Are Vizslas High Maintenance?

With their exquisite coloring and beautiful eyes, these beautiful dogs need only a few seconds of interaction for anyone to label them high maintenance immediately. The question is, are they? Or is this just a label stemming from their exuberant energy that leads to a misunderstanding of the breed?

vizsla running and jumping
photo of running hungarian vizsla dog

The reality is that Vizslas are indeed high maintenance, and those who have long been associated with the breed will readily agree. This does not mean that the Vizsla is an impossible dog to live with, that one cannot train a Vizsla, or that it cannot make a very good family pet.

A Vizsla can thrive in any stable home with good and consistent discipline without driving its owners mad. In fact, in some cases, the breed’s ‘high maintenance’ aspect may even be the very thing a family may need.

Why Are Vizslas So Needy?

vizsla with owner
Vizsla dog hugging owner outside in the forest

This breed requires large amounts of attention as they have been bred to be working dogs, and any working dog either. With their sleek appearance, high intelligence, and never-ending energy, Vizslas were bred for hunting.

Their purpose is to run alongside their owners remaining in close proximity until given the correct signal. They are a breed that will closely bond with their owners and so need constant interaction and reassurance.

Vizslas are very affectionate dogs; they like to be with and around people; if you’re looking for a companion, these dogs will be your ever-constant and loyal shadow.

What Type Of Dog Is A Vizsla?

vizsla digging in the ground
Magyar Vizla – Hungarian dog breed. FCI Group 7 (Pointers)

The Vizsla is a medium-sized breed, they are short and smooth-haired, and on the skinny side, many people will confuse them for red Weimaraners as they have light-colored eyes. They are, however, smaller dogs than a Weimaraner, although they cannot be termed small dogs. Their short hair makes them low maintenance, and regular brushing will ensure that shedding is never excessive.

Their average weight is around 44-66lbs, and they grow to between 20 to 24 inches in height. Vizslas can live up to an average of 12 to 14 years of age, making them good companion dogs.

They are friendly dogs but may become barkers without correct training. Unlike large breeds, they don’t have a problem with drooling, although from time to time, there may be a small strand.

How Active Is A Vizsla?

The breed is very active and athletic, requiring frequent exercise. Ensuring that they get at least 2 hours of exercise a day is recommended. Due to their limitless energy, if Vizslas do not get enough exercise, they can get bored and may get frustrated, which will be taken out on their beds or your furniture.

It will be a good idea only to consider a Vizsla if you have a well-sized garden in which it can run about to burn off all of that energy. Owners should also be prepared to take their Vizsla for at least a few walks per week. As hunting dogs, Vizslas do like to retrieve. Another option for working off energy is having your Vizsla play fetch.

As Vizslas are intelligent and trainable, they can make good exercise companions and, due to their athletic nature, will happily join you on your run for miles.

These are also dogs that do not mind water and will generally be quite happy to jump into any pool or lake.

How Smart Is A Vizsla?

Vizslas are intelligent animals. Their pedigree as hunting dogs has meant that they are very capable of obeying commands and thrive on training. As with their energy, their intelligence should also be exercised as they can get bored if they don’t get enough mental stimulation.

This is not a breed that can just be left to its own devices, and it needs the constant encouragement that company can provide, particularly human company.

Is Training Good For Vizslas?

Vizslas need mental stimulation, so training is a good idea, although not entirely necessary, provided the dog is well socialized. Socialization provides lots of stimulation, and as Vizslas are naturally social dogs, this can provide the interaction they need.

Owners can use training to ensure their dogs will obey commands. Fortunately, the breed’s intelligence means that training is not a difficult task.

Who Should Be Considering A Vizsla As A Pet?

As Vizslas are, so people orientated, they make very good family dogs. They love people of all ages, but as they are quite boisterous, they may be a bit of a hazard when it comes to very small children as they may knock them down in moments of play.

Older children and Vizslas are a perfect combination as they can all work off their excess energy together. Vizslas are also very good with other animals as they are sociable, thoroughly enjoying the company of any kind. It is best to make sure they have a companion if you spend most of the day at work as they can get quite nervous on their own.

As Vizslas get attached to their owners, they are best as house dogs, and, as they are highly trainable, there is rarely an issue with them misbehaving indoors.

Are There Any Health Concerns With Vizslas?

As with all select dog breeds, there is always the possibility of various genetic defects that come from inbreeding. It is best to contact reputable breeders who are good at making sure that there is never too much inbreeding for the sake of the dogs’ health.

Vizslas are considered to be one of the more all-around healthy breeds. Nonetheless, the more common ailments found in Vizslas are hip dysplasia, eye disorders, ear infections, and epilepsy.


Vizslas are high-maintenance dogs when it comes to the time and attention you will need to pay to them, but this does not diminish their capacity to be great family pets; in fact, if anything, their neediness makes them great for active families. They thrive around people and require a lot of exercise and external stimuli.

An active young family would be the perfect home for a Vizsla where they will enjoy young children’s companionship and energy. Vizslas are a quintessentially loyal and affectionate breed and make wonderful pets.


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