccinated to avoid your pup getting sick. Many of the diseases that they are vaccinated against are fatal.

It is OK to play fetch with a Beagle puppy, but do not allow them to reach a point where they are panting and out of breath!


Beagles are known for their high energy levels. Compared to other dog breeds, they are very active. It is important for owners to ensure that Beagles get the right amount of exercise. Going for daily walks and having one or two sessions of intense exercise per week are crucial!


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