Beagle Feeding Chart

Beagles are very energetic and active dogs, mainly since they were developed for hunting. Because of this, they need a high number of calories. Knowing when to feed your beagle and how much is important to ensure a happy and healthy dog.

Beagle puppies should generally be fed 3 to 4 times a day. You can feed them from 2.5 to 14 ounces depending on their age. Adult beagles can be fed once or twice, 4.9 – 11.2 ounces per day, depending on their weight and activity level. The more your dog weighs, the more food he needs per day.

If you want your beagle to be happy and healthy, you must consistently feed them nutritious dog food. If you’re not sure of how to feed your beagle, whether they’re a puppy or an adult, we’ve got you covered!

How Much To Feed Your Beagle Puppy

Your puppy needs around 2 to 4 meals per day. Below is a feeding chart indicating how many ounces of food to give your puppy as they age.

  Age (months)Amount of Food Per DayAmount of Meals Per Day
2 – 32.5 – 4.5 oz4
43 – 6 oz4
5 – 68 – 12 oz3
7 – 810 – 14 oz3
9 – 109 – 14 oz2 – 3
10 – 128 – 14 oz2

Beagles are small but robust. They tend to overeat, so you must follow a consistent feeding guide. From the age of six months, they should usually eat one to one-and-a-half cups of food per day (8 to 14 ounces). Take into account how active they are.

How Much To Feed Your Adult Beagle

It is important to know that various factors affect how much you should feed your beagle daily. You need to consider the food’s nutritional value, your beagle’s activity, weight, and age.

Here is a feeding chart that roughly indicates how much you need to feed your beagle per day. It is recommended to break the amount of food into two meals daily.

  Age (years)Ounces Per Total Weight of Beagle (Per Day)
22 – 26 lbs28 – 33 lbs35 – 40 lbs42 – 46 lbs48 – 55 lbs
24.9 – 5.6 oz6.3 – 6.8 oz7 – 7.6 oz7.4 – 8.1 oz8.4 oz
3 – 45.6 – 6.3 oz6.7 – 8.1 oz8.1 – 9.5 oz8.8 – 10.4 oz9.8 – 11.2 oz
56.3 – 6.5 oz8.1 – 8.6 oz9.1 – 9.8 oz10.5 – 11.211.4 – 11.9 oz
66.5 oz8.4 – 8.8 oz9.1 – 9.8 oz10.5 – 11.211.6 – 12.6 oz
7 – 86.5 oz8.3 – 8.6 oz8.8 – 9.7 oz10.2 – 10.511.4 – 11.9 oz
10 – 125.9 –  6.3  oz8.1 – 8.4 oz8.4 – 9.5 oz9.8 – 10.210.2 – 11.2

You should feed your beagle according to his activity level during the day. If your dog is very active, naturally, you will need to give him more food than if he is sedentary.

What To Feed Your Beagle

The most popular food we feed dogs is dry dog food (kibble) and raw food. Both are good options for your beagle, just as long it has the necessary nutrients.


Dry dog food (kibble) is one of the best nutritional foods for your pet. There are several brands to choose from, ranging from low-cost to premium. Cheap dog food usually does not have enough nutrients for your dog since it is full of preservatives, byproducts, and bulking agents.

Dry dog food or kibble should preferably be grain-free. When buying dry dog food, make sure to check its nutritional value. Usually, as a rule of thumb, it should contain at least 18 percent of protein (according to the American Feed Control Officials) with minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

It should also contain EPA and DHA. These minerals will maintain your dog’s bones, joints, skin, and coat.

For senior dogs, which is from the age of eight for a beagle, you should ensure that the kibble is enriched with EPA and DHA, which are long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are necessary for development and optimal functioning in every stage of life.

The food you feed your senior dog should have calcium, fiber, and protein. The food should also be easily chewable for your senior beagle since dogs tend to swallow without chewing. You can also mix dry kibble with some wet food.

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can be expensive but is very healthy. A raw food diet includes raw meat, fruit, vegetables, bones, and fish oil. This will ensure your beagle gets enough calories and nutritious meals to keep them healthy.

A raw food diet will benefit your dog’s skin, teeth, coat, energy levels, and stool. However, some risks are worth mentioning. Bacteria in raw meat is a risk, and an unbalanced raw food diet over a long period can damage your beagle’s health. Your beagle can also choke on bones, crack a tooth, or get an internal puncture from the bones you feed him.

However, nowadays, you can find commercially processed raw food for your dog at a grocery store or online. They are frozen and contain a blend of grains, meat, vegetables, and vitamins.

Top Dog Food Brands For Your Beagle

Feeding your beagle quality dog food is vital to his health. It’s important to check the dog food ingredients at the back of the bag. What’s great is that most dog foods come with a feeding chart at the back of the bag. This will guide you in terms of how much to feed your beagle.

Royal Canin for Small Adult Breeds Dry Dog Food

This brand is vet-recommended since Royal Canin does actual research and feeding trials to ensure our dogs get all the nutrients they need. It is also delicious.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

Freeze-dried raw food has fewer risks if you’re considering a raw food diet. Stella and Chewy’s can be served dry or mixed with a little warm water. Your dog will definitely love you for this meal!

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains: Beef and Brown Rice Dry Food

This product contains 26 percent protein, 15 percent fat, and 3.5 percent fiber and is great for moderately active dogs.

Royal Canin Adult Beagle Dry Dog Food

Another product from Royal Canin, this product is specifically formulated for beagles and comes with a feeding guide that indicates how you should feed your beagle according to his level of activity and weight. It contains 27 percent protein, 12 percent fat, and 3.7 percent fiber.


Having a feeding guide and schedule for your beagle is very important to prevent under or overfeeding him. The feeding charts above will ensure that your beagle is healthy and happy! Remember to consider your dog’s age, weight, and how active he is when giving him food.


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